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Internship in Mass Communications and Journalism
Policies and Procedures
Mass Communications and Journalism Program
February 6, 2006

Department of English and Mass Communications Internship in Mass Communications and Journalism Internship Procedure

An internship is a practical learning experience outside the educational institution in an organization that deals with an aspect of the profession the student hopes to enter. Its purpose is to fill the gap between the academic and professional worlds. It is a time when the student can observe and participate in the work world in a nurturing environment. More specifically, an internship is a relationship the student has with a company or organization wherein he/she is treated as a quasi employee. The student is given specific tasks and responsibilities and is allowed to observe various operations of the organization.

Students are encouraged to participate in the department's internship program to enhance their career preparation. Internships are open to department majors who have completed 58 semester hours and can devote 12-20 hours per week (plus transportation time) to this learning experience. Interns are placed with cooperating organizations such as newspapers, radio or television stations, public relation departments, professional sports organizations, and magazines.

Application Instructions

Students must complete the internship application carefully and return it to the program director along with an original copy of the transcript. The department faculty will review this application together with the transcript and if approved, will issue a letter of recommendation. If all requirements are successfully met, the student will be admitted into the internship program. At that point, students will work with a faculty member to locate a meaningful internship station. To be officially registered for this course, all tuition fees and charges must be paid. No student will be permitted to begin an internship until officially registered.

Intern Responsibilities

Student interns are responsible for the following:

    1. Abiding by the rules and regulations of the company participating in the internship
    2. Mailing the completed job responsibility document to the faculty supervisor by the first week of the internship.
    3. Keeping the faculty supervisor informed by sending weekly reports
    4. Submitting the two-part Internship Final Report and discussing the report with the faculty supervisor at the conclusion of the internship.
    5. Making a presentation to the department faculty and majors on the internship experience after the internship is completed

Also, note these items:

  1. The faculty supervisor will visit the intern twice during the semester. This meeting will be arranged on a date that is mutually agreed upon by both intern and faculty supervisor. The visit will include discussions with the student's internship director.
  2. Oral or e-mail evaluations of the intern's work by the intern director will be submitted to the faculty supervisor periodically throughout the semester. The faculty supervisor will arrange these evaluations. At the conclusion of the internship, the internship director will submit a formal written evaluation of the intern to the supervising faculty.
  3. Students who have questions or problems should call the faculty supervisor immediately.

Internship Resources

For further information regarding internships, see The Student Access Guide to America's Top 100 Internships (New York NY: Willard Books).

For an annotated listing of internships available to college students or graduates see Internships (Cincinnati OH: Cincinnati Writers digest book).

For locating internships in Washington, D.C. see Jeffrey Parness, The Complete Guide to Washington Internships (Brooklyn NY: Washington Intern Services).

You will also find internship and journalism resources at

Contact the Mass Communications Program Director
Dr. Serajul I. Bhuiyan
Telephone: 610-932-8300 ext. 3625
Mailing Address:
Professor and Director of Mass Communications
Department of English and Mass Communications
Lincoln University, PA
1570 Old Baltimore Pike,
P.O. Box 179,
Lincoln University, PA 19352-0999

Lincoln University
MassCommunications and Journalism Internship


Return this completed application to the director of the Mass Communications Program by the end of the semester preceding that of the internship. In addition, attach a copy of your latest transcript, a letter of recommendation, and a copy of your resume. The department faculty will review this application, transcript, and reference form. If you meet all requirements, you will be admitted into the internship program and assigned to work with a faculty member on your internship.


a. You must be a major in the department and have completed at least 58 semester hours.

b. If you are planning an internship in mass communication and journalism, you must have completed six basic mass communications and journalism courses including English 326 (Public Relations and Advertising) before the internship. In addition, journalism/public relations interns are expected to have at least two semesters of active participation in the Lincolnian or significant experience in the print media.

c. If you are planning an internship in the broadcast area, in addition to courses mentioned above, you must have completed two broadcast news and television news production courses before the internship.

Exceptions to the above may be made in extraordinary circumstances if the student petitions the department faculty



Contact Address:





GPA (Current Cumulative):
Which semester and year do you paln to participate in the internship program?
Are you applying for a print, broadcast, or promotional internship? (Check one)

1. List below your involvement in the Lincolnian, any college newspaper, broadcast activities, mass communication club, communication organizations, or other communication activities. Include dates of participation and your responsibilities.


2. List any significant part-time work or volunteer experience and/or extracurricular activities in the area of communication.


3. List the skills you think apply to your prospective internship (e.g., word processing, spread sheets, graphic/oral presentations, web design, etc.).


4. What is your career objective?


5. Please state your intern preferences below (the general type of internship you prefer--for example, journalism, radio, television, public relations, advertising, etc.).


6. Fully explain why you want this internship and how do you think it will enhance your college experience.


Have a faculty member within the Department of English and Mass Communications complete the attached recommendation form and send to the Program Director by the application deadline.

