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Faculty Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ware Center Theater
Kenoye Eke, PhD, Vice President/Provost, Presiding

I. Report from the President: Dr. Robert R. Jennings

The campus will be totally closed for the Thanksgiving break from Saturday November 17, 2012 to Sunday, November 25, 2012. The only building that will remain open will be the Science building due to vital science experiments. Public Safety will be present all the time during the break. Should you need to get on campus please contact them. We hope to save some sufficient funds.

Please support International Week program next week.

He encouraged the faculty to support the convocation programs and encourage your students to attend.

He will be hosting three Christmas parties at the ICC: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 for all freshmen and sophomores from 11 AM to 1 PM; Wednesday, December 5 for all junior and seniors from 11 AM to 1 PM; and one for faculty and staff on Friday December 14, 2012 from 6 to 7:30 PM. He requested that we bring toys to be given to needy children in the community.
Advisory Board has been created for the Masters of Human Services Program. The first meeting would be this Thursday November 8, 2012.

We have leased the Gordon School Building from the Coatesville School District in Coatesville for $1.00 a year and we hope to get the Coatesville Campus going by next summer. We will submit our proposal to Middle States on November 19, 2012

The administration has inherited a deficit from the previous administration and we need to get a handle on the university finances. Among the ideas being considered are early retirement program for faculty and staff and the board has authorized, if necessary, retrenchment due to financial exigency. We now have a rolling deficit of $5.2 million. We will have a meeting with Middle States on December 7, 2012 and hope to avoid a warning like some of our sister institutions.

We are currently meeting with development firms to do a feasibility study for a capital campaign that could raise as much as $50 million dollars.

Dr. Jennings turned the meeting over to Dr. Eke, Provost and Academic Vice President, to conduct the rest of the meeting.


Dr. Royer moved to modify the agenda the items from the Faculty By-Laws Committee from announcements to action item 2f. The motion to change the agenda was approved.

A) Approval of the October 2, 2012 minutes:

Mr. Albert Bryson Mr. Bryson announced that minutes for the meeting have been posted for two weeks now and are ready for action. Dr. Linda Stine reported that some corrections need to be made in the minutes regarding some action items. For action item 4 the following was added: The motion was approved. For action item 6 the following was deleted: The motion was approved. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as corrected. The motion was adopted.

B) Recommendation to approve new course, EDU 095: Curriculum Committee, Dr. Royer, chair.

Dr. Joanne DeBoy, chair of Education Department explained the need for the course: EDU 095 Educator Licensure Examination Preparation that we prepare our students for the Praxis exam now renamed the PAPA. We have done tutoring, etc. in the past. The course will be team taught by Dr. George-Swayze and Professor Parker. Dr. Treisner asked why there is no requirement for completion of developmental courses first before taking. This is a developmental course in nature. Ms. Rutledge the Registrar asked why it is 3 credit requirement and why is a development course not a core course while it does meet the core requirement. The motion to approve the course was adopted 39 for, 7 against, with 9 abstaining.

C) Recommendation of the Curriculum Committee of the 17 new courses for the Nursing Program.

We were supplied a brief description of the courses along with the program and core student learning outcomeS. Mr. Bryson reminded the committee that we will need to update the core student learning outcome to match the six new core curriculum competencies just recently adopted in the course syllabi.

Dr. Jim DeBoy, chair of the Educational Policies Committee announced that we also need to approve the Nursing Program before we approve the courses as well. Professor Donohue asked about the following program student learning outcomes: Lifelong Learning and Cultural Competency and on the SLO map that every course addressed every student learning outcome would cause pedagogical questions. We will update the courses to meet these concerns. Dr. Shelley Johnson answered all the questions and concerns. ATI will address the measurements associated with assessment needs. Dr. Poza asked if students should learn a foreign language such as Spanish as a need to address the language/computer science requirement of the course. The pre-nursing curriculum will show the flexibility needed to meet the core curriculum requirements. The motion to approve the program was accepted.

We now moved to approval of the seventeen new nursing courses for the Junior and Senior years. The 17 syllabi had been posted on Academic Affairs website. Mr. Carl Wilson brought up concerns about pre-requisites for some of the courses in Pre-Nursing Program. Curriculum Committee will review all the pre-requisites needed for these course. He also asked why there are no credits for the Nursing 300: SMARTS course. Dr. Johnson will teach this course online. It is self-paced course and students will answer the questions online. It is a review course and helped familiarize the students with the nursing culture. Dr. Nigro asked which courses involved work in the clinical environment and hospitals. Dr. Johnson talked about the various affiliations we are working on. Mr. Wilson asked about the Healthcare Ethics course.

The faculty approved the motion to accept all 17 new nursing courses unanimously. They are:

NUR 300 S.M.A.R.T. S. (0 credits)
NUR 301 Fundamentals of nursing (4 credits)
NUR 302 Health Assessment and Promotion (4 credits)
NUR 303 Nursing Pathophysiology (3 credits)
NUR 304 Adult Health Nursing I (4 credits)
NUR 306 Mental Health nursing (4 credits)
NUR 308 Nursing Informatics & Technology/Computer Applications II (3 credits)
NUR 310 Pharmacology (3 credits)
NUR 402 Nursing Research (3 credits)
NUR 403 Healthcare Ethics (3 credits)
NUR 404 Adult Health nursing (4 credits)
NUR 405 Healthcare Delivery Systems (3 credits)
NUR 406 Maternal/Child Bearing Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 408 Nursing Care of Children and Families (4 credits)
NUR 411 Population Health nursing (4 credits)
NUR 412 Nursing Leadership & Management (3 credits)
NUR 414 Capstone Senior Seminar (4 credits)

D) Recommendation to approved MA/HAS Online Pilot Program: Educational Policies Committee, Dr. Jim DeBoy, Chair

Last month we discussed a pure distance learning Master’s Program which we tabled. This month we are now recommending a hybrid Masters of Arts in Human Services Administration. We are now presenting a modified hybrid plan. We could get it started with a few courses being in an online mode before we go totally online. This will give us the opportunity to give Lincoln University and Middle States the time necessary to approve an online distance learning policy and program. The motion was adopted.

