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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
10 a.m.
Ware Center Theater
Dr. Robert R. Jennings, Ed.D. , President, Presiding


II. REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT: Dr. Robert R. Jennings, Ed. D.

• Dr. Jennings thanked the faculty for all their hard work this year with our students.

• I am very busy working on getting our distant learning program going.

• I have been on the road getting support for the University.

• Made a presentation using power point of my assessment of Lincoln University at this time.

He made the same presentation to the Board of Trustees at their meeting last Saturday April 21, 2012. He stressed that the University must now operate under sound business practices and must be entrepreneurial in spirit. He shared his vision for the university and his ideas on how we should get there.

• Appointed several search committees to fill all open administrative positions. Several positions have been filled.

• Acknowledged the retirement of Dr. Stanley Tsai after 54 years of services as professor in the Physics Department.


A. Approval of Minutes of the April 10, 2012.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as submitted. The motion was adopted.

B. Recommendation from the Faculty By-Laws Committee: Dr. Susan Safford.

She distributed to the faculty a four page document with charges for each of the faculty standing committees. This document is attached as a supplement to the minutes of this meeting. The charges for each committee was based upon responses from selected faculty who were serving on faculty standing committees this year and were also in the final year of their three year term. The committee did prepare charges for those committees with no response. She asked the faculty to review this document and work on this next academic year. The faculty standing committees will be encouraged to review the charges and make chances and submit them to the Faculty By-Laws Committee next year. These charges will not be incorporated into the faculty By-laws now because they are still being worked on and are not final. Hopefully in the future these may be acted upon by the faculty and incorporated in the Faculty By-Laws.

There was a revision submitted already to the By-Laws Committee regarding the charge for the Committee on Athletics. The charge was revised to: To monitor standards of performance of the athletics program to insure compliance with University and NCAA rules and regulations; to stimulate and improve intercollegiate Athletics Programs for student athletics; to monitor academic progress of student athletics and ensure compliance with eligibility rules regarding athletic participation and to advise the President of our status; to assist the Athletics Department in promoting and conducting athletics events; to address all issues of concerns brought up by the faculty regarding the performance of student athletics.

The By-Laws Committee recommended that we approve the charges by a majority vote in principal as a supplementary document to the By-Laws currently because they can chance in the future. Several faculty members pointed out that some of the charges listed would to be change. Dr. Safford advised them to work on them and submit them to the By-laws Committee in the fall. These charges should be design to reflect the actual duties of the committees. This motion was adopted.

C. Approval of the 2012 Graduation List: Ms. Catherine Rutledge, Registrar.

Ms. Rutledge distributed to the faculty a 12 page list of graduates according to the school department, major, and name of the graduate for action by the faculty. Not all grades have been submitted. Double majors are listed. After review by the faculty a motion was made to accept the list as submitted pending necessary corrections and changes by the registrar in consultation with the faculty. The faculty are requested to contact the registrar between now and graduation to make all necessary changes in person or by email. In the future, we must comply with the Master Calendar with dates established for everything.

The motion was adopted.


A. Curriculum Committee: Dr. Sally Monsilovich

The following two courses in Visual Arts are being renumbered to fit the proper sequence in Art History: ARH 275 to ARH 376; ARH 276 to ARH 375. The course number change for ART 200 to ARH 200 is being resubmitted back to the department since it is a core curriculum course and this change in numbering must be approved by both the department and school.

B. Student ID’s need to include expiration date in order to be acceptable as ID card for voting in Pennsylvania. This is being explored by the Office of Student Services.

C. Committee Reports. The President called on each faculty standing committee and there was no report for each at this meeting.

The Charges for the Faculty Standing Committee is attached as a supplement to these minutes.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary




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