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2012-2013 Faculty Standing Committees
Revised October 2, 2012

Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid (4 at-Large)
Elected: D. Zizwe Poe (2013), Jamie Mansell (2014), Claude Tameze (2014), Barbara Butler (2014)
Standing: Associate Provost or designee, Registrar, Director of Admissions, Director of Financial Aid, Director of ACT 101, Director of the Advising Center
Students: (2)
James Wadley replaced Jamie Mansell (2014)
Faculty voted on 10/2/12

Assessment and Evaluation (1 from each school, l from library, 1 graduate faculty)
Elected: Tracey Hunter-Hayes (2013), Laurellen Treisner (2014), William Donahue (2014), Robert Millette (2014), Elizabeth Surplus (2015)
Standing: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of Assessment, Director of Institutional Research,
(1 Alumnus on Staff, is Kevin Favor, who will return January 2013)
1 Graduate Student:
1 Undergraduate Student:

Athletics (3 at-Large)
Elected: Murali Balaji (2013), Takeyce Whittingham (2014), Stephen McCullough (2015)
Standing: Dana Flint, Faculty Athletic Representative, Director of Athletics
Students: (3)
Patricia Lewis–West replaced Murali Balaji (2013)
Faculty voted on 10/2/12

Curriculum (1 from each school, 1 graduate faculty)
Elected: David Royer (2014), Jeffrey Chapp (2014), Joanne DeBoy (2015), Admasu Tucho (2015)
Standing: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Registrar
Students: (2)

Educational Policies (1 from each school, 1 graduate faculty, 1 at-large)
Elected: Helen Major (2013), Lettrell Crittenden (2014), James DeBoy (2014), Robert Millette (at-large 2014)
Standing: (Chair) Vice President for Academic Affairs
Students: (2)
Nominee needed from Graduate School

Faculty By-Laws (3 at-Large)
Elected: J. K. Van Dover (2013), Anthony DiFilippo (2014), David Royer (2015)
Students: (1)

Faculty Development Committee (1 from each school, 1 graduate school faculty, 1 from the Library)
Elected: Tracey Hunter-Hayes (2013), Carol Ann George-Swayze (2014), Cheike Ihejirika (2014), Murali Balaji (2015), Amar Tung (2015)
Standing: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Linda Stine
Students: (1)
Nominees to replace Murali Balaji (2015) are:

Mehran Asadi,
Donald Bradt,
Shelley Johnson,
Kaukab Siddique,
Jawahar Pathak.

Graduate Studies Committee (1 from each graduate program)
Frank Worts (2013), Linda Stine (2013), Elizabeth Surplus (2014), Admasu Tucho (2015)
Graduate Students: (2)

Honorary Degrees (2 at-Large and 3 presidential appointments)
Elected: Amar Tung (2015) Needs 1 more at-large (2015)
Presidential appointments: (3 needed)
Students: (2)

Honors and Awards (4 at-Large)
Elected: Christine Limb (2013), Maria Poza (2013), Penelope Kinsey (2015), William Dadson (2015)
Students: (2)

Judicial Review (3 tenured faculty – non-administrative)
Elected: Marie Nigro (2013), Kaubak Siddique (2014) Needs 1 more (2015)
Nominee is: Robert Langley

Juridical Review (3 at-Large)
Elected: Patricia Joseph (2013), Moses Haimbodi (2014), Cyrus Jones (2015)
Students: (4) Alternates
Mel Leaman has replaced Patricia Joseph via Office of Academic Affairs (summer 2012)

Lectures and Recitals (3 at-Large)
Elected: Kaubak Siddique (2013), Charles Pettaway (2014)
Students: (2)
Abbes Maazaoui (2015) filled empty slot
Faculty voted on 10/2/12

Library (1 from each school and 1 from graduate school)
Elected: Zoran Milovanovich (2013), Jeffrey Chapp (2014), Linda Stine (2014), David Royer (2015)
Standing Member: Library Director
Students: (2)

Nominations (1 from each school)
Denise Gaither-Hardy (2013), Mel Leaman (2014), Susan Safford (2015)
Students: (1)

Promotion, Tenure and Severance (1 from each school, alternate from same school going off in 2013)
Elected: Robert Millette (2013), Lynn Roberts (2014), Alvin Amos (2015), Emmanuel Babatunde (2015) (alternate) (Faculty member with seniority shall be chair)
Religious Activities (2 at-Large)
Elected: Penelope Kinsey (2014), Donald Bradt (2015)
Standing University Chaplain
Students: (2)

Research and Publications (3 at-Large)
Elected: Zoran Milovanovich (2013), David Royer (2015), Albert Bryson (2015)
Students: (1)

Student Health and Welfare Committee (5 at-Large)
Elected: Kaukab Siddique (2013), Robert Langley (2014), Donald Bradt (2014), Cyrus Jones (2014), Carol Ann George-Swayze (2015)
Students: (6)

Technology Committee (1 from each school and 1 from the Library)
Elected: Carl Wilson (2013), Elizabeth Pitt (2014), D. Zizwe Poe (2015), Takeyce Whittingham (2015)
Standing: Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Presidential Appointments (3): Director of I.T., Director of ATSC, Director of Financial Aid
Students: (2)
Nominee needed from School of Humanities

Writing (Minimum of six elected at Large)
Elected: Samaa Gamee (2014), D. Zizwe Poe (2014), Anna Hall (2014), Saadia Lawton (2014), Elizabeth Pitt (2015), Kenneth Edwards (2015), William Donohue (2015)
Nominee to replace Saadia Lawton (2014), is Jeffery Hoogeveen

Faculty Secretary (1 year term)
Albert Bryson (2013)

Parliamentarian (1 year term)
Susan Safford (2013)
Non-Voting Representative to the Board of Trustees (2 year term)
D. Zizwe Poe (2014)

AD-Hoc Committee on First Year Experience (FYE)
Zoran Milovanovich, Safro Kwame, Marie Nigro, Robert Allen, Chieke Ihejirika, Moses Haimbodi, Helen Major

AD-Hoc Committee on Distance Learning
Dana Flint, Linda Stine, Mazharul Huq, Nancy Evans

AD-Hoc Committee on the Core Curriculum
Dana Flint, Albert Bryson, William Donohue, Anna Hull, D. Zizwe Poe, Carl Wilson, and Dianne York

AD-Hoc Committee on Black Studies
D. Zizwe Poe, Mahpiua Deas, Admasu Tucho, Helen Major, Mel Leaman, Neal Carlson, William Dadson, Derrick Swinton, Saadia Lawton
Lawton’s name should come off this list




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