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Faculty By-Laws Changes, FINAL

Article III: Meetings

Section 3.05 The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall distribute written notice of each meeting, whether stated or called, to each Faculty member, giving the principal agenda of the meeting.  The Faculty shall designate through vote the nominal location of all faculty meetings at it first regularly scheduled meeting each academic year.

Section 3.08 The agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting and all items for discussion and action are to be distributed by e-mail and posted on the university web site (5) working days prior to the schedule faculty meeting.  Individual faculty members that prefer to receive a paper copy of the minutes may do so by written notice to the faculty secretary.

Article IV: Suffrage
Section 4.02 The voting privilege shall be extended to all members of the Faculty who are in the full-time employ of the University, except those faculty members serving in full-time administrative positions (e.g. Deans).


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