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Faculty Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2012
Ware Center Theater
Robert R. Jennings, Ed.D., President, Presiding

I. REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT …… Dr. Robert R. Jennings

Dr. Jennings presented a one hour slide presentation on the current budget and financial situation facing Lincoln University. We have only a total of 1850 students enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate programs. We need to get our fiscal affairs in order and he presented what he hopefully thinks will solve the current financial situation. He pointed out that when we close for one week at Thanksgiving we can save $200,000 in our utility bills. We will also close for two weeks for the holidays in December and New Year’s Day and for one week in the spring break which will also save us some expenses. Due to the low enrollment we are also closing two dorms. The university can no longer afford to operate at a loss and must be operated like a business.

He also thanked the faculty for supporting the convocation program series and for attending the stadium complex opening last Friday.

We are hoping to get a new Provost and Academic Vice President within the next few weeks.


The officers from the Student Government Association introduced themselves to the faculty. Mr. Brandon Harris brought up the concern among the student body especially the senior class graduating in 2013 about the Writing Proficiency requirement. He recommended that the faculty delay the implementation of the requirement for this academic year because of the confusion existing among the student body and that the faculty did not respond last year to several requests concerning the writing proficiency portfolio requirement. The students are confused about what the requirement is and what they need to do and when because this has not been communicated to them. Dr. Gamie informed the SGA officers present what the requirement is concerning the writing proficiency portfolio. Dr. Jennings requested that the policy regarding the Writing Proficiency requirement be sent to him so that he can communicate it to the students. Dr. Susan Safford pointed out that this requirement was based upon a resolution of the Board of Trustees. Dr. D. Zizwe Poe recommended that the joint meeting of the Educational Policy Committee of the Board and the faculty standing committee on Educational Policies be called soon.


A. Approval of April 24, 2012 Minutes ………… Mr. Albert Bryson, Faculty Secretary

Mr. Bryson reported that the minutes have been posted on the Academic Affairs website the past two weeks and are ready for action by the faculty. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as submitted. The motion was adopted.

B. Ad hoc Core Curriculum Committee ...……….. Dr. Dana Flint

Dr. Flint distributed to the faculty the proposed Core Competencies and Student Learning Outcomes with revisions document.

1. Communication

In written communication students will:

a. Write with appropriate sentence structure and grammar.
b. Write coherent and unified paragraphs and documents.
c. Incorporate research and documentation in essays, reports, and papers.

In oral and visual communication will:

d. Effectively and clearly communicate through oral and visual means.

2. Critical Thinking

a. Accurately or reasonably interpret evidence, data, statements, and graphics.
b. Draw warranted and judicious conclusions from evidence and reasons.
c. Analyze ideas and claims.
d. Evaluate ideas and claims.
e. Apply acquired concepts and principles in new situations.

3. Information and Research Literacy

a. Formulate a research question and/or hypothesis.
b. Identify/gather diverse sources of pertinent information/data.
c. Evaluate the reliability of sources and accuracy/timeliness/thoroughness of the information/data.
d. Analyze and synthesize the data to answer the question/hypothesis.
e. Create a document that effectively reports research results.

4. Technological Competence

a. Demonstrate effective use of digital data-bases, communication software, and on-line technologies.
b. Demonstrate effective use of discipline-specific technologies.
c. Demonstrate literacy in the role of technology in personal, professional, business, social and political life.

5. Quantitative Reasoning

a. Apply quantitative reasoning to solve problems in math, science, and related areas.

6. Cultural Understanding

a. Integrate cross-cultural understanding in the disciplines.
b. Apply ethical reasoning in personal, social, business, and research decisions.
c. Demonstrate the habits of free inquiry, tolerance, and openness in a global culture.
d. Appraise music and art, and other forms of cultural expression.
e. Recognize self and society in the context of history in the broadest sense.

Dr. Flint moved the adoption of the Core Competencies and Student Learning Outcomes by the faculty. The recommendation was seconded and adopted by the faculty.

Dr. Flint recommended that there be a meeting ASAP with the Ad hoc Core Curriculum Committee, the Deans and Academic Affairs to determine what should be the assessment plan, timetable, and the procedure for the submission of departmental core curriculum reports for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.


A. Constitution Day Celebration …………. Dr. Safro Kwame

He reported that under a law passed by Congress required that all institutions of education receiving federal funding must have a program every year on September 17 on the United States Constitution. He is still looking for ideas for the program on Monday, September 17, 2012. Please send your suggestions to Professor Kwame at


A. Writing Proficiency Program Update …………….. Dr. Samaa Gamie

Dr. Gamie distributed to the faculty a one page report: WPP Update. She pointed out that this would be the first year that The Writing Proficiency Portfolio will be a graduation requirement.

Important dates for the Writing Proficiency Portfolios annual calendar:

• Junior and Senior class Portfolios are due November 1
• Portfolio review by departments from November 2 through 15.
• Reporting of portfolio results to students and the WPP faculty are due November 16.

We are in the process of setting up the website for the Writing Proficiency Program. This website, we hope, will be a useful resource for both faculty and students.

The site will have the following information:

• WPP mission and requirements
• The Writing Intensive courses offered by each department
• The portfolio requirements per department
• The WPP calendar
• Frequently asked questions section for students
• Additional information pertaining the WPP requirement or procedure for each department.
• Contact person for each department. If no contact person is supplied by the department then it will be the Department chair.

We will work with the students to make sure that they learn how to write well before graduating.

Only department chairs can clear graduating seniors for the passage of the writing proficiency portfolio requirement with the registrar.

Dr. Gamee asked the departments to send their information by email to: or called her at ext. 7525.


A. Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid: Dr. Poe. He reported that 260 students were slated for suspension. 160 students appealed and 130 students won their appeals.

B. Assessment and Evaluation: Mr. Donohue. Conduct a review of assessment reports from last spring at the first meeting.

C. Athletics: Dr. Flint: The opening football game we had a standing room crowd. Look forward to seeing this happen again.

D. Curriculum: No report.

E. Educational Policies: Dr. Jim DeBoy. The committee will meet on this Thursday to review the Nursing Program.

F. Faculty By-Laws: No report.

G. Faculty Development: We are waiting reports from the receiptants of the previous year’s grants.

H. Graduate Studies: No report.

I. Honorary Degrees: No report.

J. Honors and Awards: No report.

K. Judicial Review: No report.

L. Juridical Review: No report.

M. Lectures and Recitals: No report.

N. Library: No report.

O. Nominations: Ms. Gaither-Hardy. Ask the faculty to review the list of committees for committee openings. We will nominate replacements at the October faculty meeting.

P. Promotion, Tenure and Severance: No report.

Q. Religious Activities: No report.

R. Research and Publications: No report.

S. Student Health and Welfare: No report.

T. Technology: Dr. Whittingham. The Committee has met to elect a chair and is working on identifying issues to address.

U. Writing: No report.

VII. Convocations Program: Dr. Carl Walton

The convocation this Thursday, September 6, will be the installation of officers for SGA and the President’s State of the University address. On Tuesday, September 11, the convocation will be done by the Honors Program.

We will also be releasing a schedule (full calendar) of all the convocations for the fall semester which will be held on every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 AM.

Adam Clayton Powell III will be our convocation speaker on Thursday, October 4, 2012.

Please come out and attend the convocations. They are mandatory for all to attend.

A motion to adjourn was made and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary




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