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Faculty Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2011
Ware Center Theater
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

I. Report of the Student Government Association: Brandon Harris

Brandon thanked the faculty for all the support that they have given to support events and the activities of the SGA. In late January 2012 Lincoln University will be hosting the meeting of the Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Students. This is a group comprised of the student governments of the four state-related institutions: Penn State, Pittsburgh, Temple and Lincoln who are working together to lobby for more financial support from the state legislature financially the state-related universities.

II. Report of the President: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson

Dr. Nelson remarked that that this would be the last faculty meeting he would preside over. Lincoln has undergone a remarkable transition during his twelve years plus as President. When he came in 1999 the campus infrastructure was collapsing. Now, we have renovated and improved many of the campus buildings, built the ICC, Nelson Science Center, and the Wellness Center. The campus is in much better shape now.

He encouraged the faculty to get more involved with the recruitment of students. We need to recruit more for the upcoming academic year. We need at a minimum 700 new students for the 2012 fall semester. When he came aboard in 1999 funding from the state was 33% of our budget. Now in 2011 it is 17.6 %. While we get state funding for the building and improvement of buildings we do not receive funding from the state to maintain those facilities. Depreciation cost has gone from 1.5 million dollars in 1999 to near 5 million dollars now. Another significant cost is the salaries and fringe benefits of employees which has gone from 14 million dollars in 1999 to 25 million dollars now with the same number of employees.

Dr. Nelson thanked the faculty for all their hard work over the years and for their cooperation in seeing to getting things done especially over the past year trying to get up to standard concerning the Standard 14 Assessment of Student Learning. Dr. Ishiyama remarked in his exit interview on December 1, 2011 that we are still in the nascent stage and we must continue to improve and develop an ethic to maintain and sustain a program of regular assessment of student learning.

Dr. Nelson feels that Middle States at its next meeting in January, 2012 will remove the warning and that we must start working on the Periodic Report due in 2013 with the additional special emphasis of providing an update of our progress on sustaining a program of assessment of student learning.

This is the first time in a long time that Lincoln is going to have a transition period between Presidents. The newly elected President, Dr. Jennings, is on campus this week meeting with some faculty and staff to become more familiar with Lincoln.

III. Actions Items

A. Approval of the minutes of the November 1, 2011 Meeting

Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes, but due to some uneasiness because Dr. Poe brought up the problem of grammatical errors. The approval was postponed to the January faculty meeting.

Dr. Nelson remarked that the minutes from the Special Faculty meeting were posted on the web today. They will be considered for approval at the January faculty meeting.

B. Recommendation from the Curriculum Committee: Dr. Sally Monsilvich.

The committee recommended the adoption of a new course: ENG 325 Screenwriting. Dr. Kenneth Van Dover, Chair of the English Department, was available to answer questions about the course. He informed the faculty that the course will be taught by an adjunct who is well qualified: Prof. Amadio, who won an award in screenwriting at the Cannes Film Festival. It was noted that the syllabus gave the SLOs for the course and program. Dr. Van Dover and the Departmental faculty will work on creating rubrics for student assessment of the course and its role in the English Liberal Arts major. It will be added as an elective to be considered to fulfill the requirement of 4 electives in the major. After some debate the course was approved.

IV. Discussion Items

A. Report from the Committee on Assessment and Evaluation: Mr. William Donahue.

Professor Donahue was not present because he was giving a final exam during the faculty meeting. In his place Dr. Dana Flint reported that as result of assessment of student learning for the monitoring report submitted to Middle States an informal creation of an Ad-Hoc Committee on the Core Curriculum with the following faculty members volunteering: William Donohue, Dana Flint, Carl Wilson and Dianne York. The members of the committee created a proposal which would reduce the eight integrative themes into six core student learning outcomes. The current membership of the Ad-Hoc committee felt that the faculty should formalize the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Core Curriculum in order to proceed further with their work. There was some debate among the faculty on how we should proceed. Do we want an Ad-Hoc Committee or a permanent standing committee which means a recommendation for action from the Faculty By-Laws Committee? It was agreed that Dr. Nelson would appoint to the committee members from the faculty who were willing to serve. He requested faculty to contact Dr. Flint by email expressing their interest to serve this committee.

During the discussion the question was brought up as to which standing faculty committees the Ad-hoc committee should submit its report when ready. It was pointed out that we need to debate the roles and responsibilities of the following three committees: Educational Policies, Curriculum and Assessment because the ad-hoc committee report may need to go to all three.
The faculty will continue the discussion on the proposal from the Ad-Hoc Core Curriculum Committee at the upcoming faculty meetings in 2012.

V. Announcements & Committee Reports

A. Update from the Educational Policies Committee: Dr. James DeBoy

There are four items the committee intends to bring up in the spring semester:

  • Success Program
  • Amnesty Program for returning students out longer than 5 years
  • 2nd Bachelor’s Degree programs for students who already have a bachelor’s degree
  • Distance Learning Program.

B. Admissions, Academic Standing, and Financial Aid Committee:

Dr. Poe announced that he has learned that the committee will be meeting on January 9, 2012.

C. Graduate Studies Committee: Dr. Linda Stine.

Dr. Stine reported that the committee has met. They are looking into the possibility that the Graduate Council formed by the Dean has now assumed responsibility of the Committee. They are determining whether the standing committee should continue in the future.

D. Faculty By-Laws Committee: Dr. Susan Safford.

In January the committee will be contacting each standing committee to generate a brief description of their duties and responsibilities. The description should be one to two sentences long to put into the Faculty By-Laws document. A more detailed list of duties and responsibilities could be put into a separate manual for the faculty.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary






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