Reference: _________________________________________________________

I understand that acceptance into the internship program in no way obligates Lincoln University or the department. (If a suitable internhip station is not found, the student will simply take a regular schedule of classes.) I further understand that I must pay the usual tuition and fees for the term of the internship experience, that I am responsible for my room and board arrangements, that I am solely responsible for my own transportation under the terms of the internship, and that it is my responsibility to complete this form and to see that a copy of my latest student academic record, and the letter of recommendation are forwarded to the program director by the application due date.

Academic Advisor Signature:Date:

Mass Communications and Journalism Program
Department of English and Mass Communications
1570 Old Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179,
Lincoln University, PA 19352-0999
(610)932-8300 Ext. 3521
(610)932-1256 (fax)

Faculty Recommendation of Student for Internship

To the student:
Please complete the top portion of this form before taking it to the faculty member. You MUST obtain a recommendation from a faculty member (not from a teaching graduate student or a temporary instructor).

Student's Name_______________________________

PID_______________________ Email address__________________________

Local phone_______________________

Concentration in Communications_____________________________________

Cummulative G.P.A.___________ Major G.P.A._________

Type of internship sought________________________________________

Expected graduation date________________

Faculty Evaluation of Student

In what capacity (or capacities) do you know this student? (as a student in one or more classes, as an assistant, in an organization, etc.)

How long have you known this student?

If we place this student as an intern, will the reputation of the Mass Communication and Journalism Program be enhanced or diminished?

If the student is applying for an internship requiring technical skills, please comment on the student's skill level.

Please evaluate the characteristics of this student by rating the following items.
U=Unknown NA=Not Applicable or Not Relevant
1=Excellent 2=Good 3=Fair 4=Improvement Needed 5=Unsatisfactory

 Writing skills
 Oral communication skills
 Problem solving & analysis skills
 Organizational skills
 Ability to keep track of details
 Ability to work with others
 Ability to follow directions
 Judgment and common sense
 Reliability and dependability
 Work ethic

If you have had any problems with this student, we need to know this before we recommend the student to an employer.

  • How often has this student missed a class?
  • How often has this student arrived late to class?
  • How often has this student submitted assignments late, or not at all?

Have you had any other problems with this student? If so, please describe.

If you had a large number of other well-qualified applicants, would you hire this student for a position under your immediate supervision?

Is this student well qualified for the most challenging and demanding internship assignment? Or, should the student be limited to a less challenging assignment and closely supervised?

What opportunities for growth and skill development would be most beneficial to this student?

Faculty Signature ___________________________Date: _________

Please print your name below:

Lincoln University Internship Report Requirements

A double-spaced typewritten report concerning your internship position is to be prepared as a major part of fulfilling each experience's credit requirements. The minimum acceptable length, excluding the title page, is three pages. The title page should include your name, the name and address of your employer, and the name of your director/supervisor(s).

The following topics should be addressed in the report; however, feel free to include any information you feel would be of interest and beneficial for the betterment of education at Lincoln University.

  1. Briefly discuss the company you worked for - when it was founded, type of product or service produced, number of employees, departments, organizational structure, etc.
  2. List your duties - job description. At which tasks did you spend the most time?
  3. List new skills you acquired on the job: a. Technical skills b. Human relations, supervisory, etc.
  4. Discuss your work environment - describe the physical layout of your work station.
  5. What method of training was utilized to train you? Were your training objectives met? If not, why?
  6. What problems did you encounter on the job and how did you solve them?
  7. Identify your major accomplishments - these may be work-related or personal.
  8. ive an overall evaluation of the training site - areas of improvement or strength (in your estimation). Would you recommend this job site for a future internship position? Why, or why not?
  9. Give an overall evaluation of your classroom training at Lincoln University and how it prepared you for this position.

a. What courses were most helpful to you on the job?

b. What courses or areas could be enlarged or improved upon for training for this type of position?

  1. Final comments on your internship experience, relating the experience to your major and future career objectives.
  2. Include any supplementary materials -communications you prepared: professional literature, news releases pertaining to you or work site, examples of your work, etc.


Lincoln University
Mass Communications and Journalism
Department of English and Mass Communications
1570 Old Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, PA 19352-0999
Phone: (610)932-3521, fax:(610)932-0000

Intern's Name__________________________________ Local Phone _____________

Intern's Address_________________________________________________________

City _________________________________________ State ________ Zip________

Place of Internship____________________________________

Intern's duties___________________________________________________________



Name of Supervisor________________________

Supervisor's Title ______________________________________________

Company Name _______________________________________________


Department ____________________________

Phone _________________ Fax _______________________

E-Mail Address ____________________

Signature of Supervisor_____________________________ Date: _________________

Thank you for agreeing to evaluate this Lincoln University Intern.

