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Office of Audit and Control

Hot Issues Email Site

The Office of Audit and Control now maintains an off campus email address (that is, it is an address that is not part of any University system) that is only accessible by the auditor.

This mail address is for the reporting of fraud and financial misconduct issues only where the sender is not comfortable sending the information through the University system. All information received at this address will remain confidential, as will the identity of the sender unless permission is granted. Before sending any mail, read all the Hot Issues frequently asked questions (FAQ) for details and download the Reporting Form (as a Word file) or submit using the html version.

Any sender should be aware of the following before sending email:

The auditor has an open door policy for all reporting; however, the auditor does not handle Union disputes nor does informing the auditor of an incident guarantee visible action from the auditor. See FAQ page.

The auditor will review and evaluate all received reports. In order for action to be taken, generally facts will be needed. Verifiable facts or documented facts are the best evidence for any report. The auditor will determine what action will be taken after evaluation of the received report. This could be anything from no action to a full-scale audit. Every piece of information may be helpful but it may not always be enough by itself to form an opinion at the time received. While opinions, stories, speculations and rumors may be helpful in piecing together an overall picture of a situation or in giving advance warning of a problem, until enough verifiable facts can be gathered, a final opinion or a course of action cannot generally be made. See FAQ page.




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