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Faculty Meeting Minutes, Revised

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
11 AM
Ware Center Theater
Robert R. Jennings, Ed.D. President, Presiding

I. Report from the President: Dr. Robert R. Jennings

Student enrollment as of today is now at 2050 students undergraduate and graduate. We did work with a number of students to help come up with funds needed to stay in school.

He introduced the new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: Dr. Kenoye Eke. He will be responsible for the day to day administration of the University.

Anita Lynn was introduced as the Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement. She will be working to get our Datatel system working properly and assist with fundraising.

He also presented Dr. Nevada Winrow as the new Interim Director for Assessment. She is a graduate of Lincoln University with lots of Middle States experience. She is also experienced in assessment from her previous employments. She has perfected assessment tools and rubrics. Lincoln University has a five year periodical report due in 2013.

Dr. Jennings is now in conversation with two development firms that will be assisting the University to raise funds to increase the endowment of the University.

The Convocation series continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We appreciate your attendance. We need your assistance to encourage our students to attend them. They have all been superb. Speakers have lot to say and offer to our students. Students think that it is too much to expect them to do it and consider it a hardship. We will share information that we want to bring to them and build community here at Lincoln between students, faculty and staff. Some of the Tuesdays will be devoted to assessment by the faculty. There will be some departmental meetings and schools meetings on Tuesdays. We will be evaluating this program.

We were given 10,000 figurines, which are hand-painted with attention to detail as part of the “Legacy Collection” and “Sweet Inspirations” designed and created by the artist Wayne Anthony Still exclusively for Mr. Tom “Chico” Stafford, a 1973 alumnus. These figurines are for our entrepreneur program to establish a business and part of that investment is to help raise funds for scholarships.

Please support another effort to help assist our students dress properly for interviews by establishing a clothing bank here on campus. Each piece of clothing will sell for one dollar each and the funds raised will be donated to charity. It will be a department store in one of the rooms in the modular. Clothes can be brought to student government office.

II. Action Items

1. Approval of the September 4, 2012 Minutes: Mr. Albert Bryson

Mr. Bryson reported that the minutes have been posted on the Academic Affairs website for the past three weeks and are now ready for approval. The motion for approval was made and seconded. The minutes were approved.

2. Recommendation for approval of the BS program in Nursing: Dr. Shelley Johnson

Educational Policies Committee approved the program and this has not been posted on the website and will be ready for action to approve at the November faculty meeting. The Curriculum Committee is also working on approving new courses.

3. Recommendation to approve the Distance Learning Policy: Dr. Linda Stine, Ms. Nancy Evans, and Dr. James DeBoy.

The draft has been posted on the website for the required 10 day period. The Educational Policies Committee recommended approval for action.

Professor Donohue asked about hybrid classes. These classes will also meet face to face plus work done on D2L (on the web). Hybrid classes will be considered Distance Learning. Policy needs to state what percentage of class would be face to face and the percentage online. Dr. Winrow pointed out the online courses must be ADA compliant. Generally online course examinations must be online and can’t be proctored. Test instructions and field codes must be in place so that there can be no cheating on all tests and examinations online. Middle States sets the guidelines. For Standards of best practices for online courses looked at the Sloane Consortium and Quality Management documents.

Dr. Stine asked everyone who has made comments today to email her at her university email address:

Dr. Ramdas asked about similar concerns about delivery systems, security controls, and training resources including video and audio components.

Mr. Washington asked about Intellectual property. The statement is very broad in some areas that we might have intellectual property ownership. We need to reassess this document.
We need to withdraw the motion to adopt now in order that people will be given some time to submit comments on the policy regarding distance learning. We need to act on this at the November faculty meeting.

We will post the comments and suggestions to Dr. Stine on the Academic Affairs website.

Dr. Button brought up concerns about approval of courses and their assessment.

Mrs. Rutledge, the Registrar brought up her concern about the limit of 20 students per course.

We need to review that.

