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Reports and Curriculum Proposals, 2007-08


To:       Dr. Benson Prigg, Chair
            Educational Policy Committee

From:   Joanne R. DeBoy, Ed. D.
            Chair, Education Department

Re:       Curriculum Changes in Course Number and Name

Date:     February 20, 2008

In addition to the two new courses, the Education Department is requesting approval from the Curriculum/Educational Policy Committees to recommend to the Lincoln University Faculty changes in course numbers and title of the following courses:

Number Change:             EDU 320 - Survival in the Testing and Assessment World
To:                                     EDU 220 - Survival in the Testing and Assessment World

Rationale:  Education majors must pass Praxis I as a condition for admission into the Teacher Preparation Program. Praxis I preparation is a focal point of Survival in the Testing and Assessment World. It is imperative that students are afforded an early opportunity to master/improve their basic skills in reading, writing and math.  This course is designed to help students successfully navigate the standardized assessment measure. Thus, we are requesting a change in the course numbering to reflect sophomore level status.
Since PDE requires that students complete 48 credits with a 3.0 GPA before admission to the Teacher Preparation program, Survival in the Testing and Assessment World will be a part of the initial 48 credit hours.

Number Change:             EDU 305 Educational Technology
To:                                      EDU 208 Educational Technology

Rationale:            In recent years, Education faculty members have noted that many prospective Education majors possess sufficient computer technology to successfully complete Education Technology.  This course has historically built upon students’ previous technology expertise. Educational Technology should come early in the student’s preparation program because students will need those particular skills to utilize in the upper level Methods courses. The 200 level sophomore classification is a more accurate descriptor for the curricular content.
Additionally, as a sophomore level course, EDU 208 Educational Technology will constitute yet another component of the 48 credit probationary period.  This course will provide both the student and the department additional time to determine student’s readiness and promise for a career in the teaching field.

Name Change:             EDU 205 - Speech for Education Majors
To:                                      EDU 205 - Communication for Educators

Rationale:   The course name needs to be changed to better reflect course breadth. This course is designed to provide Education majors with an opportunity to improve their total communication skills of thinking, listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Instruction and practice for the aforementioned components will enhance students’ communication efficacy with the children they teach, administrators, parents and the educational community as a whole. Students will have the opportunity to explore the complexity of language and its affect on communication in the school community.

New Courses:

Add new course: EDU 308 Foundations of Urban Education – Currently there are no courses offered in the Education Department that address urban pedagogy.  Although the majority of our students return to urban areas to teach after graduation, our curriculum does not focus on the urban classroom.   Thus, there is a need for a course designed to analyze and explore urban education.  In addition, the Education Department is identified as a Program of Distinction in Teacher Preparation and Urban Pedagogy.  This course will afford our students the opportunity to explore in detail the many issues related to the urban educational setting.

Complete documentation (justification and syllabus) is presented in the Proposal. 

Add new Core Curriculum course: EDU 150 Education and Society – Currently, EDU 201: Introduction to Education and EDU 202 Educational Psychology serve as requirements for education majors as well as courses that meet the Core Curriculum Social Science requirement.  Both of these courses are also writing-intensive by University designation.  Normally, four sections of EDU 201 are offered in the fall semester, and three are offered in the spring semester. Over 200 students register for EDU 201 each year, and 120-150 students register for EDU 202 each year.  Among this number, approximately half are first year students, and less than one-third are intended education majors.  This presents several problems as stated under The Need section of the proposal. 

Complete documentation (justification and syllabus) is presented in the Proposal. 


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