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Office of Audit and Control

Hot Issues Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Hot Issues email site?

It is a non-campus email location for the reporting of fraud or misconduct of a financial nature only at Lincoln University.

2. What should I report?

The Hot Issue email site is for fraud and/or financial issues only. They may be:

  • Theft or misappropriation of funds, supplies, property or other University resources
  • Forgery or alteration of any financial documents or reports
  • Unauthorized alteration or manipulation of computer files for personal or financial gain
  • Falsification of reports to management or external agencies
  • Disregard of University policies that result in financial losses to the University
  • Pursuit of a benefit or financial advantage in violation of the University's Conflict of Interest or Employee Code of Conduct policies,
  • Illegal or improper University supplier/contractor activities
  • Improper receiving or giving of gifts.

3. Who sees reports sent to the email site?

The Internal Auditor is the only person who has access to the email site. The Internal Auditor will read and evaluate all reports. The Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, the President and Vice President of Fiscal Affairs will receive periodic summaries of reports received (not copies of reports). If particular issues require more than summary information, a more detailed summary of allegations will be provided, not a copy of the report. Sender identity will be disclosed only to the extent allowed by the sender and only on a need to know basis. Note where audit investigation determines that the sender is self-reporting or allegations were made with malicious intent and disregard to facts; the sender's identity will be released to the appropriate officials. Also where investigation results in external officials becoming involved, the sender's identity can only be withheld to the extent the law allows.

4. Can the Information Technology Department (IT) see emails sent to this site?

No, this is an off-campus Internet email site. Email sent to this site will not be forwarded to any campus email site. However, it is technically possible for IT to see email sent from a Lincoln site. That said, IT has a strict policy to not look at people's email or remotely control a computer, unless the user has given explicit permission to do so. If you still have concerns about this, you should send email from a non-Lincoln computer and email site or use the old fashioned US Postal Service.

5. What are my reporting options?

There are several options available to all University employees and students for reporting known or suspected dishonest, fraudulent or criminal acts. Please consider these paths for reporting:
  • Your area Director or Vice President
  • The official listed by type of act on chart in question number six.
  • Direct contact with the Internal Auditor x1271 or email jlewis@lincoln.edu
  • And, lastly, for financial issues, if you feel uncomfortable with the above, by completing the Hot Issue Report form and emailing it to the site listed on the form.


6. Where are other nonfinancial issues reported?

Below are a listing of other types of activities of a non-financial nature and where they should be reported.

Harassment or discrimination
Employee misconduct
Employee time abuse
Union issues
Inappropriate supervisor conduct or directives
Employee substance abuse
Faculty misconduct
Research misconduct
Academic fraud
Faculty conflict of interest
Criminal activity
Unsafe conditions
Threats of violence
Student substance abuse
Data privacy issues
Misuse of the University computer and network systems
General non criminal student misconduct
Student academic misconduct



7. How do I know that email sent to the site will be read?

The auditor will send a reply message with an identification number upon opening the mail. This number will/should be used in any future contact either way concerning the issue

8. What should I put in the Report?

Use the Hot Issue Report Form for guidance. Basically you need to supply facts concerning what, who, when, how and where.

9. What happens after a report is filed?

If by LUAUDIT Hot Issues email, you will receive a reply that your email has been received and a tracking number. This number will be used for further information and contact concerning the issue. The auditor will read and evaluate the report as to scope of issue, seriousness, materiality, timing (elapsed time since alleged activity occurred), level of detail and ability to verify facts. Actions will be taken based on the evaluation. You may be contacted for further details. You may contact the Audit Office directly or by email no sooner than 45 days after receiving a reply number for status of your issue. Results of investigations or status will only be released to relevant parties and to reporting individuals if they are non-anonymous. You should not contact the person suspected to further investigate the matter. The confidentiality of your identity will be per your instructions to the extent allowed by law except in cases of baseless malicious allegations and incidents of self-reporting. Think before you act. Before making allegations of dishonesty, be reasonably certain of any claims. Such allegations can seriously and negatively impact the accused individual's life and adversely affect the working environment of the area.

10. What is the next step?



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