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Faculty Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2013
1 PM
Ware Center Theater
Dr. Kenoye E. Eke, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Presiding

I. Recognition of Retiring Faculty Members: Dr. Robert R. Jennings

a. Dr. Alvin Amos, Professor, Visual and Performing Arts – 24 years of service

b. Professor Mahinder Chopra, Langston Hughes Memorial Library – 48 years of service

c. Dr. Goro Nagase, Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science – 42 years of service

d. Dr. Joanne DeBoy, Associate Professor, Education – 16 years of service

e. Dr. Mazharul Huq, Professor, Physics – 22 years of service

f. Dr. Penelope Kinsey, Professor, Psychology – 47 years of service

II. Special Program Review Report : Dr. Kenoye E. Eke, Sr.

During the past year an Academic Program Review was conducted. A taskforce of faculty and administrators was created and in November began a four-month review of all academic programs against their strengths and weaknesses. Following completion of the taskforce report, an external academic review committee composed of three external experts: Dr. Akwasi Osei, Chair of History, Political Science and Philosophy and the Dean of School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Delaware State University; Dr. Michael J. Chorney, Professor, Microbiology and Immunology, and Pediatrics Penn State Hershey Medical Center; Dr. John T. Wolfe, Jr., Associate Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University System of Maryland, was invited to conduct further review. The external committee was on the campus for three days, March 19-21, 2013. During this period they met with the President, Provost, Deans, Department Chairs, Program Review Taskforce, Senior Academic Administrators, and Divisional Program/Unit Directors.

Dr. Eke gave a power point presentation of their report to the faculty, which included an overview with observations, impediments to success, and 15 recommendations. Five of these recommendations cover faculty voice, governance; and post tenure review. The second part of the report covers programs and structure. The following key changes in academic programs are suggested:

1. Create an inclusive program related to nursing, health sciences (including HPER), and allied health professions.

2. Conduct a feasibility study for the creation of a Master of biotechnology degree.

3. Make Psychology one degree with different tracks to take account of the current specialization.

Regarding structure, the external program review committee recommended the reorganization of the current three schools into a new group of colleges:

1. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

2. College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

3. College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

The external review committee recommended the following revisions to the organization chart for the Division of Academic Affairs:

Recommendations in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

1. Merger of Departments of Chemistry and Physics into one department. They should conduct a feasibility study on the Master of Science in Biotechnology.

2. Merger of HPER and Nursing into a Department of Health & Allied Sciences.

Recommendations in the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

1. Merger of Foreign Languages and English into one Department under Languages and Literature.

2. Merger of History and Political Science with Philosophy and Religion into one Department under History, Political Science and Philosophy.

Recommendations in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies

1. Department of Business and Entrepreneurship and Department of Education would be transferred into this College.

2. The creation of the following Departments: Human Services, Extended Education (Continuing Education or Life-long Learning).

3. The new Coatesville Campus will be under the direction of the Dean of this college.
This would transform the Academic Program into what we hope will promote a better future for The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania.

This presentation covers the totality of the report submitted by the External Academic Program Review Committee.

Many of the faculty requested that they be given the complete printed review of the External Review Committee for total and complete transparency. Faculty need to see the rationale of their suggestions for consolidation of departments and financial considerations involved. There is no academic degree program being closed, but only consolidations of several departments into one so we can be more productive and better serve our clientele.

Faculty can submit suggestions in response to this report.

The final restructuring of academic programs would also need to be approved by the Board of Trustees at an upcoming meeting.

The faculty would like time to talk about the issue. The faculty did not have a town forum and other chances to make additional suggestions. Faculty feel that they have little influence on what would be recommended to the Board of Trustees by the administration. This report is administrative in nature only involving structure of academic governance. This report does not abolish any academic program. In the past, the administration did merge academic departments without faculty input. This time the faculty is receiving notice of suggested changes in academic structure.


A. Approval of the Master of Human Service to Bachelor of Human Services Gap Policy: Dr. Robert Millette, Educational Policies Committee

Dr. Winrow as University accreditation liaison officer responsible for accreditation issues indicated that we need to put into writing the MHS-BHS gap policy in our compliance report with Middle States. Students have been admitted into the Master of Human Services program without a bachelor’s degree in the past. It has been a practice of the university to allow students who graduated from Lincoln University with a Masters of Human Services degree to return to Lincoln University and get a Bachelor of Human Service degree. This is not a typical practice. There are 19 students in the pipeline that were misinformed and misadvised, who did come back to get their Bachelor degree in Human Services and would not be able to graduate at Friday’s Commencement exercise. The Educational Policies Committee recommends the MHS-BHS Gap Policy, which is a “time-restricted” educational policy which would expire on August 15, 2013 at 11:59 PM. The MHS-BHS Gap Policy will permit these 19 students to graduate at the May 10, 2013 Commencement because they were allowed to come back under the past practice. There are some issues concerning the practice of admitting students into the Masters of Human Services without an undergraduate degree. The Bachelor of Human Service degree was implemented two years ago.

The motion to adopt this gap policy was approved with 2 nays.

B. Approval of a New Program Master of Education – Early Childhood (PreK-4) and Special Education (PreK-8): Dr. Robert Millette, Educational Policies Committee

This program was created in response to the Pennsylvania Department of Education requirement that a Masters of Education with Early Childhood and Special Education be merged. Our students have been earning a Master of Education in Early Childhood (PreK-4) in the past with certification only in Early Childhood. The program is now being modified to include a second teacher certification for Special Education (PreK-8). We are expanding the program from 36 credit hours to 54 or 60 credit hours depending on student teaching requirements.

The motion to approve this new program was approved unanimously.

C. Approval of the new courses for Early Childhood (PreK-4) and Special Education (PreK-8): Dr. David Royer, Curriculum Committee

Dr. Royer recommended the adoption of the new courses which was tabled at the previous faculty meeting.

Mr. Bryson moved that we take off the table the courses that were tabled at the previous meeting. This motion was then seconded. The motion to remove from the table was adopted.

The motion to approve the courses was then adopted unanimously.

IV. Announcements

A. Program Name Change: Dr. Oswald Richards

Master of Science in Administration (MSA) is now renamed Master of Science in Business (MSB).

B. Commencement Week Activities: Dr. Kenoye K. Eke

Baccalaureate will be held on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 6 PM in the International Cultural Center with lineup at 5:30 PM. Commencement will be held Friday morning at 9 AM in the football stadium with lineup in Rivero Hall at 8:30 AM. Christopher Gardner will be the commencement speaker.

A motion to adjourn was made and adopted.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson

Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary








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