Please rate the intern for each item that was applicable to the intern's responsibilities. Base the ratings on your expectations of interns. The Department of English and Mass Communications will give the student a copy of the evaluation.

I. Skills
 Excellent Above
Overall writing ability
Analytical thinking     
Clarity of writing     
Conciseness of writing     
Completeness of articles     
Correct emphasis of material in article     
Fairness of articles     
Fluency in writing     
Quality of articles     
Quality of ideas for articles     
Feature writing     
Cutline writing     
Knowledge of Associated Press Style     
Copy editing     
Headline writing     
Other research ability     
Use of camera     
Photoshop work     
Editing photos     
Knowledge of computers and computer software     
II. Personal Qualities
Ability to follow instructions     
Ability to accept criticism      
Ability to work independently     
Meeting of copy deadlines      
Keeping of other work schedules     
Relationship with fellow workers     
Relationship with sources and/or clients      
Appropriateness of dress     
Appropriateness of behavior      


Please comment on the intern's main strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Do you feel this intern is ready to handle a full-time job on a newspaper or elsewhere? If you do, please comment on the type of work the intern could do best and the size newspaper (if applicable) he or she should apply to for a first job after graduation.
  2. Other comments?
  3. Is there opportunity for another Lincoln University student to have a similar internship experience with your company?

    If so, please give us the name and phone number of whom we should contact.

Thank you very much for your support and participation in our program.

Please send this evaluation to:

Dr. Serajul Bhuiyan
Professor and Director of Mass Communications
Department of English and Mass Communications
Lincoln University, PA
1570 Old Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179,
Lincoln University, PA 19352-0999

Phone:(610)932-3521, Fax (610)932-1256

Lincoln University
Eng 490 -Internship in Mass Communications and Journalism
Course Syllabus

Internship Coordinator : Dr. Serajul I. Bhuiyan
Office: UH 304
Office Hours: To be announced
Telephone: (610)-932-8300 Ext. 3625
Course: Eng 490-Internship in Mass Communications and Journalism
Time: To be announced
Course web site:

Internship Course Description
The internship course in Mass Communications is a 3 credit, field-based course in which students have an opportunity to apply or demonstrate writing, editing, public relations, advertising, layout and design skills in a real world setting. All placements will be made in pre-approved agencies, which may include local newspapers, radio and TV stations, wire services, local Chambers of Commerce and other industries doing reporting, writing press releases, copy editing and desktop publishing, public relations and advertising related jobs. Students also will have an opportunity to work in the offices of state, federal, and locally elected officials. Meaningful assignments during the internship experience will contribute to students' understanding of how the media industries operate. Students will find their own placements. However, the Department of English and Mass Communications will also help students to network with professional organizations.

Course Prerequisites:
Students must be of junior or senior standing and must complete a student application process. In addition, the permission of the Program Director is required. Student Application Process: Students must apply for an internship at least one semester prior to the semester they wish to enroll for the internship experience. An application form will be available in the Program Director's office. The process includes letters of recommendation and an interview process conducted by the Program Director and the department faculty. A faculty member of the student's choice must agree to monitor him or her during the internship. Faculty supervisors require regular written, oral reports throughout the internship. The faculty member a student selects should have experience or interest in the area in which he/she will be working.

Course Requirements, Policies and Procedures:
Students must work 135 hours in a pre-approved agency. The best internships are completed in six weeks, working full-time. It must be completed in a maximum of 12 weeks. Students may spend no more than 15 percent of the time on clerical or non-journalism duties.

Also required are reading assignments related to the work experience, a portfolio of written work completed during the internship, and the evaluations by the faculty and work site supervisors. A significant research paper may be required in lieu of some of the hours required at the internship site.

  • No more than 3 hours of internship credit will count toward degree requirements.
  • Students may not do an internship in a company owned by a relative .
  • Prospective businesses must apply for internship consideration on company letterhead and must state internship expectations as well as the qualifications of potential intern supervisors. An internship may be served only from the site of licensed businesses.
  • Students may have an internship in their place of present employment only if all requirements for the internship are met.
  • Students may only be absent for family emergencies or similar serious conditions when such absence is approved by the faculty internship supervisor. Students will be allowed to make up missed hours.
  • All internships must be completed within one academic semester.
  • Students may not begin an internship before completing specified prerequisites, gaining signed approval from their major advisor, and having on file with the department an approved contract with the host agency.
  • Students may not count hours worked before enrolling in the internship unless arrangements are pre-approved by the faculty internship supervisor. There will be no exceptions.

The student's workplace supervisor fills out an evaluation form at the end of the internship with a recommended grade and mails it directly to the faculty supervisor. The faculty supervisor then determines the student's grade using the workplace evaluation and any reports or projects he or she has completed.

The grading scale will be as follows:

A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F Less than 60

Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \ (484) 365-8000
Contact Admissions