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The Alumni Association of Lincoln University (AALU) was founded in 1872 and is the national body that governs alumni chapters throughout the United States and Internationally. The AALU is made up of alumni who are active with Alma Mater through chapters who recruit outstanding students, raise scholarship funds, promote bountiful financial support of the University through its national alumni giving campaigns, and individual contribution efforts.

Membership in the AALU provides you with access to networking and other opportunities with fellow Lincoln alumni. Whether this is your first introduction to the AALU, or you have been a member more than two decades, we encourage you to review all that the AALU has to offer.

Current Weekly Update: November 25, 2007
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The purpose for which this national Alumni Association was founded is to promote Lincoln University and its alumni by:

  • Cultivating and fostering close fellowship among the graduates and former students of all departments of the University
  • Support and advance the cause of higher education in general and at Lincoln University in particular
  • Afford an accredited medium for the expression of sentiments of the alumni as a unit
  • Promote the best interests of the University v Encourage bountiful financial support for the University

We cultivate these purposes through activities that help to promote Lincoln University by:

  • Acting as a unifying agency among areas, states, and districts dedicated to serving Lincoln University
  • Stimulating and maintaining a friendly, working relationship among graduates, former students, faculty, and non-faculty LU personnel
  • Maintaining a wholesome and supportive relationship with the University when suggesting or implementing alumni programs
  • Recruiting students to attend Lincoln University
  • Assisting students through financial aid
  • Soliciting financial support from alumni, friends of the University and other sources such as foundations, the government as well as the corporations.

    Keeping Lincoln Up-to-Date
    Please mail all information updates to the Lincoln University Office of Alumni Relations.

    You may also send life updates to be published in the Lincoln LION directly to the Office of Communications and Marketing.

    Mailing Address:
    Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
    P.O. Box 179 Lincoln University, PA 19352
    (484) 365-8000

    Contact Personnel:
    Director of Alumni Relations
    Kevan Turman '01
    (800) 726-3014 - Phone

    Office of Marketing and Communications
    Drexel Ball, Director

If you can connect Lincoln with a Corporate Foundation or your employer's corporate giving office, please contact:

Office of Development and External Relations
Michael Hill, Vice President mhill@lu.lincoln.edu

Alumni Trustees:

Dr. William Bennett, '50, wbennettss@aol.com
Dr. Leonard Bethel, '60, bethel@rci.rutgers.edu
Mr. Frank Gihan, '72, fgihan@tribune.com
Tracey J. HunterHayes '87
Mr. J. Vernon Peterson, '73 jvernonpeterson@aol.com
Ms. Sharlene Roberson, '81 svrdst@aol.com

Free E-mail
For anyone interested, Lincoln is still making available a FREE e-mail address to any alumni requesting one. The process is simple.Your must provide the following information:

  1. Your name (first, last and middle initial).
  2. Your postal mailing address.
  3. Your home phone number, including area code, which is used by the system security process.
  4. Class affiliation (this is also required for security purposes).

You may include any existing mail addresses you may already have. Send your request to the IT department by e-mail, fax, or mail.

    • e-mail: Steve Carol
    • fax: 610-932-1218
    • mail: Mr. Steve Carol, Chief Information Systems Technology Officer , Lincoln University, Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352

Your userid will be established by the IT department. You will receive your userid and instructions on how to access your mailbox by telephone, mail, or e-mail, if you supplied an existing eimail address.

Check your mail box on a regular basis - once every couple of days should be the minimum. Incoming mail should be stored on your computer, not on the host.

You agree to do nothing to damage the reputation of the university.

The university reserves the right to purge old mail - any mail over 60 days old - from the system whether or not is has been read. The university also reserves the right to initially refuse any request or to discontinue the use of an individual's mailbox.

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The following links have been recommended by Lincoln alums and others. We are looking for items of general interest to LU alumni. We reserve the right to reject submitted links due to inapproriate content. A listing in this directory does not constitute an endorsement by the university or the alumni webmaster.

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