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Serving the Lincoln University community by supporting the effective use of technology in instruction.


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New & Emerging Technologies

How to Create a Video Screencast
A video screencast is a narrated recording of a computer monitor while someone is using a program, showing slides or surfing the Internet. In education it is most often used to show students how to do a task with a specific piece of software or to show a narrated sequesnce of slides.

A video screencast can easily be done with free software, Jing, or a more complex version of Jing, Camtasia. If you are interested in producing a video screencast, please contact ATS, ext. 7888 or

Distance Learning Classrooms
Lincoln has several learning spaces and meeting rooms that are equipped for synchronous distance learning and videoconferences.

ICC, President's Boardroom
ICC Meeting rooms
University City Campus
University Hall 204
Langston Hughes Memorial Library
Nelson Science Center 318

What is Lecture Capture?
Lecture capture is any means used to record a lecture for use later, particularly in an online or hybrid course.

There are a variety of software and hardware products that can be used to capture a lexture for an online class. A low quality lecture may be captured simply by videotaping, compressing and uploading to a website, however, long low-quality video recordings will not hold the attention of an online audience and are not suggested for an online course.

Most online courses will utilize products designed for this use and the lecture will generally be broken into shorter segments. Online lectures are not considered to be an optimal method of distributing information to online students.

Tegrity is a lecture capture web service that allows institutions to automatically capture, store, and index classes for later review by students, anytime, anywhere. Webinars are available.

Lecture Webcasting: a classroom presentation + a classroom recording + processing and editing + hosting + distribution and playback. All explained in this whitepaper by Ashley Deal, Carnegie Mellon.

Panopto Focus - video capture and publish and stream lectures, live, with slides, video, notes and speech-to-text -- and create a searchable repository of lectures and knowledge.




Best Practices - Resources for Online Teaching

The following links provide you with checklists, rubrics, and principles for best practices in online courses:

The 5 Pillars of Quality Online Teaching - OLC (Online Learning Consortium)

Quality Online Teaching Scorecard - OLC (Online Learning Consortium)

American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) Guiding Principles for Distance Learning

Middle States Distance Learning Programs: Interregional Guidelines for Electronically Offered Degree and Certificate Programs

Innovations in Distance Education (IDE)

The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) Effective Practices


ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education

Quality Matters (Maryland Online) project proposes to develop a replicable pathway for inter-institutional quality assurance and course improvements in online learning

DEOS-L listserv. Send an email to and put in the body of the message “subscribe DEOS-L firstname lastname”. Do not include a subject for the message and leave off the quotes. Substitute your actual first and last names for “firstname” and “lastname,” above. Send it.

Strategies for Managing the Online Workload is a collection of short descriptions, techniques, and methods developed and used by experienced online educators to manage their time in the online learning environment. Note: you willneed iTunes to listen to these podcasts.