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Faculty Meeting Minutes
March 5, 2013
11 AM
Ware Center Theater
Kenoye Eke, PhD, Vice President/Provost, Presiding


Dr. Eke welcomed the faculty back from a week of rest from the Spring Break and hope you are ready with the swing of things.

Dr. Jennings recently was in Harrisburg and testified before the House of Representatives on Monday February 25, 2013 and the State Senate on Thursday February 28, 2013 about the state appropriation. They were well prepared because we submitted a brief 8 page booklet with our needs. They had read it in advance and they were able to ask questions about our needs. All the presidents from the four state related universities were questioned about their retention and graduation rates and the legislators were concerned about tuition prices with the fear we were in the process of pricing ourselves out of business and not graduating and keeping enough students. They were interested in our four year and six year rates. Dr. Jennings pointed out that our retention rate is 40% and that we are doing better than most colleges of our same size in the Mid Atlantic area and CIAA conference schools and we do attract a different clientele than the other three state related schools. Our six year graduation does improve over the four year rate.

Retention and recruitment is everyone business. Encourage those you know that they should consider attending Lincoln University. The faculty is important when it comes to the success of the student that is recruited. We need to do something different to help and retain students than other colleges. We are working hard to maintain the campus buildings and grounds. Many of the buildings are old and need regular maintenance. We did not plan to have three pipes burst within three days: new science building, the new dorm, and the building we are restoring to be the new Art Museum. We still have a number of older dorms which we have to restore. 90% of our undergraduate student body lives on campus. We need every academic program to present a retention plan.

We want to congratulate our Men’s Basketball team which was forecast to be last in the conference but came in the first in the North Division of the CIAA Conference.

We also need to congratulate our Women’s Basketball team for winning a basketball game in the CIAA Conference tournament for the first time.

We will be having a small celebration on Monday night March 11, 2013 to celebrate the accomplishments of our academic team.

The Master calendar team under the leadership of Dr. Millette is now working on the Master calendar for the upcoming academic year. We would appreciate it if you would let the team know of any and all items that are going to happen for your department and program next year.

Please forward meetings, programs, conferences for the year.

Lincoln is of going green this year. Longwood Gardens is coming this spring to help plan gardens all over the campus. They will work with the various campus groups by training them how to care for the gardens. We are going to implement programs that will promote sustainability and green incentives. We are going to have containers for plastic, paper, etc. throughout the campus.

On February 1 and 2 we had a retreat at the ACE Center in Lafayette Hills, Pennsylvania for the administrators, department and program chairs. We looked at the current strategic plan, university goals, and the mission and vision statements. We came out with a skeletal document. We are starting this week with a series of one day retreats at Technical High School in West Grove. We will provide all attending a chance to provide input to improve the documents from the earlier retreat. This will produce a final document which everyone on the campus can support over the next 5 to 7 years. We need to start working on our five year Middle States periodic report which is due in March 2014.


A. Approval of the February 5, 2013 Minutes: Mr. Albert Bryson

Mr. Bryson reported that the minutes have been posted for the past three weeks on the Academic Affairs website and they were ready for action. He asked if there were any corrections or changes to the minutes. Being none, a motion was made and seconded from the floor to approve the minutes as submitted.

The motion was approved unanimously.

B. Approval to replace MAT 220 with MAT 213 as a part of the core curriculum for Math majors: Dr. Robert Millette, Educational Policies Committee

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department recommended this change because of limited majors, it has been difficult to offer both MAT 220 Set Theory & Logic and MAT 213 Discrete Math on a regular basis so they are recombining the two courses and replacing MAT 220 with MAT 213 as the Math Program core course.

The motion was approved unanimously.

C. Approval to add MAT 495 as additional 1 credit course to satisfy the University requirement: Dr. Robert Millette, Educational Policies Committee

The motion was approved unanimously.

D. Approval of the proposal to change Capstone course requirement for Computer Science majors: Dr. Robert Millette, Educational Policies Committee

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department is recommending the Current Capstone course requirement for Computer Science majors be changed from one of the following:

CSC 299 Computer Science Internship (3 credits. Senior or Junior Year)


CSC 498 or 499 Topics in Computer Science I or II (3 credits. Senior Year)

The proposed Capstone course requirement for Computer Science Majors:

CSC 498 or 499 Topics in Computer Science I or II (3 credits. Senior Year)

The program is recommending this change because in prior assessment of the program they discovered that they can easily measure the program student learning outcomes in the topics courses which is taught by department faculty whereas the internship involves external evaluators who are not familiar with the program student learning outcomes. In addition, the topics courses will allow students to submit items for the writing proficiency portfolios.

The motion was approved unanimously.

E. Recommendations from the Nominations Committee: Dr. Susan Safford

Dr. Safford reported that we need to filled several committees opening for the rest of the Spring Semester: Tracey Hunter-Hayes resigned on January 31, 2013. He was serving on two committees: Assessment and Evaluation Committee and Faculty Development. In addition, we will also need to fill an opening on the Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid Committee where Dr. Daryl Poe was serving as chair since he has been appointed as Interim Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Planning.

