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Reports and Curriculum Proposals, 2007-08


NOVEMBER 17, 2007

I.          Audit Report (for year ended 6/30/07) was presented by Thompson, Cobb,
            Bazilio & Associates; rendered “unqualified opinion” = LU budgetary
            operations are in compliance with all laws, regulations, contracts, and
            grant agreements

            Assets: $ 139.9 m (2007); $ 132.7 m (2006)
            Endowment:  $ $ 24.6 m (2007)

II.        Three new Board Members were appointed:  Mrs. Kathleen Butler Hayes (’89);
            Mr. Wm. B. Ingram (’61); Mr. Kevin E. Vaughn (Governor Rendell’s appointee)

III.       Trustees, Degrees, Nomination Committee requested members and others in the
            academic community to send names and CVs of honorary degree candidates to
            Trustee G. Miller by 12/31/2007

IV.       Trustees passed a formal resolution honoring Faculty and students for their recent            accomplishments:  M. Carter, A. Parker, R. Tabvuma (students); Drs. K. Favor, G. Nagase, D. Royer, E. Babatunde

V.        Chairman C.S. Morris’ Comments:  President I.Nelson will retire in 2009.  Chairman Morris strongly advised the Board to take this upcoming presidential search very seriously

VI.       President I. Nelson’s Comments

  • LU Marching Band has already earned  recognition in regional competition
  • Advising Center Newsletter highlights accomplishments
  • Science departments’ Student Abstracts chronicle their progress
  • Fact Book describes LU demographics
  • Crisis Intervention/Emergency Response Manual underscores LU readiness
  • A new Campus Map delineates LU in 2009
  • Self Study Report (Middle States) is nearing completion
  • Barnes-VPA Program is moving forward
  • Secured $ 300k from Lenfest Foundation
  • NCAA Div II application is moving forward
  • Fulbright scholars:  1 student; 1 faculty
  • Union negotiations completed
  • LU ranked 32nd in USN&WR

VII.     Resolutions passed:

            A.        Treasurer’s Report
            B.        Audit Committee’s Report
            C.        Approved $ 700k to be spent on Bldg 26 (President’s Residence)
            D.        Approved Faculty CBA, Maintenance & Housekeeping contract, and
                        Police contract
            E.         Re-invested $ 2.6m in Guaranteed Investment Contract

VIII.    IT/Library Report:

            Renovation will be in two phases; staff will re-locate to the mods after
            Humanities vacates in a couple of months

IX.       Executive Session

            Board discussed USN&WR rankings of the HBCUs (for more than an hour)

Meeting was adjourned at 11:33 AM

James L. DeBoy
November 25, 2007


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