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Faculty Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2011
Ware Center Theater
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

I. Report of the President: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson.

Dr. Nelson’s report concentrated on the following two documents:

A. Memorandum dated August 23, 2011 sent to the faculty and staff on Student Learning Assessment Action Items and Timetable

B. Table 2B: Data Analysis and its use in improving teaching and learning (from the written monitoring report draft).

He emphasized how important it is that we get the four items listed in his August 23 memorandum done on time by the datelines listed:

The Monitoring Report: Each program must submit by September 12 a complete updated revised monitoring report electronically with the changes highlighted so that the monitoring report writing team can write up a final draft which would be submitted to an outside reviewer on October 1, 2011. We must submit the monitoring report to Middle States by November 1, 2011.

At the faculty conference the faculty brought up concerns about the University Assessment website, the university catalog and university data and facts information. Dr. Nelson has established dates which all these must be submitted so that we can have the University website updated. It needs to be as accurate as possible. We will update the assessment website by November 1 and the University catalog on the University website by January 1, 2012. The departments must submit any changes in data to The Office of Institutional Effectiveness with proper supporting documents as soon as possible so we can correct the data reported. This data is needed for reports submitted to various federal, state, and local agencies. Accountability and transparency is becoming more important.

Dr. Nelson gave a brief update on Grim Hall and the Library. We are planning on moving the faculty from the following departments into Grim later this week or early next week: Philosophy and Religion and Mass Communications. The only holdup is the certificate of the elevator operation. He hopes to move the library faculty and staff into the renovated library by the end of the month once we get a full certificate of occupancy. All books have been moved into the library building and the staff is getting books from there to serve everyone and that all library services are still available.

The University budget for the year has just been finalized. We had to face cutbacks in support from both the state and federal governments. We managed to avoid layoffs of faculty and staff. He also stressed that the campus improvements were funded with funds from the Commonwealth for Capital Improvements. The operating budget is based upon tuition and various student fees. We have to include in this budget some 5 million dollars for depreciation.

II. ACTION ITEM: Approval of the minutes from the April 26, 2011 Meeting. The minutes were approved as submitted.


A. Constitution Day: Dr. Safro Kwame.

On Friday September 16, 2011 a public forum on the United States Constitution and Citizenship will be held in Dickey Hall Auditorium from 11AM to 12:50 PM. Dr. Nelson pointed that we are required by federal law to have a Constitution Day program since a majority of our students receive financial aid.

B. Establishing a Committee to revise the Student/Instruction Course Evaluation: Dr. Gwinyai Muzorewa.

Dr. Muzorewa recommended that the student evaluation form of courses needs to updated and revised. He reported that the Faculty Standing Committee on Assessment will be working on revising the form this year.

C. Steps to Developing a Distance Learning Policy: Dr. Dana Flint and Dr. Linda Stine.

They reported that they and Nancy Evans from the Office of Academic Technology had worked on a draft policy for Distance Learning Policies while Dr. Venerable was Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. This draft document is available on the TLE website and on the Academic Affairs website. They recommended that the University needed to proceed on this policy by assigning proper faculty standing committees to work on a policy for faculty approval. After some discussion, Mr. Bryson moved that the following two faculty standing committees Technology and Educational Policies working together to come up with a policy on distance learning and report back to faculty by the December faculty meeting. Dr. Susan Safford thought that they needed to look at a House Congressional Subcommittee on Education report on distance learning which pointed out that the standards required by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education are one of toughest in the nation and need to be considered. Dr. Flint pointed that Middle States has a document on Distance Learning that we need to look at as well. Mr. Bryson motion’s was seconded and adopted by the faculty. Dr. Nelson said we need to implement this because everyone around us has distance learning programs. We are also interested in starting a continuing education program as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert Bryson, Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary




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