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Faculty Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2010
Multipurpose Room, Student Union Building
Dr. Ivory V. Nelson Presiding

I. Report of the President: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D.

Dr. Nelson invited the faculty to come to his home after the faculty meeting for some holiday refreshments.

Dr. Nelson reported that he had received a letter from Middle States Commission dated November 19, 2010 regarding the action of Middle States as a result of the small team visit on September 24, 2010.

He gave the faculty a copy of that letter and a copy of the statement of accreditation status for our institution.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education acted on November 18, 2010 regarding Lincoln University (PA) the following:

“To note the visit by the Commission’s representatives. To warn the institution that it’s an accreditation may be in jeopardy because of a lack of evidence that the Institution is currently in compliance with Standard 14 (Assessment of Student Learning). To note that the institution remains accredited while on warning. To request a monitoring report, due November 1, 2011, documenting evidence that institution has achieved and can sustain ongoing compliance with Standard 14. To request that the report include, but not limited to, (1) evidence of appropriate and assessable student learning goals at the program and course levels; (2) evidence of direct methods of assessment of student learning at the program and course levels; and (3) evidence that student learning assessment data are analyzed and used to improve teaching and learning (Standard 14). To direct a prompt Commission liaison guidance visit to discuss Commission expectations. A small team visit will follow submission of the monitoring report. To note that the due date of the Periodic Review Report will be established when accreditation is reaffirmed.”

On January 26, 2011 Dr. Mary Ellen Petrisko, Vice President of Middle States Commission will visit Lincoln to discuss Commission expectations with us regarding Standard 14. Dr. Nelson will present her with evidence of our work since the small team visit of September 24, 2010 regarding Standard 14 (Assessment of Student Learning). Since that visit each department has been working one program per department to develop evidence of direct measures of assessment at the course and program level. We will have completed 17 programs at program and course levels (15 undergraduate and 2 graduate).

Lincoln University has a total of 35 majors (programs): 30 undergraduate and 5 graduate levels. The faculty determines the majors and courses that we offer in each major (program) at Lincoln. We need to show that we have student learning outcomes for each course and for each major (program) and we have the assessment using direct measures for each and use them to improve courses and the programs. We still need to do Standard 14 (Assessment of student learning) for the remaining programs as well by the time of the monitoring report. We must do assessment of student learning on a continuous basis every year.

We will need to do assessment of student learning for all our programs, but we may not need to do this every year for all our programs. The university has hired an outside consultant to review the assessment reports of the 17 programs we have done so far to make sure that we are doing it right.

There was extensive discussion on how we should do assessment of student learning (Standard 14). Apparently there is considerable misunderstanding among the faculty on what is expected of us. President Nelson pointed that we need to be more accountable on what we are doing to insure that our students are learning what we are teaching. It takes time to develop rubrics of direct measurement of student learning outcomes and provide evidence that we are doing it over a period of time (sustain it). The teaching faculty is no longer independent contractors who select their own textbook and decide what we should be teaching. It is now up to each department to select the textbook(s) and what we are teaching in each course and select the rubrics of direct assessment of the student learning outcomes we want to achieve. Our real problem is the writing of the SLO’s and the rubrics of direct measurement.

Dr. Nelson also distributed a two sided report (green sheet) on our rating by Moody’s Investors Service. Moody’s confirms Lincoln University A2 underlying rating and removes the rating from watch list; outlook has been revised to negative. The negative outlook reflected Moody’s concern about the significant decline in incoming freshman for the fall of 2010 and the potential implications for operations.

II. Report from the Provost and Senior Vice President: Dr. Grant D. Venerable II, PH.D.

Dr. Venerable asked the faculty to turn in the CA1 forms for each course taught this semester. This is your own personal assessment of your courses. We need to have these in at the start of the new semester. It is very important that you do these. Do with yourself what you demand of your students.

III. Action Items.

A. Approval of the Minutes from the November 9, 2010. The minutes were approved as submitted.

B. Recommendation from the Curriculum Committee: Dr. Sally Monsilovich

The committee recommends the approval of the following new course: MHS 653 Supervision in Human Services. The course was approved.

