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Report - Ad Hoc Reading Committee

Members:            Drs. Joanne DeBoy, Nigro, D. Poe, Shabazz; Tucho and
Prof. Chapp
Date:              3/2/2006

An ad hoc Reading Committee was formed in August 2006 in response to the Lincoln University Board of Trustee’s Resolution #196 (dated Nov. 20, 2004).  This resolution underscored the importance of a prescribed set of reading materials reflecting a liberal arts, sciences-based approach.  It also assigned the task of delivering and assessing a reading component to the faculty. This resolution served as a springboard for committee deliberations.

Present at the meetings that occurred in February and March 2006 were Professors Chapp, Nigro, D. Poe, Shabazz, Tucho and Joanne DeBoy

Tentative Recommendations:

  1. The committee agreed that one reading (book) be attached to every core course with assignments related to the book included in the syllabus.
  1. Books attached  to core courses should be chosen by individual departments.
  1. Thus, students would be exposed to a minimum of 15 books in the Core.
  1. It was suggested that in order for this program to succeed, the following practices should be implemented:
    1. Class size limited to 25 students in the core.
    2. Outside consultants and/or Lincoln faculty with formal training in reading lead workshops for selection, implementation and assessment of materials
    3. Identify a faculty Reading Coordinator to lead/monitor the program and compensate him/her according to CBA Standard 13.14


Submitted (unofficial Minutes) by Joanne DeBoy
(Minutes recorded by Marie Nigro)



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