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Making the Internet Work for You and Your Clients: Basic Technology Skills for Human Service Practitioners

Workshop Overview

Topic 1 - Making Effective Oral Presentations with PowerPoint

Objectives: Participants will create PowerPoint slide presentation from template. Participants will identify follow-up project(s) and necessary hardware/software.

Topic 2 - Communicating with Others: E-mail, Listservs, Newsgroups

Objectives: Participants will learn to read, write and file e-mail messages, search newsgroups, find listservs of interest, join and quit listservs, understand the basics of Netiquette.

Topic 3 - Finding What You Need: Data Location, Retrieval, Telneting, Downloading

Objectives: Participants will use different search engines, understand the strengths and weaknesses of each, perform a metasearch on topic of own choosing, learn to bookmark favorite sites, practice printing and saving information to disk, practice telneting and learn best sites for downloading software resources: freeware, shareware, Internet shopping.

Topic 4 - Real-time Communication: Chats, Video-conferencing (if time permits)

Objectives: Participants will participate in on-line chat group, understand advantages and disadvantages of real-time communication on the Internet, and learn how to set up and conduct a videoconference.

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