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Faculty Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
11 AM
Ware Center Theater
Robert R. Jennings, Ed.D. President, Presiding

Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Ware Center Theater
Kenoye Eke, PhD, Vice President/Provost. Presiding
Dr. Eke introduced Cheryl M. Thomas the Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Campaign Manager who assumed her duties on February 1, 2013. She will lead our upcoming capital campaign.
1 Report from the President: Dr. Robert Jennings.
The report was read by Dr. Eke on behalf of Dr. Jennings who is in Harrisburg today at the request of the Governor to attend his budget presentation for 2014 fiscal year.
• 54 members from the University including department chairs, vice presidents and director attended a two day retreat at the Ace Center in Lafayette Hills, Pennsylvania on February 1 and 2, 2013. Most attendees would agree that it was a very productive two days. We reviewed the mission, strategic plan, goals and objectives of our institution and ways to improve our institution. We were led in our discussions by Dr. Michael Middaugh on the role of assessment and its implications on the budget. To ensure all employees have some input we will be doing a series of one day workshops to be held in West Grove from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. This will be done in groups of 40 and we will insure that faculty members will be available to teach classes on those days. A list will be distributed next week.
• We are pleased to report the Nursing program under Dr. Shelley Johnson was approved by Pennsylvania Board of Nursing on January 24, 2013. We will be offering this program beginning with the Fall Semester 2013.
• Dr. Jennings will be Harrisburg presenting our budget requests to the House on Monday February 25, 2013 and to Senate on February 28, 2013.
• I would deeply appreciate your support for our Founder’s Day convocation on Friday February 8, 2013 at 10 AM in the Auditorium at the ICC. Please encourage your students to attend.
• Please attend the Winter Homecoming this Saturday as our Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams are playing Bowie State.


A. Approval of the Minutes of January 8, 2013 Minutes: Mr. Albert Bryson.
Mr. Bryson reported that the minutes have been posted for three weeks on the Academic Affairs website and they are ready for action. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as submitted. The motion was approved unanimously.

B. Recommendation to approve new member for the Nominations Committee: Dr. Susan Safford
Dr. Safford reported that according to the Faculty By-Laws we need to nominate a new member to replace Prof. Denise Gaither-Hardy who is now rotating off the committee. The new member must come from the School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies for a three year term. Dr. Donald Bradt was nominated from the floor by Dr. McCullough. No other nomination was made so a motion was made and seconded to elect Dr. Bradt unanimously.
III. Faculty Standing Committee Reports
A. Ad-Hoc Committee on the Core Curriculum: Dr. Dana Flint
Dr. Flint presented at the request of the committee that the committee be renamed the Ad-Hoc Committee on General Education. This committee will serve a gap between now and April 2013 when the standing committee members are elected. The Board of Trustees is expected to approve the new Standing Committee on General Education at its meeting on Friday February 8, 2013. The current members on the Ad-hoc Committee on the Core Curriculum will be asked to serve through April on the new Ad-Hoc Committee on General Education and that we need to elect an additional representative for the School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies and two at-Large members. Dr. Eke is to name a representative to serve and that Student Government Association will1 be asked to name a representative. Full Standing Committee will be elected at the April meeting.
The composition of the Ad-hoc Committee on General Education is:
School of Humanities and Graduate Studies: Dana Flint, and William Donohue
School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies: Daryl Poe and 1 to be elected
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Moses Haimbodi and Anna Hull
Library: Albert Bryson
Joanne DeBoy was nominated and elected as the 2nd representative from School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies.
Chieke Ihejirika and Emmanuel Babatunde were nominated and elected the 2 faculty at large representatives.
Dr. Eke appointed Patricia Joseph to serve as his representative on the committee.
We still need one student.
We are doing this to show to Middle States that we are making progress on General Education.
In April we will reconstitute the Standing Committee and we will do the one year, two year and three year rotation at that time.
The Ad hoc Committee on General Education will need regular consultation with the Assessment Office because we are doing assessment of the general education curriculum.
IV. Discussion
• Dr. Leaman brought up a concern about the cutbacks in hours for the clerical/secretarial staff and the outsourcing of the physical plant and housekeeping and pointed out the increasing number of administrators being hired at the same time. Dr. Safford pointed out the head count of students is over 2000 for the spring semester and that the Governor in his budget proposal is not cutting Lincoln University’s appropriation and asked why is the University administration doing these drastic cutbacks and called to attention to the Daily Local News article of this morning. Dr. Eke replied that the University has carefully reviewing its financial situation and that the University administration is doing what it feels best for the very survival of the University. Dr. Siddique pointed out that we need to have more transparency about this. Dr. Button pointed out that Mr. Gradowski made an excellent presentation of the University budget at the recent retreat for department chairs, directors, and administrators. Mr. Bryson asked that if that particular presentation could be posted on the website because the faculty needs to see it as soon as possible. Dr. Eke agreed that they will try to show an abbreviated presentation to faculty during the presentation by Learning House on February 19, 2011 on Distance Learning.
• Dr. McCullough expressed a concern about the number of classes that have been cancelled because of the Founder’s Day, the retreat and IPAC meetings that have been attended by some of the faculty has hurt the students. Dr. Millette reported that we are now working on a Master Calendar involving all the stakeholders which should address this in the future.
• Dr. Siddique expressed a concern about what we are doing with the outsourcing of the work done by the physical plant and housekeeping and how it might have an impact on how the university would be perceived in the future and how we would serve the students. Example of this would be problems with heating and cooling in the dorms.
V. Announcements
A. Research and Sponsored Programs: Dr. Michael Ayewoh
Lincoln University has been selected as emerging research institution by the Federal Demonstration Project.
By now, you have received a message from President Jennings regarding institutionalizing sponsored program activities administration (grants, contracts, and cooperative agreement). We want to develop the University as research sponsored engaged campus involving faculty and staff. We have distributed functional individual research identity profile (“FIRI” Profile). We want to develop a university wide research agenda.

B. Distance Learning
Learning House will be here on Tuesday February 19, 2013 to give a presentation on Distance Learning from 11 AM to 1 PM for the faculty. During that meeting Mr. Gradowski, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs would be asked to give a brief presentation on the status of the university budget for the faculty.
C. Other announcements: Dr. Judith Thomas

• There will be debate between the Forensic Society and the Horace Mann Bond Honor Program students between 3 and 4 PM on Friday February 8, 2013 in Ware Center Theater on the theme should HBCU’s be abolished.
• On Sunday February 17, 2013 at 2 PM Core Ensemble’s Chamber Music Theater will be presenting a performance celebrating the Harlem Renaissance.
• Kismet will be performed by the Lincoln Community Players and Lincoln Opera Workshop in the ICC Auditorium March 21 through March 23, 2013.
A motion to adjourn was made and adopted.
Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary


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