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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Ware Center Theater
Kenoye Eke, PhD, Vice President/Provost, Presiding

Dr. Eke welcome everyone back for the spring semester. He hoped everyone enjoyed the break for Christmas holidays.

He introduced the following new members to the Lincoln University faculty and staff:

1. Dr. Michael Ayewoh, Assistant Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs.

2. Mr. Michael Minus-Harrison, Post Award Officer, Title III.

3. Carmen Manning-Miller, Chair and Assistant Professor, Mass Communications Program.

4. Mrs. Sophia Sotilleo, Assistant Professor, Library.

5. Dr. Lenetta Lee, Interim Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life.

I. Report from the President: Dr. Robert Jennings

• Thank you for your support for the past year serving as your President. I deeply appreciate your support.

• We managed to get a small grant for faculty and staff continuing education. It will assist those of you who are working towards a terminal degree in your field. 20% needs to go to staff personnel. Please contact Academic Affairs.

• A letter was sent to the faculty, staff and the student body notifying everyone that we are reducing convocations from 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to one day a week (Thursdays). We will be closing down the library and dining facilities from 11 AM to 12 noon on Thursdays. We encourage everyone to attend. Some excellent programs have been planned. The convocation series will begin on Thursday January 17, 2013.

• Letter will be sent to some 56-57 faculty and administrative staff whom are being invited to an institutional planning retreat at Ace Center in Lafayette Hill, PA. We will concentrate on infrastructure planning, 5 year strategic plan, and the periodic report due to Middle States Association. This retreat will be on Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2, 2013.

• We need your assistance regarding recruitment and retention of students. We need each department to design recruitment and retention of students plans. We need to include the implementation of the articulation agreements with 10 community colleges. How are we going to recruit students from these colleges?

• We still have lots of concern with the budget. We are currently down some 500 students for the spring semester. For each 100 students it equals one million dollars in revenue. We need to get more students to return to campus. We currently have 1679 students registered, but only 1479 students made satisfactory arrangements to pay their bill. We need 2050 students this semester. We are preparing to face budget reductions as a result of reduced revenue which could include possible layoffs of faculty and staff.

• We are working with the American College in Dublin, Ireland to offer the psychology degree there.

II. Action Items

Approval of the December 4, 2012 Minutes: Mr. Albert Bryson

Mr. Bryson reported that the minutes have been posted for three weeks and they are ready for action. He asked are there are any corrections or changes that need to be made. Dr. Safford reported that action items e and f that her name should be Dr. Susan Safford not Mrs. Susan Safford. The corrections were made. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as corrected. The motion to accept minutes as corrected was approved unanimously.

III. Registration Update: Mrs. Catherine Rutledge

Mrs. Rutledge distributed to the faculty a one page handout on registration comparison by date between spring semesters 2012 and 2013. This page also reported that we have some 229 students not enrolled but in housing. Of these, 149 have holds preventing their registration. As of now, 1679 have registered for the spring semester. The last day for drop/add and registration is Friday January 18, 2013.

Dr. Eke spoke with the deans to encourage their department chairs to consider using our full time faculty wisely first and before we consider using adjunct faculty teaching some courses. We will review all course offering this semester.

Dr. Roberts asked if we are going to extend the registration dateline this semester to get more student enrolled. Dr. Jennings replied that our students know about what our dateline dates. We need to make sure that they met all requirements including financial. We are currently in debt 7 million dollars because of prior students' failure to meet their financial requirements.

IV. Faculty Standing Committee Reports

Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid Committee: Dr. Daryl Poe

The committee met several times since the end of last semester to review students who appealed their academic suspension from the university. They accepted the appeals of most them including graduate students. In their discussions, they have seen some trends in some courses that appeared to cause the majority of these students to fail. They are going to do some assessment on these courses to see what we can do to improve the performance of our students in these courses. We need to see if we can develop some preventative measures to help our students with these courses including prerequisites and retooling of the courses.

As a committee, we need to develop some policies concerning admissions: re-admission, graduate school admissions, and special need admissions.

Mrs. Rutledge reported that the committee denied appeals of ten students for the Spring semester with only one already registered.

The students whose appeals were approved must work with their academic advisors closely this semester. The committee will also check at midterm for their academic progress.

V. Announcements

• Dr. Nigro reported that when we had our campus terrorist drill last month, the faculty was unable to lock the doors from the inside. Dr. Eke reported that we are working on solving this problem.

• Dr. Shelley Johnson gave an update on the status of the Nursing Program. The initial proposal submitted has been accepted by the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing.

• The first convocation will be held on Thursday, January 17, 2013. Dr. Eke will be the first speaker for the series.

A motion to adjourn was made and adopted.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary