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Joint Committee of Educational Policies & Curriculum
March 30, 2006
3:30-5:15 PM
Vail – Board Room


I.            ART 103: Introduction to Media and Color (3 cr.)

Motion: Recommend approval of new course entitled ART 103:
              Introduction to Media & Color (see course description on web site of Academic Affairs)

II.            First Year Experience (FYE)

Motion:  Recommend approval of following resolutions that address
                                       curricular and logistical aspects of FYE 101 course:

(1)            identify 30-35 sections of FYE 101 for fall 2006 semester to accommodate 750-875 first year students (entering class)

(2)            implement a “soft” cap of 25 students for each section

(3)            appoint Dr. Patricia Joseph (Sociology) to coordinate/lead efforts to implement FYE’s introduction into core (serve as Coordinator of FYE); thus, FYE would be “housed” in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology

(4)            establish FYE Committee (drawn from pool of FYE instructors; two members each from the three schools); Director of Freshman Advising Center will serve as a resource person to Committee; Committee to be chaired by the Coordinator of FYE

(5)            equate FYE 101 with SEM 190 (thereby eliminating need for SEM 190;  i.e., returning students will satisfy SEM 190 requirement by completing FYE 101)

(6)            provide FYE Committee with a suggested list of student learner outcomes/course objectives*

(7)            all FYE instructors adopt/require the same text

(8)            all  FYE instructors administer the same pretest and post test (for purposes of measuring the impact of FYE)

(9)            all FYE instructors attend workshop(s) where common course objectives and consensus syllabus are identified and agreed upon

(10)            recommend that a FYE budget account be established to fund:

            a)            FYE instructors’ stipends for workshop participation
            b)            FYE Coordinator’s compensation
            c)            instructional materials, e.g., software, DVDs

JLD  3/31/2006


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1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \ (484) 365-8000
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