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Report on Academic Reform Resolutions 191-112004 and RES 192-112004

Reduction in the Number of Undergraduate and Graduate Majors and Minors

November 8, 2005
Prepared by Dean Gladys J. Willis

The following report on the reduction in the number of undergraduate and graduate majors and minors is based on information submitted by the School of Humanities, the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies.

The School of Humanities

Major Programs
  • Chinese
  • Russian
Minor Programs
  • Chinese
  • Russian

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics

Approval has been granted to collapse Pure and Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Mathematics into a single major.  Instead of eight (8) major programs, there are only six major programs in The School of Natural Science and Mathematics.

The School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies

        • Teacher Certification Programs in Chemistry, General Science and Physics
        • Economics
        • Therapeutic Recreation
        • Black Studies
        • International relations
        • Public Affairs

Graduate Programs

        • The Master of Science in School Administration (MSSA)
        • M.Ed. Concentrations in Chemistry and Physics

This report reflects a 30% reduction in the existing 46 undergraduate majors, a 13% reduction in the existing 15 undergraduate minors, and a 33.3% reduction in the existing 9 graduate degree programs.  The determination of the number of major/minor programs and graduate programs is based on information in The Lincoln University Bulletin: 2003-2006.


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