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Clickers (Student Response System)


Clicker Demo

YouTube presentation on clickers, Western Washington University
This video explains what kinds of questions work with clickers and why are they useful tools for assessment.

You will use the Senteo clickers with Smart Notebook 10 software. You do not need a SmartBoard in your classroom; it is installed on all classroom computers. You can have Notebook installed on your office computer. Contact IT, x8134, for the software. Contact ATS for the product code, x7379.

Instructions for Using Senteo Clickers:

1. Setting up Sento Clicker

2. Senteo Manager

2.1 Organize a class
2.2 Administer a class

2.2.1 Join or find a class
2.2.2 Student login

3. Creating Questions

3.1 Inserting question
3.2 Adding a question icon to your toolbar
3.3 Adding a question to a Notebook File
3.4 Using the Insert Question toolbar icon
3.5 Creating a question set
3.6 Launching question

Setting Up Senteo Clickers

Plug in the receiver either into your computer's USB port or into the SMART Board USB port. Once the receiver is connected you want to follow the wizard for the one time set up of your classroom and software.

Senteo Wizard

Click the Next button to advance the wizard to the next menu.

Senteo Wizard, 2

At this point you will want to enter a name for your classroom. Most likely you will want to use your last name. Note that you can only use 8 characters. Once you have entered your class name click Next.

Senteo Wizard, 3

At this point you can have the software turn on the Senteo Clickers.

Next you may want to set up your classes. There are two ways to set up your classes. One is to have Anonymous responses and the other is to create a class and have students login. You can choose either once you have set up class lists and switch between them.

Senteo Manager

The Senteo Manager is where you will do most of you set up to use the Senteos with a class. To access the Senteo Manager you can click on the icon in your Taskbar, or go to Start> All Programs > SMART Technologies > Senteo > Senteo Manager. This will open the manager software.


The Senteo Manager allows you to:
- create classes
- view student history
- view clicker status

Organize a Class

You will likely want to organize your classes. If you teach multiple sections of Writing 101 you will want to get your class list and either enter it by hand, or get an Excel spreadsheet with student names and import it into your Senteo software.

To create a class list you will want to go to File > New Class List then you will see blank list of students. If you are entering students by hand you can go to Edit > Add Student which will open up a small form for each student. You are required to only add a student ID for the student. However, you may want to include names, if you want to track student progress.

If you want to add students using an Excel spreadsheet that you have from a student management system you can do this also. To do this you will need to make sure that the first three rows of the spread sheet have the following labels at the tops of the rows:

- ID Number
- First Name
- Last Name

Once you have the Excel spreadsheet formatted correctly you can go to File > Import Class From > Excel Spreadsheet. The Senteo manager should simply import your students, which you will then want to save the class by going to File > Save, and give a name that makes sense to you.

Administer a Class

Questions can be administered anonymously or requiring a user ID login depending upon the goals of the assessment. This section will take you through how to administer each as well as how to instruct students to join a class and login using their ID (if necessary).


If you are asking questions quickly or anecdotally, you may want to consider administering questions using the anonymous status. In the Senteo Manager, set the Status: field to Anonymously.

Sign In Required

If you desire to track results of students, you will need to require students to login using their given ID number. In the Senteo Manager, set the Status: field to Sign In Required. Be sure that students have their ID number for registering with your class. See Student Login below for more information.

Join or Find a class

Once you have set the status of this session, open the class you are working with for this session within Senteo Manager. Once students have their clickers, they will then need to join your class. If your class is not listed as the first class, instruct them to scroll until they find your class in the list. If your class does not appear instruct students to click Find a class.

Clicker-Join a class

Student Login

When they have found your class ask students to click on the enter button, and enter their ID number. Once they have entered their ID they will be asked to confirm who they are. Click Enter to confirm.

Clicker IDClicker Confirm

Once you have students signed in, you will see the icon (in Senteo Manager) next to their name change as well as see that there are a certain number of students signed in. Once students are signed in they are ready to answer questions.

Creating Senteo Questions

The Senteo software is used to add questions within SMART Notebook files. This way you can have questions to check for understanding within your Notebook, administer class quizzes, or simply take a poll.

You will notice that in the menu of your Smart notebook software that there is a Senteo menu option. This menu gives you the options to insert questions, import questions, launching the Senteo Manager, and add a title page.

Inserting Questions

One advantage of the Senteo system being integrated into the SMART Notebook software is the Insert Question feature. Let's say during a lessson you would like to do quick check for understanding. By clicking the Insert Question icon (Senteo > Insert Question...) option on your toolbar you quickly add a question to be answered on the fly.

Adding a Insert Question Icon to Your Toolbar

As with any computer program you can do some customization of your tool bar in Smart Notebook software. The first thing you will want to do is right click on the the menu bar which will open the menu for you to customize your toolbar. All you will need to do is drag and drop the Insert Question icon anywhere on the toolbar to add it. You can also add other icons at this way, click done when you are finished adding icons.

Adding Questions to a Notebook File

A simple way to check for student prior knowledge or to see where students are within a lesson is to simply add some questions to your Smart notebook file so that you can poll your students during this time. To add a question within a Notebook file you simply will want to go to Senteo > Insert Question in Smart Notebook.

Next you will want to choose the type of question that you would like to add. For this example I am using a True False question.


Next you will want to add the body of the question.


Then depending on the type of question you have chosen the software will determine how you will enter your answer choices. In a true/false there are simply two choices for which one would be the correct answer. In a multiple choice question you have the ability to set the number of choices, in a multiple answer question you choose all the correct answers for the question, and in a number, fraction, decimal question you add the correct number for the answer.


Once you have the questions created and click finish it will show the question on your Notebook page.

finished question

You can also add images within the question whether they are created already or prior to their creation.

Using the Insert Question Toolbar Icon

Now that you have the Insert Question toolbar icon option, here is a few ways that you might use it.

A Student Asks a Question

You are going through a few different concepts, or even have students broken up into groups. One of the students asks a really good question regarding the topic. You want to get a feeling of what other students feel about this or what they see as an answer.

Need to Check for Understanding

Perhaps you want to simply check to make sure students grasp a concept that you are working on and they already have the senteos with them.

You can simply write out the question on the board. Click on the quick question button to choose your type of question, then you will have the ability to start the question. Once you have done this you can ask questions anonymously or if you have your class list open have students answer under their id.

Once students have answered the question simply hit stop and review the answers from the students.

Creating Question Sets

To create a set of questions for a quiz or test you will need to add a Senteo Title Page by clicking Senteo > Insert Title Page. The Senteo Title Page links all questions immediately following the title page within one set (a quiz or test). Add your the questions for the quiz or test immediately following the Senteo Title Page. Question sets allow you to acquire class data at one time, allow the display of progress it for the class to see.

title page

Launching Questions

The Senteo system doesn't assume that you are going to actually use the questions right away, so not until you start the question will it record the data. So when you get to a question you have to simply click Start next to the question. Once you hit start your students will be sent the first question selections. This will allow them to choose the answer to the question by using the keypad. Once they have selected the answer all they need to do is click Enter and they will submit their answer. It will ask them about finishing and then they can click enter again to submit their answer(s) to you. Once they have done this you will see the number of people that have submitted their answers.

question waiting

If a student who is logged in hasn't submitted an answer, you will see their name in the blue box next to the question.

Once you have all the responses you will want to click on Stop which will stop the question to move to the next question.