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Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
4 p.m.
Ware Center Theater
Robert R. Jennings, Ed.D. President, Presiding

I. Report from the Student Government Association: Brandon Harris.

There is a forum tonight for the Presidential Candidates running for President of the Student Government Association. SGA Elections will take place tomorrow in the Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center from 9 AM to 2 PM.

II. Report from the President: Dr. Robert R. Jennings, Ed. D.

  • Budget hearings are now being conducted here for the first time. Each department chair, head of schools, etc. are presenting their budget requests for the upcoming fiscal year. Each department must justify their expenses and needs. We hope to have a budget proposal in place for the Board of Trustees to approve at the April meeting.

  • The Middle States warning concerning Standard 14 Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes has been lifted. We must continue to do assessment on a regular basis to improve our courses and performance overall.

  • We are now assessing activities done in the President’s Office to see what we are doing and to improve.

  • All requests for expenditures from now on must be approved by the Purchasing Office. We need to get spending under control. We must follow good accounting and auditing practices. We need receipts for all items that you have already purchased.

  • No purchases for alcohol and room service will be honored from now on when you are representing the university.

  • We are now in the process of designing a space plan on how we are now using all space on campus. Wright Hall should be ready by April 30, 2012. We will be moving personnel in to Wright Hall after Commencement (week of May 7-12).

  • All repairs in the library should be done by June 1, 2012, except for the 1st floor (basement) restroom.

  • The athletics complex will be ready by June 1, 2012. It will be ready for usage when the students return in August. We will have a big celebration and ribbon cutting to open the new stadium at that time.

  • The Wellness Center will be ready by May 30, 2012. We should be ready to occupy that facility that fall.

  • Dr. Judith Thomas will be Special Assistant for Outreach. We need to open the University to the local community. We willl have a Culture at Lincoln program in the ICC every weekend for eight months of the year. Most presentations will be free of charge. Collaborative partners in the local area will be engaged. We will have the Philly Pops, free concerts, and plays. We also will create a theater guild.

  • We will have a master calendar for the University. It will supply all events on the campus from August to July. The President wants everyone to know what is happening here on campus. We will flood the local community with information.

  • The billboard nearby our entrance will be promoting Lincoln University after March 26, 2012.

  • We will make use of television and radio advertising.

  • We will have the Homecoming Parade in Oxford this year. It will be combined with their Halloween Parade. The borough officials are very supportive.

  • The University will have a Facebook and Twitter presence.

  • We will have a membership program for using the Wellness Center.

  • We will have online courses in the fall and we will select our provider tomorrow. The company selected will provide all the necessary training. We will start with the Masters of Human Services program.

  • On March 23 and 24, 2012, there will be a Board of Trustees Retreat.

  • We will be planning a Faculty Retreat and everyone will be informed of the details.

  • We have started and expanded a Rebranding Committee for the University.

  • The University will be soon selecting a Director of Public Relations. Lincoln needs to send three to five releases to the media daily.

III. Action Items

A. Approval of the Minutes of the February 14, 2012 Meeting. The minutes were approved as submitted.

B. Recommendations from the Curriculum Committee, Dr. Sally Monsilovich:

The committee recommended that we change course numbers for all labs courses: e.g.: all science, foreign languages, and psychology. They will be now the course number for the lecture course with the addition of L to the course number. This recommendation was at the request of the Registrar. This will start in the fall, 2012 semester.

This recommendation was approved.

C. Recommendations from the Ad Hoc Core Curriculum Committee, Dr. Dana Flint:

Dr. Flint recommended the adoption of the Core Curriculum Assessment Plan for 2011-2012. The committee report (2 pages) gives a history and overview, a seven step procedure plan, outline of core curriculum assessment reports, and the integrative themes (competencies) assessed in 2011-2012 with their student learning outcomes. This report is available on the Academic Affairs webpage.

After some discussion the plan was approved.

IV. Discussion Items

Reports from Standing Committees

A. Educational Policies Committee, Dr. Jim DeBoy:

Curriculum Committee recommended to the Educational Policies Committee the restoration of the Chinese minor. There was a joint meeting of the two committees concerning this. The Educational Policies Committee is now bringing up for discussion at this meeting the restoration of the Chinese minor.

Dr. Poza reported that in 2006, the University dropped the Chinese minor due to a low enrollment. The Foreign Language and Literatures Department is also recommending the restoration of the Chinese minor. We will be working with several groups to provide instructors at low cost and we have surveyed the student body to determine the need for a Chinese minor, Dr. Poza said. There is a strong need in the business community and international relations for employees with a background speaking Chinese. There is a strong interest on campus for Chinese.

B. Student Health and Welfare Committee, Dr. Yvonne Hilton.

Most important was Dr. Madison representing Ms. Manson from the Counseling Center. She recommended the creation of a threat assessment team to deal with students dealing with crises. Recently, the Counseling Center dealt with three students who considered suicide. Another concern was students pledging for fraternities and sororities. The committee also discussed the safety issue of the rock climbing wall in the Wellness Center. Dr. Siddique brought up the need of health information being available to our students. Sometimes our students are not aware of what they need to know to take good care of themselves. Most of our students are not aware of the dangers associated with liquor and alcohol, he said.

C. Faculty Development Committee, Dr. Babatunde:

Faculty needs to submit their faculty development proposals by March 30, 2012 by 2PM.

D. Library Committee, Prof. Chapp:

The committee has met with Mr. Neal Carlson, the Interim Director of the Library. The committee also toured the library building.

E. Research and Publications, Dr. Maazaoui:

Faculty needs to submit their requests for funds by March 20, 2012.

V. Announcements

  1. Dr. Amos announced that there will several performances of the opera Hansel and Gretel by the Opera Workshop this week and a jazz concert on March 28, 2012.

  2. Dr. Ihejirika reminded the faculty that tomorrow March 15, 2012 is the deadline to get your proposals in for the NEH grant.

  3. Dr. Chikwen reminded the faculty of the upcoming Science Conference this Saturday March 17, 2012. An invitation to the conference was emailed to the faculty earlier this week.

  4. Dr. Thomas announced that each year we receive funding from the Women’s Christian Temperance Union for the annual debate about the abuse of alcohol. Ten of our students won monetary awards and one of our students will advance to state/national competitions.

  5. Dr. Thomas announced that there will be a career day for high school students on Saturday April 7, 2012.

  6. Dr. Thomas announced that on Thursday, March 15, there will be a debate between the Forensic Society and the Honor Society on the issue should the age of drinking be lowered to age 18 from current age of 21.

  7. Dr. Thomas announced that in Philadelphia on Sunday, March 25, 2012, at 4PM a special memorial service will be held at the First Black Episcopalian Church in the country.

  8. Brandon Harris announced that there will be workshop sponsored by the Horace Mann Bond Society on how to build your personal brand in the corporate world on Thursday, March 22, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary





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