The committee distributed a one page handout listing the required components of a course syllabus. It is essential that each syllabus contain all these requirements. If they do not meet all of the components they will be sent back to you for further work in the future. The Committee needs to have all course submissions (new and revisions) by the 15th of the month prior to the faculty meeting so that they can make a recommendation and be able to post them on the web 10 days prior to the faculty meeting.

C. Approval of December Graduate List: Ms. Cathy Rutledge, Registrar

Ms. Rutledge distributed a list of the December graduates (undergraduate and graduate levels).
A motion was made to accept the list as submitted pending the completion of all requirements.
The motion to approve the graduate list as suggested was approved by the faculty.

D. Report from Faculty Standing Committees

Dr. Linda Stine reported that in January that the Faculty Development Committee will send out the criteria to apply for faculty development grants this year. It was suggested that at least 50% of grants be directed to address assessment. We need to have some programs where the faculty who are given grants make presentations on what they were able to do with these funds. Funds for publications should be presented to the Faculty Committee on Research and Publications.

The Faculty Assessment Committee reported that they have meet several times and they are of the opinion that the comments on student evaluation forms that are turned in each semester are given to the faculty so that the professor can improve their teaching skills and class presentation should be sent automatically to the faculty.

Dr. Susan Safford reported that the Faculty By-Laws Committee will be working on Duties and Responsibilities of the faculty standing committees. We will contact each standing committee so that we can add a brief one to two sentences regarding duties and responsibilities to the Faculty By-Laws over the next year. Dr. Flint pointed out that Robert’s Rules of Orders does provide an example of a duty of a standing committee for By-Laws. Some faculty members have asked the committee to address the issue of who should call the committee together to elect a chair of the committee. Dr. Nelson pointed out that the Board of Trustees has to approve all changes made in faculty By-Laws. He is also concerned about the number of Faculty Standing Committees. Dr. Susan Safford pointed out that the committee has over the years investigated this matter and have not been able to get the faculty to reduce the number of faculty standing committees.

E. Recommendation from the Nominations Committee:

The Committee recommends that Mr. Tracey Hunter Hayes replace Ms. Susan Pevar on the Faculty Assessment Committee because she is not longer working in the Library. The nomination of Mr. Hunter Hayes to the Faculty Assessment was approved by the faculty.

IV. Discussion items

A. Distance Learning Policy: Dr. Dana Flint, Dr. Linda Stine, Ms. Nancy Evans

They reported that they have been working on distance learning and what we need to provide distance learning to our students. They gave out a two page handout listing definitions, goals, academic requirements, courses, fiscal requirement, faculty, student support services, copyright, governance, facilities and equipment needed. Faculty will need to discuss distance learning and formulate a policy and prepare a manual on distance learning. Dr. Nelson reported that all new buildings have the facilities on campus that could provide the capacity of doing distance learning.

A motion was made and seconded to create an Ad Hoc Committee on Distance Learning. This committee will determine what the requirements and needs are for distance learning and make recommendations on which faculty standing committees should work on issues regarding Distance Learning. The motion was approved.

Dr. Aubrey reported that we can not offer or provide a distance learning program without the approval of Middle States. Dr. Flint pointed out that on the Middle States website there is a handbook available.

B. Cell Phone Policy for the Classroom: Dr. Dadson.

He asked that the faculty discuss this item at the next faculty meeting in January, 2011.

C. Undergraduate Research Center: Dr. Susan Safford.

Dr. Safford reported that representatives from all three schools (Administrative Research Leadership) have been working together on how we can provide the facilities for our students to do undergraduate research working with our faculty on research grants here at Lincoln. We have established an office in the Science Building Room 338. Angela Grove is working part-time with the Administrative Leadership Group. Research guidelines will be released in January. We are looking for ways to advertise this program so people know about the program, including a face book presence.

V. Announcements
Summer Research Internships: Dr. Judith A. W. Thomas

Dr. Thomas reported on the various summer research internships available to our students in the area and about several scholarships that are also available from the Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education. For more information contact Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Nelson commented that our students are having financial difficulties coming up with all the funds needed to attend here. It costs around $18,000 in-state and $25,000 out of state for our students to come each year. We have been able to help retain some of our students because we have been able to allocate funds for them through scholarships from funds that we have been able to raise to assist our students over the past six to seven years.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson, Faculty Secretary





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