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Faculty Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2012
Ware Center Theater
Robert R. Jennings, Ed.D., President, Presiding

I. Report from the Student Government Association: No Report.

II. Report from the President: Dr. Robert R. Jennings

Dr. Jennings introduced officially Dr. Thelma Thompson as our Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Thompson headed our Middle States Reaccreditation team in 2008. She was the 13th President of the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Dr. Thompson is an expert in the field of accountability and assessment, primarily assessment of student learning. Her biographical sketch and curriculum vita will be posted on the website. She will be with us for one year while we are working on our five year report to Middle States.
Dr. Jennings will be meeting with the President and Vice President of The Middle States Association next week to let them know that he will be active in Lincoln’s accreditation process. He is planning on attending all Middle States meetings

Dr. Jennings stated that he is accessible to everyone on campus. If necessary please go ahead and contact him by phone and he will try to squeeze you into his busy schedule.
Dr. Jennings reported on the cut of 5% in our 2011-2012 state appropriation. Lincoln had to return to the state $558,000. He is planning to meet personally with Governor Corbett next week to discuss the impact of the cut on our university. It is a significant cut to our budget. We are placing a freeze on filling vacant positions and there will be no granting of overtime unless approved by the President’s Office. We are also encouraging everyone to turn off lights and other electronic appliance when not in use.

Lincoln is contacting students and their families to encourage them to return to the university this semester. So far 298 students have not returned. Many of them cited the $5000 balance due criteria which makes it impossible to return. That policy will change beginning with the fall 2012 semester as the balance due criteria will change to zero. This will have an impact on our fall enrollment. We will discuss ways to solve our problems together.

Dr. Jennings met with the union representatives this morning. He is going to do everything possible to preserve our jobs and create an environment that will make us productive and happy. He will work hard to raise the necessary funds we need to operate on.

Dr. Jennings is planning to meet with our students on January 17 and 18 to help motivate them. He needs faculty support for these meeting. He needs every man who works on this faculty/staff to attend the meeting on January 17 with our male students. He will also need every female on our faculty/staff to attend the meeting on January 18 with our female students. These meetings will be at 4 PM in the ICC building

Dr. Flint moved to amend the agenda to add to the discussion items a report from the Ad-Hoc Core Curriculum Committee.

III. Action Items

A. Approval of the minutes of the November 1, 2011 Meeting, November 29, 2011 Special Meeting, and December 6, 2011 Meeting.

The minutes have been posted on the Academic Affairs website for the faculty to read.

Dr. Poe apologized for his action at the previous faculty meeting when he stopped the approval of the November 1, 2011 minutes. He realized that he had made a mistake concerning grammatical errors in the minutes of the faculty meeting. They were in earlier minutes. He acknowledges the hard work of Professor Bryson, our faculty secretary.

All the minutes were approved as submitted.

B. Recommendations from the Curriculum Committee: Dr. Sally Monsilovich

There are three items to be discussed by the faculty concerning the Chemistry Department curriculum:

1. The Department of Chemistry has submitted for approval, the redistribution of course credits for all lab courses in the department. Currently, lab courses have an assigned four credits for lecture and zero credits for lab. The Department wishes to assign three credits to the lecture portion of the course and one credit for the lab.

Dr. Thompson pointed out that this is standard procedure for our science courses and we should act on that.

Ms. Rutledge, the Registrar asked if this will take place with the fall 2012 semester. No, Dr. Swinton, Chemistry Department chair asked if this change could take place this semester. We forgot to bring it up at the last faculty meeting. We want to make this change to benefit our students so that they can move forward. We will work with the Registrar to make this change happened.

The redistribution of credit for lecture and the lab portions of all chemistry department lab courses were approved.

2. To approve the renumbering of the following courses to reflect their proper sequence in the curriculum. We are renumbering Chemistry 202 Physical Chemistry I and Chemistry 272 Physical Chemistry I Lab to Chemistry 300 for the lecture and Chemistry 381 for the lab. The students take the course in their junior year so the course number needs to be changed to reflect the year they are taking the course.

The faculty approved the motion to renumber these courses.

3. The Department asked for approval a new course, CHE 121: Chemistry for Health Sciences II. This second semester course fulfills the chemistry requirement for nursing students and serves as an elective for health science majors going to graduate school. The department is currently offering only a one semester course and the requirements for students in the health sciences going to graduate school are two semesters of chemistry. In addition to the three hours credit for lecture there will also be a lab with one credit hour: CHE 182. Syllabi for the redesigned Chemistry for Health Science 120 and the new 121 courses are available online.

The motion for the new courses was approved.

C. Request to establish an Ad-Hoc Black Studies Program Committee: Dr. Daryl Poe

The motion was: We. The faculty members [mentioned in a memorandum sent out to the faculty twice by email], pursuant to Section 5.11b of the Faculty Bylaws, request the faculty’s approval to officially recognize an ad-hoc committee tasked to do the following and to report our findings to the faculty:

1. Assess the current Black Studies Program at Lincoln University,

2. Recommend an effective and efficient administration model for the Black Studies Program at Lincoln University,

3. Investigate the potential for reestablishing the Black Studies major at Lincoln University.

Dr. Jennings asked that the Ad-Hoc Committee to supply him with the paradigm on how you are going investigate and study this issue. The committee will need to share with the provost and the faculty with the grounds for reestablishing a program. We will also need to prove to the accrediting agency that we asked all the right questions and gather all the proper data. It is going to be a multidisciplinary program.

The motion was adopted with 1 nay.

IV. Discussion items

Report from the Ad-Hoc Core Curriculum Committee: Dr. Dana Flint

The Ad- Hoc Core Curriculum Meeting has met. The members compared the Middle States competencies with the working revision of the Core Student Learning Outcomes. A report of the committee report was distributed. It will be posted on the web and please review that document and submit your comments to the Chair, Dr. Flint. If this item appears on the agenda next time we can move it for action.

Currently there are seven Core Student Learning Outcomes.

This report is for informational purposes. Please supply the Committee with your concerns into writing.

V. Announcements

Linda Stine: Faculty Development Network Seminars at New York University in June. The Dateline for application is February 10, 2012.

Technology Committee: The Committee met today discussing Distance Learning.
Dr. Poe: Report of the Admissions, Academic Standing, and Financial Aid Committee was emailed to the faculty.

Dr. Marilyn Button, English: the English Department received a grant of $100,000 from National Endowment for the Humanities on Lincoln global heritage and legacy. We will invite faculty to submit grants for smaller projects.

Dr. Jennings at each Board meeting will present 3 students and 3 faculty members who have accomplished outstanding activities. As faculty do things, email Dr. Thompson or directly Dr. Jennings the details.

Dr. Thelma Thompson, Interim Provost made some comments about her expectations for her work at Lincoln.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary




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