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Faculty Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2010
Room 123- New Science Building
Ivory V. Nelson, President, Presiding

I. Report from the Student Government Association:

Stephanie Rand, Vice President for Student Government – Internal Affairs reported upon the creation of LUVoice@gmail. Com. On this email address our students would be able to express their concerns about Lincoln University. Rand reported that only she will have access to the site. Some of the faculty expressed concerns about the use of email by the student body to express their concerns about the university and how will she get these concerns communicated to the proper person at University.

II. Report from the President: Dr. Nelson.

Dr. Nelson’s report concentrated on the upcoming small team visit from Middle States on Friday September 24, 2010. The team is composed of two professors: One in Psychology and one in English. He informed the Board that this visit is a continuation of a process concerning assessment. In 2008, Lincoln University failed Standard 14 on Student Learner Outcomes when Middle States Accreditation Team visited us. We were requested to submit a monitoring report in April of this year and apparently that report failed to satisfy Middle States.

Dr. Nelson reported that Lincoln is not losing its accreditation because we did pass 13 of the 14 standards in 2008. We need to read very carefully what Standard 14 said and make sure that we are following it. This is not the last of this issue because we will need to report on it in 2013 with a Periodic Review Report and again in 2018 when we have the larger team accreditation visit. We need to show them how we use assessment to improve our curriculum and are we doing what we said we are doing. We do not need to assess everything with our curriculum: just several of the learner outcomes with each course (Pre-test and Post-test) to see if we are doing what we expect to do with our students.


A. Approval of the minutes from the April 27, 2010 meeting. The minutes were approved as submitted.


A. Writing Proficiency Program Update: Dr. Jeffrey Hoogeveen

Dr. Hoogeveen reported that they were visiting all of the academic department to see where we stood on the Writing Proficiency Program in their departments. Each department is to provide four courses that emphasize writing proficiency. The English and Mass Communications Department is here to assist you with the preparation of these courses and help you with the development of the proper documentation of writing portfolios of your students.

B. Honorary Degree Committee Update: Dr. David Royer.

Dr. Royer reported that the committee is asking faculty to nominate candidates for Honorary Degrees. There is a form on the website to fill out and submit to the committee who will meet with the appropriate committee of the Board of Trustees.

C. Constitution Day: Dr. Safro Kwame.

Dr. Kwame announced that the Constitution Day will be held on Friday September 17, 2010 in Dickey Hall Auditorium at 11AM. It will feature a panel discussion on the following two issues: The Mosque near Ground Zero in New York City and whether the United States should grant automatic birth citizenship to children of illegal aliens.


A. Student Learning / Assessment.

The faculty expected that the following three faculty committees will be involved in addressing these issues: Assessment, Curriculum, and Educational Policies. We need to update the duties and responsibilities of each committee to insure that we are doing what we are say we are doing regarding our Academic Programs and the curriculum we are now offering by doing proper assessment. We need an effective assessment that will make the necessary changes in the curriculum we offer our students. We will need to assess the effectiveness of the core curriculum which we passed in 2005 and see what needs to be improved.

VI. Report From the Provost and Senior Vice President: Dr. Grant D. Venerable, II

Dr. Venerable reported that the Faculty will need to discuss at both the October and November faculty meetings a recommendation to the University Board of Trustees regarding the exit requirement for graduation from Lincoln University to show that we are producing graduates capable of going to graduate school or be ready to work in the work force. We need to determine what are the appropriate exit measures, such as the GRE, MCAT, Praxis II, LSAT, etc and what we will use to prove this.

Dr. Venerable also emphasized the need for us have an ad hoc Task Force on Curriculum and Educational Policies addressing how to respond to the assessment of student learner outcomes.
Dr. Venerable reported that the faculty will need to formulate a policy concerning online education in the future.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson, Faculty Secretary



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