Report to the Faculty
April 5, 2005
PTS Committee and Schools' Representatives

Committee Membership: Alvin Amos, James DeBoy, Dana Flint, Robert Millette, Lynn Roberts, Abdulalim Shabazz, Linda Stine, David Royer (Chair)

Meetings: The committee met three times over the past few weeks and has identified the following concepts that will guide the development of a process for post tenure review:

(1) Faculty Statement on Post Tenure Review. At the February 6, 2001 Faculty Meeting, the following statement regarding post tenure review was approved:

Understanding that post tenure review is not a reconsideration of an individual's tenure status but an opportunity instead to ensure continued vitality and professional development for ourselves and our peers, we endorse in principle the concept of faculty accountability and direct the PTS Committee, in conjunction with any other appropriate committees, to propose for further discussion and eventual vote a process of post tenure review which

  • safeguards academic freedom and tenure;
  • is based on the principle of peer review
  • is developmental in nature
  • provides adequate resources and non-punitive support for any faculty member seeking to enhance his or her performance or address identified deficiencies; and
  • affirms to our students and to the community at large our commitment to excellence and high professional standards.

(2) The AAUP document Post Tenure Review: An AAUP Response (June, 1999).

(3) In addition to the commitment of the faculty to this process, there needs to be a corresponding commitment of the administration to provide the resources and support needed for continued development of tenured faculty.

(4) The post tenure review process that is ultimately adopted by the faculty will in no way modify or expand the criteria for dismissal as listed in the Faculty By-Laws (Section 10.01).

(5) Specific models of post tenure review at colleges and universities comparable to Lincoln. The next step in the deliberations of this committee will be the review of faculty input in response to our report at the April 5th faculty meeting and the examination of post tenure processes at other institutions.

Please send your comments to Dave Royer at

These comments will be compiled and discussed within the committee. Thank you.



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