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WHEREAS, recent changes at Lincoln University regarding interscholastic athletics have occurred, and

WHEREAS, these changes have involved Lincoln University’s projected move to NCAA Division II, and

WHEREAS, these changes have mandated the addition of the Faculty Athletics Representative and Senior Woman Administrator positions, and

WHEREAS, the new, resulting configuration facilitates communication and collaboration between the Faculty Athletics Representative, Student Athlete Advisors, the Athletics Department, and the Lincoln University Faculty, and

WHEREAS, faculty members from every department involved in the lives of student Athletes at Lincoln University will be able to work together more effectively in a common unit for the wellbeing and quality enhancement of the students, and

WHEREAS, the new configuration aligns with NCAA member practices, and

WHEREAS, the NCAA Division II Membership Committee will visit our campus next March 2009, and

WHEREAS, the NCAA Division II Membership Committee will evaluate Lincoln University’s compliance with the NCAA Division II model, and

WHEREAS, the Athletics Committee is vital to the academic success of student athletes and will be examined by this external review body; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees adopts the newly configured Athletics Committee, and further

RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees adopt the proposed Bylaws changes for the Athletics Committee that will update and change the membership of the committee to align with NCAA member practices, and further

RESOLVED, That the following language be adopted:

The Committee on Athletics shall be composed of four members of the faculty (three elected at large and the Faculty Athletics Representative appointed by the President), two student-athlete academic advisors appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, three students (one male athlete, one female athlete appointed by SAAC and one student appointed by the SGA), The Director of Athletics, and the Senior Women Administrator in the Athletics Department.  



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