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This will be the first year since the early to mid 90’s, that all graduating seniors will be required to complete all requirements for graduation before they will allowed to participate in the Commencement exercise.

On Saturday, February 21, 2004, the board of Trustees of Lincoln University approved resolutions 161 and 162 requiring the following:

  • Resolution 161 states that each student desirous of participating in the May 2006 Commencement exercise could participate as long as all academic and residence requirements are met for graduation.
  • Resolution 162 further states that a student must complete/pay all financial obligations to the university prior to participation in any commencement exercise at the university.

Last year we were successful in implementing the first phase of the policy that allowed a student to walk / participate in the Commencement exercise with one (1) course short of the requirements for graduation. The procedures that the Registrar and Bursar Offices along with various other offices implemented and followed were a complete success.

The Registrar’s Office has completed or will complete the following procedures to ensure the mandates from the Board of Trustees are carried out in accordance with both the academic and financial mandated resolutions.

  • August 2, 2005, before the students returned for the FALL 2005 semester. A letter was sent to all students indicating the Old and New graduation policy (Attachment A). We have also placed this letter on the counter in the Registrar’s Office for all students to take or review.  
  • Registrar’s Office will also send out a reminder letter with the Final grades in December 2005 and the Midterm grades in March 2006.
  • Certification letters will go out to all Department Chairs in Mid-February. All certification letters will be due back to the Registrar’s Office by early to mid-March. This will give the Registrar’s Office advance notification of the status of each student toward his or her requirements for graduation.

The Registrar and Bursar’s Offices worked very closely last year to ensure that the financial part of this process was carried out in accordance with resolutions as indicated above. We have agreed to implement the same procedures this year.

  • The Registrar’s Office will submit to the Bursars office a list of all students that applied for the May 2006 graduation.
  • The Bursar will produce and submit to the Registrar’s Office a listing of all potential graduates and their financial standing with the university.
  • The Registrar and Bursar will again send a joint letter in March to all students indicating their financial status with university and their eligibility for graduation at that point. The graduation policy will again be stated in this letter for reference to the student.
  • The Bursar’s Office will send a report to the Registrar’s Office on weekly bases listing all potential graduates and their financial status with the university at that point.  
  • In Mid April the Bursars Office will start sending the list of financial updates for each potential graduate to the Registrar’s Office on a daily bases.

We are hopeful that the Final Examinations can be administered to our Graduating Seniors by April 17th or no later than April 20th and 22nd. This will allow the Registrar’s Office an opportunity to complete all processing and submissions necessary for the students to have a successful graduation and an accurate souvenir Commencement Booklet.  

The Bursar’s Office will be open on Sunday, May 7, to accept outstanding   payments.  Students that complete their financial obligations in full on the day of graduation will receive a card from Bursar’s Office that can be taken to the Dean of their school for placement in the graduation line. 

Names cards of all student that have been cleared academically and financially will be delivered to the three (3) Schools on May 7, 2006.  Students that do not have a card will not be allowed to line up with the graduates.

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