Student Resources - College of Science and Technology

We provide our students resources to augment their learning and professional development. Some of our student resources can be found listed below:

Supplemental Instruction (SI) –  This is a peer assisted learning enhancement program conducted by student leaders.  SI Leaders are students who have previously taken the courses and have successfully passed it. They help students with note taking, discussions of assignments and the development of skills and strategies for success in the classroom. The SI program targets traditionally difficult gate-keeping STEM courses. It seeks to provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions that offer students an opportunity to discuss and process course information.

Research and Mentoring –  Students have opportunities to participate in undergraduate research experiences, on and off campus, during the academic and summer semesters. Most students with summer research experience eventually go to medical, graduate or dental school. Departments are also involving students in colloquiums, workshops and research seminars. Experts from various fields are also invited on a regular basis to give talks on their research activities.

Technology –  The classrooms are equipped with SMART Technologies enabling faculty to use nontraditional teaching techniques to augment the student's learning experience.

GRE, MCAT, DAT, Preparation –  There are resources to pay for students to participate in courses offered by Princeton review and Kaplan in preparation for the respective standardized exam.

Professional Development Activities –  Students have opportunities to participate in Graduate School Workshops; Attendance and presentation of summer research at scientific conferences; Participation in Lincoln University's Annual Research Symposium; Participation in research seminars from off campus researchers.

For more information about our students support services: please contact the Dean’s secretary: Kathleen Clarke - or 484-365- 8143