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Faculty Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2011
Ware Center Theater
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

I. Report of the Student Government Association: Brandon Harris

Tomorrow night at 6 PM in Room 119 Nelson Science Center there will be an open forum sponsored by SGA with the political candidates running for office. Each candidate will be allowed to give a 2 to 4 minute presentation and will be available to answer questions.

Dr. Hoogeveen asked if the voting poll is off campus. Dr. Nelson responded that Lincoln University has been designated a voting precinct and all future elections there will be voting on campus.

II. Report of the President: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson

Dr. Nelson reported that there is a link on the Lincoln University website for the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing that was held on campus. Our students videotaped the hearing. Senator Corman has put our videotape on his website. The committee also did hearings as well at the other three state related colleges. Dr. Nelson reported how well pleased he was with the students who participated in the hearing. He encouraged the faculty to watch the video.
Dr. Nelson reported that the past nine months we have been working on assessment of student learning and how it related to the university. Our monitoring report was delivered to Middle States on October 26, 2011. As result of this monitoring report activity we are now talking about the educational process. In the end it will improve our learning on campus.

His handout was composed of five documents:

  • Academic program accreditation
  • Recruitment and Admissions Goals
  • Lincoln University Assessment Scheme
  • Student Learning Assessment
  • Advertisement for the Director of Assessment at Lincoln University.

As of now only one undergraduate program is accredited by their association: Chemistry. It is absolutely essential that we get more programs accredited by their particular association. It will make things easier with Middle States the more programs that are accredited. We hope to get Education, Mass Communications and Nursing accredited by 2014 and the Visual Arts/Barnes Collaboration by 2015. It will be nice to get two additional programs as well. It will prove the sustainability of our assessment program at Lincoln University. We will try to get 7 programs accredited by the professional associations within the next five years.

It is important recruitment and admission is not the responsibility of the admissions office alone. We need to get every Lincoln University employee involved with this process. We definitely need to get the faculty involved. We need to admit more students and enrollment is important and critical. We can do it in two parts: Summer Bridge program and our fall admission. We need to recruit and admit 700 new students. Our retention is 69% this year and we need to get that up to 75%. Specific targets for 2012: Students with SAT score of 900+ (250), Centers of Excellence (100), Commuter students (200), Legacy (75), Transfers (100), and International students (40). We need to get the Admissions, Academic, and Financial Aid Faculty standing committee operating. We need to contact everyone we know about coming to Lincoln as students. We need to develop relationships to accomplish these goals and need to improve retention of our students.

Dr. Nelson discussed the chart on assessment of the university and student learning assessment. He expressed that our monitoring report will remove the warning, but we need to continue doing assessment of the university. In 2013 we will file a periodic report to Middle States. It will have to assess the university under all 14 standards.

He then discussed the circle (target) to explain it to a layperson. Students (blue inner circle) are in the middle (up or down). The top (blue) circle is overwhelming themes. The next circle (outer white) is our core curriculum (core values). We now have eight which could be reduced to six in the future. The orange circle (programs) and inner white (courses). All this ties together.

The last handout is the advertisement for the assessment director. He asked at least six to eight faculty members to serve on the search committee. We need to find a good person with public relations skills and able to work with the faculty to serve in this position.

Dr. Anna Hull, the chair of faculty monitoring report, thanks the faculty for all their hard work. We submitted four copies to Middle States with a CD having all the supplementary materials. A copy was sent to all the departments. We will expect a small team visit soon and the warning to be lifted by Middle States at its March meeting. We need to take assessment seriously and to implement the plan actions given in our program reports for this year. We need to let the assessment office know what we need to implement the assessment goals for our departments.

We have not yet purchased any software to help us with the assessment of student learning and to prepare our reports for us. Dr. Hull pointed out the Desire 2 Learn which we are now using for some online instruction in our courses does have an assessment component which has not been implemented.

There is a core curriculum committee being chaired by Dr. Flint is reviewing our core values and revising our courses in the core.


A. Approval of the Minutes of October 4, 2011 Meeting

The minutes were approved as submitted.

B. Recommendations from the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committees: Dr. Sally Monsolovich

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelor’s Degree Program. There were 3 handouts available for faculty to study: Memorandum from Dr. John Chikwen, Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics about justifying the proposal for this new major (program) ; Proposal submission form to the Educational Policies Committee ; and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Curriculum.

Dr. Monsolovich read the memorandum as submitted emphasizing the changing needs of our students seeking admission to medical schools. This program will not need new courses and additional faculty.

Dr. Whittingham pointed out that the school did a survey of our students and both departments approved of this program. This is a hybrid major exposing students to both chemistry and biology. The survey by the chemistry department assessed the need for this program from both current and former students and improves preparedness for the MCAT exam. We have established 7 program SLOs. The program will be housed in Chemistry department with the collaboration of the Biology department.

The program was approved by the faculty. All the right questions were asked and the proposal was well approved.