Point of Parliamentary Inquiry: If we vote by email Academic Affairs Office needs to contact Dr. Safford in order to follow the proper procedures according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

4. Curriculum Committee: Dr. David Royer.

He reported that the Committee recommended the approval of the following course: HUS 614 Writing Skills for Human Service Practitioners. The course has been totally redesigned. The course is now a three hour course. The motion was adopted.

He also reported the following three courses in Education were renumbered: EDU 220 is now EDU 320; EDU 222 is now EDU 322 and EDU 223 is now EDU 323. This was done so that they will properly reflect the proper sequence in taking these courses.

5. The agenda was amended to add report from the Nominations Committee. Names were only those who have expressed an interest in serving.

Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid: Dr. James C. Wadley.

Lectures and Recitals: Dr. Abbes Maazaoui

Ad-Hoc Committee on Black Studies: Jane Waites-Howard

Writing: Dr. Kaubab Siddique

Athletics: Mr. Albert Bryson and Dr. Patricia Lewis-West. Dr. Lewis-West is elected.
Prof. Gaither-Hardy asked that you get your nominations in by this Friday and we will vote by email.

6. Educational Policies Committee: Dr. James DeBoy

Dr. DeBoy reported that the Educational Policies Committee recommended the adoption of the Online Graduate Program in Human Services Administration pending the adoption of the Distance Learning policy.

III. Discussion Item

1. Ad-Hoc Core Curriculum: Dr. Anna Hull and Professor William Donohue

Ad-Hoc Core Curriculum Committee presented a brief three slide point power presentation on the recommendation from the committee that the Faculty By-Laws Committee is charged to create a faculty standing committee on General Education. The first slide gave the charge of the new committee. The second slide gave the suggested composition of this committee: 2 from each school, one from the library, one at large, 1 student and appropriate administrative representation. The third slide gave a recommendation that the By-Laws Committee be charged to review the proposal and bring it up for action for the November faculty meeting.

Dr. Jennings suggested that we post this on the academic affairs website and it be available for comment by Friday. Comments would also be posted as well.

Dr. Winrow suggested that the faculty look at The Middle States Association Standard 12 concerning this issue.

IV. Announcements

Dean Chikwen announced that the 17th annual Science Fair will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2012 beginning at 9AM. Please come.

Dr. Winrow announced that Dr. Linda Suskie will be here on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 to talk about what are the best practices on academic assessment at 11 AM.

Dr. Gamie reported that the Writing Proficiency website has been posted beginning September 7, 2012. All information concerning the writing proficiency portfolio has been posted along with each department’s procedures and policies.

V. Student Government Report

We thank Dr. Gamie for posting the Writing Proficiency website and requested that the faculty please review that requirement with your students in your classes. There is still some confusion among the students with this requirement.

SGA requested that the faculty do not schedule tutoring and office hours during convocations hours. Please encourage your students to come to convocations.
Please encourage your students to register to vote. We will be registering students through October 7, 2012.

Student Government office will be open between 3 and 5 PM on Tuesday and Thursday.

Dr. Stine reminded the Academic Affairs office please send out an email announcing when the agenda is posted on the website.

Faculty Standing Committee Reports

Admissions, Academic Standing, and Financial Aid: No report

Assessment and Evaluation: Committee did meet last week with Dr. Winrow and that we need to do no new course assessment reports on our courses. We need to reflect on the assessment done so far.

Athletics: No report

Curriculum: No further report

Educational Policies: No further report

Faculty By-Laws: We are still working on duties and responsibilities of Faculty Standing Committees.

Faculty Development: We encourage faculty to start working on their proposals for faculty development grants this year.

Graduate Studies Committee: No report

Honorary Degrees: No report

Honors and Awards: No report

Judicial Review: No report

Juridical Review: No report

Lectures and Recitals: We are ready to go

Library: No report

Nominations: No further report

Promotion, Tenure and Severance: No report

Religious Activities: No report

Research and Publications: No report

Student Health and Welfare Committee: No report

Technology: No report

Writing: No report

Dr. Safford pointed out committees without a full slate of faculty can still meet.

A motion to adjourn was made and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary.

Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \
(484) 365-8000
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