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Board of Trustees Meeting

April 19, 2008

(1)            Opening prayer

(2)            Roll call was taken (19 voting members present)

(3)            Minutes (February 9, 2008) were accepted/approved

(4)            Chairman Morris’ Report:

(a)  progress over past 10 years has been stellar (kudos to Dr. Nelson, staff, faculty, and students) but… our work is not yet done… we have new levels of excellence
to attain… BOT must commit itself to advancing the institution

(b)  next big mountain to scale = academic enhancement

(5)            President Nelson’s Report:

(a)  Middle States Visitation Team’s Report was April 14, 2008: -  met 12 of 14 standards; must address Standards 7 (Institutional Assessment) and 14 (Assessment of Student Learning)

LU must demonstrate a “formalized, systematic, documented” assessment system (with a centralized, coordinated unit that has responsibility for assessment efforts)

(b)  Made a motion to officially recognize two students for receiving the Siemen’s Teaching Scholarship: Ms. E. Newsome; Ms. Womack
[motion was passed]

(c)  President’s Office has been busy defending its proposed budget request (seeking $20m for operating budget) plus capital budget

(d)  Learning Resource Center is now a recognized CRLA

(e)  student loans (PHEA) and their lenders are in flux (federal loans and private loans will be “different” in the coming year(s) – LU is closely monitoring this issue (as are all universities)

(f)  Commencement is May 4, 2008; honorary degrees will be awarded to: N.D. Baxter, E. Levister, and C. Ogletree (more if they can attend)

(6)            Treasurer’s Report : H. Merlin

(a)  $20m in cash; 12m unrestricted; 4m restricted; 3m other; 6m line-of-credit; 40m bonds (39m outstanding); 2m (debt fund);

(b)  $24.742m endowment

(7)            Committee Reports:

(a)  EPC  made the following motions for promotion, tenure, sabbaticals:

(1)  H. Major (Asst. Professor) to Associate Professor with tenure

(2)  A. Tung (Asst. Professor) to Associate Professor with tenure

(3)  J. Hoogeveen (Asso. Prof.) to Professor

(4)  R. Millette awarded sabbatical for 2008-09
[motion was passed]

EPC also made recommendation to accept 2008 graduation list
[motion was passed]

(b)  Investment Committee:  revised endowment fund investment policy
[motion was passed]

(c)  Nominations Committee:  made motion to appoint S. Odili to BOT
[motion was passed]

(d)  PDC will need to expend greater efforts at securing private sector gifts; 2008 Career Fair involved 400 students but need to know what follow-up occurs

(e)  BPC reported that groundbreaking ceremony will occur today for the International Cultural Center

(f)  IT/Library Committee acknowledged the University’s wireless hook-up system and requested a breakdown of the $295 IT student fee

(8)  The Board went into executive session

James L. DeBoy
Faculty Representative
April 26, 2008           




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