Dr. Poe reported that he is still teaching on a half-time basis and would be interested in continuing to serve on the committee for the rest of his term which does expire this year. So there is no vacancy on that committee.

Dr. Safford reported that we need to filled Mr. Hunter-Hayes positions with faculty librarians. Neal Carlson, Interim Library Director reported that the library faculty had met and recommended Elizabeth Pitt for Faculty Development Committee and Sophia Sotilleo for Assessment and Evaluation Committee by email to the Nominations Committee. The faculty accepted the nominations and that these two nominees were elected unanimously by the faculty.

We will need the faculty to respond to the nominations committee when we send within the next two weeks to fill standing committee openings beginning with the fall semester 2013 so that we can vote on the slate recommended by the Nominations Committee at an April faculty meeting.

III. Faculty Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Assessment and Evaluation: Professor William Donohue, Chair

The committee has already met twice this semester. One of these meetings was with President Jennings concerning plans about our committee role with institutional assessment. The Committee has been working with the assessment office preparing an assessment handbook which will assist us with assessment in the future.

IV. Discussion Items

A. Ad-Hoc Committee on General Education: Dr. Dana Flint, Chair

IPAC, Ad-Hoc Committee on General Education, and the Office of Accreditation and Assessment are requesting each school to select 2 departments (programs) capstone courses whose students would be tested on their skills either using Iskills or the educational proficiency test prepared by Educational Testing Center. Please select the courses and give the number of students that will be tested by email to today. An email was sent out about this prior to the Spring Break. The educational proficiency exam tests the following: critical reasoning, math reasoning, and writing. Computer and information literacy skills are tested on I skills test. It is designed to show how students use computers properly. We are asking it to being done in the classroom. The test will be between 45 to 65 minutes per test. The Iskills is 45 minutes and educational proficiency is 60 minutes. This has to be done this way this year because of Middle States.

B. Graduate Studies Committee: Dr. Linda Stine, Chair

We all know that Lincoln University is historically and traditionally a residential undergraduate institution. We in the graduate programs understand and value that tradition. The date of May 10, 2013, a Friday and time for graduation 9 AM chosen for graduation creates a number of hardships for Lincoln’s working adult graduate students. All Masters of Human Services must be working full time as a condition for acceptance. Most MED and MSA students work as well. Holding graduation on a Friday means all of these students graduating have to take a day off from work. They will also need to take days off on Tuesday for dress rehearsal and Thursday for the Baccalaureate service, if they choose participate. In addition, their spouses, most of who work as well, also have to take a day off as well from work. Their children will need to take a day off from school. Many of our graduate students commute from New York City, Washington, D.C., and Harrisburg, etc. so the start time is almost impossible (8:15 AM for lineup) for the 9 AM graduation without spending the evening before in lodging nearby thereby requiring additional financial outlay for meals and lodging.

These graduate students have spent many thousands of dollars and many thousands of hours to earn their degree from Lincoln. Lincoln prides itself on being a student-centered university.

We are requesting that in planning for next year a reconsideration of the day and time for graduation for all of our students, including our graduate center students. We do understand that there were many conflicting factors that went into consideration regarding the decision on the day for graduation for this year.

V. Announcements

Cyrus Jones asked if students with six hours short of graduation were being allowed to walk in graduation. Mrs. Rutledge, the Registrar announced that students would be allowed to walk with six hours short of graduation if they were register to complete these hours at Lincoln or any other institution during the summer.

Dr. Button announced that the Women’s Center with the Office of Grants and Special Programs is developing a grant addressing the issue of violence against women. We are planning programs on how to address the entire issue of violence against women.

Dr. Leaman distributed a half sheet what the relationship between those pictured with Malcolm X. Dr. Leaman has done a lot of reading on Malcolm X and he noticed a reference to key associate of his in the Nation of Islam: James 67x. He discovered in his research that he is now known as Abdullah H. Abdur-Razzaq and that he graduated from Lincoln University in 1958 when he was James Monroe King Warden. Dr. Leaman is working with getting him to visit Lincoln University for two days. He is seeking volunteers to work on a committee to help plan his visit.

Please come to the performance of Kismet on March 21 thru March 23, 2013.

Dr. Gooch announced the upcoming Spring Lincoln-Barnes Foundation lecture on March 6 at 11 PM featuring Alan Edmonds.

CIAA Conference FAR’s came to Lincoln University few weeks ago and they were very impressed with our academic department because we are in compliance with the NCAA and Conference rules; have an academic coordinator within the athletic department and that 93% of our athletes graduate on time.

Professor Donohue announced that we are having a campus wide bowling tournament on Thursday March 21 from 5 to 7 PM.

Dr. Langley announced that the side letter voting is taking place all this week in the Library.

Mrs. Rutledge announced that Midterm grades were due yesterday and senior certification letters will be coming out soon.

Mr. Gradowski will be making presentation on the University budget at the one day mini- retreats. They want all the university faculty and staff to become aware of the university’s financial condition and why the university has taken the actions it did during this academic year.

A motion to adjourn was made and adopted.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary

Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \
(484) 365-8000
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