Change the course number of Finite Mathematics from MAT 107 to MAT 117. There is no change in the content of the course. The course number change was approved by the faculty.

IV. Discussion Items

A. Homecoming Week: Dr. Marie Nigro

Dr. Nigro expressed her concern that homecoming week took place the same week as Midterms. She questioned the ability of students to take exams while homecoming events take place. This is a scheduling problem. We need to prepare a three year university calendar that avoids a scheduling conflict with homecoming and Midterms.

The date for the homecoming game is determined by the CIAA Conference. Athletics can supply us with a six year calendar schedule. Educational policies committee will be able to do a three year calendar once the athletics department supply us a six year schedule. We will make sure in the future that Midterms week will not conflict with Homecoming week. We may need to change the calendar in the future to accommodate a one week spring break, if adopted.

B. Report from the Committee on Athletics: Dr. Dana Flint

Dr. Flint introduced Dianthia Ford-Kee, Athletic Director; Ms. Natasha Wilson, Senior Administrative Women and Compliance Officer and Ms. Sherese Parker, Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services and Student Affairs.

Ms. Parker informed the faculty that she would notify them by email when our student athletes are not able to attend class because of athletic competition. In addition, our student athletes are expected to attend class when there is practice scheduled at the same time. She works with our student athletes as in the role of providing academic support and make sure that student athletes are registered for classes and graduate on time.

Another concern brought up by the faculty was about the priority registration of student athletes, marching band and concert choir would allow them to register first before all other students.

Evaluating existing current policies the registrar, Catherine Rutledge, discovered that there is no policy concerning priority registration of student athletes, etc. Based upon the current registration system there are 3 days for the senior class first, etc. There is a standing committee of the faculty, Educational Policies, to whom that request should be directed first. Lincoln University requires that our student athletes must maintain a 2.00 GPA. We need to come up with the process for the student athletes, marching band, and concert choir. These students have additional burdens of being a student as well as their athletic competition, etc.

The marching band and cheerleaders will be needed for some of the spring athletic competitions. On February 11, 2012 the basketball game will be televised and we need the band for that and for the CIAA Conference Basketball Tournament. Dr. Flint, our Athletic Faculty Representative, will work with the appropriate faculty committees to get problems resolved. We will need to work together to solve problems concerning these student athletes.

Some faculty are concerned that some of the student athletes will be out of class attending athletic competition and will not give faculty adequate advance notice. We do encourage the student athletes to talk with the faculty in class to inform them in advance of class absences and arrange make-up assignments.

C. Report of the Nominations Committee: Dr. Ebony Roper

We have a partial list of nominations for committees needing vacancies filled:

  • Admissions, Academic Standing, and Financial Aid: (3 openings): Barbara Butler, Claude Tameze, and Jamie Mansell.
  • Educational Policies: (1 opening): James DeBoy.
  • Faculty Development: (1 opening): Pathak Jawahar.
  • Lectures and Recitals: (1 opening): Charles Pettaway.
  • Nominations (1 opening): Mel Leaman.
  • Student Health and Welfare Committee: (2 openings): Donald Bradt, and Cyrus Jones.
  • Technology Committee: (1 opening): Carl Wilson.
  • Writing Committee (1 opening): Saadia Lawton.

There are more to come later.

The faculty approved the faculty nominated by the Nominations Committee by voice vote.

D. Writing Proficiency Requirement: Dr. Ken Van Dover and Dr. Samaa Gamie

Beginning with the class of 2013 we require that every student submit an acceptable writing portfolio to their major (program) department. The recommendation is a minimum of 4 items in the portfolio. The chair of each department will approve the portfolio. The students were expected to submit their portfolio by November 18, 2011. Brandon Harris reported that most students have not been notified what are the requirements for the portfolio for their major (program).

The suggested possible items for the portfolio: Conference presentations, essays, lab reports, research papers, personal statements, resumes or CVs, statements of teaching philosophy.
Students were aware of items that they need for the portfolio last month. They received an email about this and discussed this at their class meeting. The portfolio can be received on November 18, 2011 at the earliest. Dr. Hull pointed out that they do not need to submit the complete portfolio by November 18, but only a few pieces. They need to submit the complete portfolio by the time they graduate. The completion date is January 15, 2012. The motion was approved.
The departments can use the rubric that English Department has created to evaluate and assess the writing proficiency portfolio.

V. Announcements

A. Music recital by the faculty of the Department of Music and the Performing Arts: Dr. Alvin Amos

The entire faculty in the Department of Music will be performing in concert recital Thursday night November 3, 2011 at 7 PM in the Ware Center Theater. The concert is dedicated to Dr. Nelson and his wife Dr. Patricia Nelson.

B. Lectures and Recitals Committee

On Wednesday November 16, 2011 Poet Ron Williams will read his poetry in Ware Center Theater from 3 to 4 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary





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