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Faculty Meeting Minutes
April 26, 2011
Dickey Hall Auditorium
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

I. Report of the President: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson.

Dr. Nelson report consisted of 5 documents:

A. Faculty Work Schedule from April 25, 2011 through May 27, 2011

B. Title page and Table of Content page for the Program Assessment Reports and Departmental Monitoring Report for Standard 14 [Draft]

C. Academic Programs Assessment Status Sheet (Purple) [Draft]

D. Lincoln University Academic Program Status Sheet [Draft]

E. Faculty response to MSCHE Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Student Learning Document from March 2011.
The faculty expressed a concern about document D mentioning that it was not accurate regarding status of various stages listed. It was pointed out the on document C Philosophy was listed under School of Social Studies and Behavioral Studies when it belongs to the School of Humanities and Graduate Students.

II. Action Items

A. Approval of the Minutes from the April 5, 2011 Meeting.
The minutes were approved as submitted.

B. Approval of the Graduate List: Ms. Catherine Rutledge, Registrar
The registrar distributed an 8 page list of the undergraduates for May graduation. After some review and several changes to the majors by the faculty a motion was made to accept the list as submitted pending necessary corrections and changes. The faculty are requested to contact the registrar between now and commencement to make all necessary changes in person or by email.

The motion was adopted.

The faculty requested in the future that the Registrar will list double majors and the minors in the graduate list for undergraduates.

There was no formal list for May graduates for those receiving a Master Degree presented by the Registrar. A motion was made to accept those who would be graduating with a Masters degree in May as submitted to the Registrar pending necessary corrections and changes. This motion was adopted.

Professor Ali Barimani moves that Lincoln University award a Bachelor Degree in Science posthumously to Talha Ahmad Mahmud in Computer Science at the commencement. The motion was adopted.

C. Proposal for dealing with faculty petitions to the Board of Trustees: Dr. Daryl Zizwe Poe
Dr. Poe as faculty representative to the Board of Trustees expressed a concern about how the faculty should address petitions by the faculty to the Board of Trustees. This semester one member submitted a petition with 30 signatures attached to a three page letter. None of the 30 signatures were made aware of the letter in advance. Dr. Poe recommended that the faculty meet first in open transparency to discuss any issue to be address in a petition to the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Nelson informed the faculty under Bylaws of the Board of Trustees that all petitions to the Board of Trustees must go to President’s Office for presentation by the President to the Board. The non-voting representative of the faculty will be present to explain the petition at a Board of Trustees meeting.

Dr. Nelson also reminded the faculty under the Faculty By-Laws that 10% of the faculty can petition to have a called meeting of the faculty to discuss any issue.
After some discussion, the motion on the proposal to handle faculty petitions to the Board of Trustees was defeated by voice vote.

III. Announcements

Dr. Nelson announced that Bill Cosby will be the commencement speaker on Sunday May 1, 2011. He is receiving an Honorary Doctors of Laws degree.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson,
Catalog Librarian
Faculty Secretary





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