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Faculty Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2011
Ware Center Theater
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

I. Report of the Student Government Association, Brandon Harris and D. Wayne Walker, Jr.:

A. Pride

On Mondays, Dress for Success and on Friday, Blue and Orange.

B. Academics

Encourage students to come to class on time and a create scholarship named after Father William Logan, the oldest living graduate to assist a student on academic probation.

C. Campus Cleanness

Recycling campaigns and Operation Bottle Drop a competition between the dorms.

D. Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Students

Fall meeting was at Pittsburgh with representatives of four state-related colleges and universities: Penn State, Temple, Pitt and Lincoln. This group just announced their opposition to House Bill 934 which requires that all out of state residents must get a state identification card in order to vote. They consider it voter discrimination. The February 2012 meeting will be hosted by Lincoln. They will also have a rally at the State Capital in Harrisburg in the spring 2012.

II. Report of the President: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson

On Thursday October 13, 2011 The Pennsylvania Senate Appropriation Committee will conduct a hearing beginning at 1 PM in the International Cultural Center: 3 faculty, 3 students, and 3 administrators will participate as panel. This is the first time that a Senate Committee has come to Lincoln.

Tomorrow, October 5, 2011 we are finally moving back to the renovated Library building. Dr. Nelson distributed a chronology regarding the library over the past ten years. It is a well-lighted facility and the staff will be ready on Thursday to work in the library. The Quadrangle will be named the Academic Quad.

Regarding Grim Hall we have not been able to get in the building because of the elevator. Regulations and rules concerning anything electronic were changed by Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. You must do necessary paperwork with a plan in advance before you can proceed with the project and repair until approved by L&I and inspected the project cannot proceed.

We are still working on the landscaping. It is now possible to walk around campus on a sidewalk. Students are still are not using the sidewalks. The sidewalks are only 3 feet wide and can’t accommodate all the students walking to classes.

Regarding other projects:

We should have been in Wright Hall by now but they are still working in it. The Wellness Building should be available by the end of January 2012. They are also working on the athletic facilities. The stadium will alternate between blue and orange seating. Please look at your campus and see what is happening.

Assessment of student learning will be with us forever unless Middle States changes its rules. The key is sustainability of assessment. The report is the report to get us off the warning we have now with Middle States. 99% of the monitoring report is being sent to two outside readers. The report is due by November 1, 2011. We will make our final adjustment and a presentation to the Board of Trustee Committee on Educational Policies. When the visit of small team comes we must be in agreement on everything. We must assure them that it is our report and it is creditable.

Assessment means change. This is what we believe for the present time. As we go through the process we can change direction.

Dr. Poe has reported that the assessment website on the university website has been updated. It is absolutely essential that we have published what we are doing and that it is transparent to the public. Dr. Nelson recommends that the faculty makes sure that the University catalog is current and correct.

Mr. Bryson reported that there will be an open house this weekend for Homecoming on Saturday in the Library.

The library is packing for the move tomorrow.

We will distribute CDs of the monitoring report and the accompanying documents to the entire faculty.

III. Action Items

A. Approval of the Minutes from the September 6, 2011 Meeting

The minutes were approved without correction.

B. Assessment Calendar

Mr. William Donohue: The Assessment Committee took out all references to a syllabus in the calendar and that assessment will be discussed at a regular meeting of the departments and the schools. There are dates for the faculty to submit reports and the calendar requires an appropriate response back to department chairs and program directors by the administrator. The calendar was approved by the faculty.

C. Uniform Course Syllabus Template

Dr. Anna Hull of the Monitoring Committee recommends the adoption of two styles of uniform course syllabus template. The faculty needs to vote upon and agreed upon on a uniform course syllabus template. The last course syllabus template was approved by the faculty in 1998. Dr. Stephen McCullough feels that the proposed template is not student friendly and the course syllabus is a contract between the instructor and his/her students. We need to have the course SLOs, Program SLOs, and Core SLOs in our syllabus so we can show Middle States how we tie in the courses to the programs and how the programs relate to our core which sits on top of this. We will approve the uniform course syllabus template now so that we can include it in the monitoring report. We can always change it once the appropriate faculty committees complete their work and we will revise again on a regular basis as a result of the assessment of student learning occurs on a regular basis. The uniform course syllabus template was approved by the faculty with some dissent. This does not apply to the graduate programs.

IV. Discussion Items

A. Faculty Committee Reports

Dr. Daryl Z. Poe. Shared Governance is the key to faculty participation in the governance of the University regarding academic issues. On the Academic affairs website is the Faculty By-Laws which list the standing committees and their composition. The faculty has worked very hard on this to get it approved by the faculty and the Board of Trustees. The By-Laws Committee is still working on how the committees should operate. Dr. Thomas recommended that we need to reconcile the Faculty By-Laws and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

B. The Goals of Lincoln University Trustees

Dr. Daryl Z. Poe. In a memorandum dated September 13, 2011 gave three goals established by the Lincoln University Board of Trustees:

1. To produce graduates academically capable of entering a top 50 graduate or professional school.

2. To produce graduates professionally capable of being fasted-tracked in their workplace.

C. To be ranked in the top 10of HBCUs, academically, athletically and artistically.

Dr. Poe recommended that the faculty needs to discuss these goals in our standing committees and other forums available to us. It will take time to implement these goals. Dr. Thomas pointed it will definitely take more than two to three years to put these into practice. This will involve a change in our academic culture. Dr. Nelson pointed out that we do need a discussion of how to implement these goals on campus and pointed that this should also take into consideration assessment as well in their implementation. The Board wants us to make a shift in the recruitment of students. Currently we are admitting 67% of students with a score of below 900 on the SAT to where we will admit 67% with score of more than 900 on the SAT. We need to clarify these goals as a faculty so that we can implement them. They are all linked together.

There was an extensive discussion by the faculty on this issue.

Dr. Poe made a motion that the agenda at each faculty meeting include committee reports of all standing committees as a permanent part of the faculty meeting agenda. All the committees will report every month and if they have no report that month they can report so. The motion was approved.

Respectfully submitted,Albert Bryson, Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary




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