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Reports and Curriculum Proposals, 2007-08

Proposed Curriculum Changes
Department of Biology

Proposal 1:  Change GSC 111 – Environmental Science from a four-credit course to a three-credit course by dropping the lab component.  In doing so, we could open the course to more students because the lab imposes the enrollment limit, and since the new science requirement is 7 credits, this course would continue to satisfy one-half of the university science requirement.  The impact on the environmental science majors would be minimal as similar lab exercises are done in General Ecology, a required course in the Environmental Science curriculum.

Proposal II:  Change the course titles for Biology 101 and 102.

                        Current Title                                                            Proposed Title

Bio 101            Human Biology                                    Human Health and Disease I

Bio 102            Human Health and Disease                        Human Health and Disease II

The current titles suggest that the normal, healthy state of the human system is covered in Biology 101 and that diseases and other atypical conditions are covered in Biology 102.  Educationally, it makes more sense to cover the diseases and atypical conditions at the same time that the normal functioning of the system is being covered.  The new titles reflect this. 





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