E) Recommendation to approve a modified Black Studies Minor: Educational Policies Committee, Dr. Jim DeBoy, Chair.

The committee recommended the updating of the Black Studies Minor which is already on the books. Dr. Poe, the chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Black Studies pointed out the program had been modified to make it more acceptable to the student body. They recommended the addition of a course already in the curriculum as a required course for the minor: The African American Experience. We also wanted to make it least reliant on history courses. We will double the electives to two and make more courses from other departments available for consideration as electives for the Black Studies minor. It is still 18 credits for the minor. The minor is now currently administered by the Department of History and Political Science. A question was asked did the Department approve the changes now being considered for the Black Studies Minor. Dr. McCullough, Department chair reported they have not met to discuss the changes. The motion to approve the modified Black Studies Minor was adopted on a vote of 32 for, 5 against and 11 abstaining.

F) Recommendations from the Faculty By-Laws Committee: Dr. Royer, Chair.

The committee recommends two changes to the Faculty By-Laws. The first recommendation is: To amend the membership of the Faculty Committee on Assessment and Evaluation to include the Director of Assessment as a voting member of the Committee. The motion was approved unanimously.

The second recommendation was the establishment of a new Faculty standing committee to be titled The Committee on General Education. This proposal is a recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Core Curriculum. The description of the committee that will be added to the Faculty By-Laws, if approved, is as follows:

The Committee on General Education, composed of nine members elected by the Faculty, one representative from the Administration, and one student. The elected members include two Faculty members from each school (one from each school must have General Education instructional responsibilities), one Faculty member from the Library, and two Faculty members at Large. The Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee representing the Administration, and the student is elected/appointed by the Student Government Association.

This motion was approved unanimously.


A) The Lincoln Community Players: Dr. Kunkle

She announced the performance of our first production: Man of La Mancha will take place this weekend: Friday November 9, 2012 at 7 PM; Saturday November 10, 2012 at 7 PM and Sunday November 11, 2012 at 2 PM in Ware Center Theater. Prior to Friday's performance, Dr. Poza and her Spanish students will give a brief description on the history of Don Quixote on which the musical is based. We will be conducting auditions for our next production in March for Kismet.

B) Writing Proficiency Program: Dr. Samaa Gamie.

Departments should be receiving their writing proficiency portfolios now. The original date was November 1, 2012 but there has been a delay due to Hurricane Sandy. Departments can report students who failed the writing proficiency portfolio requirement on November 28, 2012 instead of the original date of November 15, 2012. Students in study abroad programs can submit their portfolios when they come back in January. We will be here to help assist those students who failed to update and revise their portfolios so that they can satisfy this requirement.

C) Dr. Siddique announced that the Lectures and Recital Committee invited the faculty to submit names of potential speakers. Please contact the committee members with their suggestions.

D) Dr. Siddique also announced that the Faculty Development Committee had a preliminary meeting.

E) Mr. Washington announced that there is distance learning advisory committee. He invited the faculty and staff to contact him about their interest in serving.

F) Dr. Eke will now engage in a comprehensive review of all academic programs.

The purpose is getting a good sense where we are now and find ways to improve. It will identify strengths and weakness of all programs. It will help the departments in their efforts to gain accreditation in their fields. Each department will submit self-studies of all academic programs. A task force has been appointed to review the self-studies. The Task Force will notify you of the timeline.

Each department is expected to submit their self-study by January 15, 2013. The task force is expected to complete its work by mid- March. The Task Force members are: Dr. Karen Baskerville, Dean John Chikwen, Dr. Lennell Dade, Dean Cheryl Gooch, Dean Patricia Joseph, Dr. Christine Limb, Dr. Maria Poza, Dr. Moses Haimbodi, Dr. William Dadson, Prof. Kenneth Parker, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Dr. Sally Monsilovich, and Dr. Derrick Swinton.

G) The Honors Convocation will take place Thursday November 15, 2012 at 11 AM. Faculty is expected to wear regalia.

H) EDU 208: Educational Technology has been approved as a computer technology course for the core curriculum for computer/foreign language requirement.

I) Dr. Button announced the convocation this Thursday will be based on the NEH grant on Lincoln history and legacy featuring the preliminary work on research being conducted by faculty, staff, and students.


A) Athletics Committee

Dr. Flint reported that the committee had met and he introduced Ms. Sherese Parker, Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services and Student Affairs to the faculty. She is the person that sends out the weekly email notices when our student athletes are on the road for athletic competitions.

B) Nominations Committee: Dr. Susan Safford

• Educational Policies: Dr. Linda Stine representing the graduate school.
• Judicial Review: Dr. Robert Langley
• Faculty Development Committee: Dr. Kaukab Siddique

These individuals filled the remaining vacant faculty standing committee positions. The nominations were accepted unanimously by the faculty.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary



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