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Faculty Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2011
Dickey Hall Auditorium
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

Dr. Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM.

I. Report from the Student Government Association: Stephanie Rand, Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Ms. Rand reported that PASS (Pennsylvania Association of State Related Students) is sponsoring a rally for higher education in Harrisburg on Tuesday February 15, 2011 from 11 am to 2pm in the Main Rotunda to the State Capital Building to advocate for funding and celebrate the contributions of the state-related universities to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We will provide transportation and lunch for 80-100 students. The purpose of the rally is to encourage our state legislators to continue supporting Lincoln University and higher education in general. We hope that they would continue the University’s annual appropriation which is vital to the operation of the University.

II. Report of the President: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson

President Nelson says he supports the student effort to obtain funding for our state related universities.

This is going to be a very tough year for funding because of the expected to 3 to 5 billion dollar deficit in the Commonwealth’s budget. The majority of funding goes to Education, Health care and welfare of the state’s citizens. The state-related universities are not required to be supported by the Commonwealth. Several years ago the state supported 39 non preferred universities. Last year the Commonwealth supported only 4 state-related universities and the New Bolton Center (690 million dollars). There will be no new taxes in the upcoming fiscal year. The President will testify before both the State House and Senate Appropriation Committees on March 28, 2011.
We have received approval for $20 million dollars for the renovation of Dickey Hall. The only remaining building on campus remaining to get funding for renovation from the state is Manuel Rivero Hall.

President Nelson acknowledged all of our hard work on the assessment of student learning outcomes. Copies of report will be made available on the university’s website. The Deans will have a copy of all the program reports on the assessment of student learning outcomes available in print in their offices.

An updated written report of where we are now currently on the assessment of student learning outcomes was distributed.

Since January 1, 2011 the following has occurred:

1. Nineteen academic programs (majors) were reviewed by an external evaluator who provided summative and detailed feedback. This feedback indicated an overall lack of sufficient progress towards meeting Middle States Standard 14: Student Learning Assessment.

2. A meeting was held on January 3, 2011 with the three academic deans and the department chairs to accomplish the following:

• Provide the summary and detail analysis of the nineteen programs.
• Establish a schedule for updating and correcting deficiencies.
• Provide opportunity for the chairs and deans to interact with the external consultant.

3. The following schedule was established to work on sustaining ongoing compliance with MSCHE Standard 14:

• On January 21, 2011 Student Learning Assessment Plans for the 19 programs ready for spring 2011 assessment cycle – with at least one program from each department
• On January 21, 2011 Each department will submit to President Nelson letters signed by the department faculty certifying that the assessment plans are ready for the above 19 programs.
• Beginning immediately the department will begin to work on Student Learning Assessment plans for the remaining programs for implementation in August 2011 for the fall 2011 assessment cycle
• Once every two weeks the department faculty will meet to develop/review the above referenced Assessment plan and certify by letter to their respective dean that they have done so.
• On March 1, 2011 Draft Assessment plans under development must be submitted to their respective dean.
• On April 30, 2011 spring 2011 Student Learning Assessment reports completed for the 19 programs in the spring 2011 assessment cycle.
• On April 30, 2011 Student Learning Assessment plans for all 35(36) programs are ready for fall 2011 student assessment cycle.

4. On January 21, 2011 the following programs were certified by the academic deans that they are ready for assessment for spring 2011:

• English Liberal Arts
• Mass Communications Center of Excellence
• Masters of Human Services (MHS)
• Music Education
• Religion
• Spanish
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Early Childhood Education
• Finance
• Health & Physical Education
• Health Science
• History
• Human Services (Sociology)
• Information Technology
• Management
• MSA/Finance & Human Resources
• M.Ed./Early Childhood Education
• Political Science
• Psychology: Clinical/Counseling Psychology; Organization Psychology; and Bio-psychological Psychology.

5. The Academic Deans have been given the authority to seek and secure consultant assistance to continue updating and refining assessment activities within the departments.

6. Monitoring of assessment activities will occur as defined in Item 3.

7. Each dean has a complete paper copy and access to electronic copies of all programs identified in item 4 above for reference and assistance.

8. Faculty Assessment Committee. A complete paper copy of all programs identified in item 4 will be provided to the Faculty Assessment Committee. Electronic copies will be provided by the President’s Office as requested. The Faculty Assessment Committee should review and provide feedback as well as become familiar with what is transpiring in the student assessment process.

9. Core Curriculum/First-Year Experience, African-American Experience and Success Course Assessment. The academic deans will discuss and provide a mechanism for this assessment process.

We must submit the monitoring report due by November 1, 2011 to Middle States showing that we are meeting Standard 14 Student Learning Assessment.

We need to get this done working together as a team.

Dr. Nelson distributed a memorandum entitled: Important Faculty Communication Issues to the Faculty.

In order to provide for communication and implementation of matters relative to better faculty participation in decision making processes. I herewith establish the following:

• President’s Advisory Council on Academic Affairs.
The President’s Advisory Council on Academic Affairs will have 5 faculty members: 1 representing each of the three schools, 1 representing the graduate school, and 1 at-large representative. This will meet semi-monthly.

• Interim Director of Assessment: Dr. Renford A. B. Brevett, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Assessment shall serve as Interim Director for Assessment. We will announce a position vacancy and advertise for a Director of Assessment.

• Faculty Committees.
The faculty committees may seek input from the President as needed. Queries may come via telephone, email, written correspondence, or through the President’s Advisory Committee on Academic Affairs.

We have 90 days to work together and get things done.

There was extensive discussion about the need for outside expertise to review our reports for Student Learning Assessment. We had provided each department with a book written by an expert on this matter and will provide you with all the help and assistance you need from the outside as needed. This does not stop you from contacting on your own outside people to read your report.

The electronic copy of the Student Learning Assessment reports will be available in the Library.

III. Action Items

A. Approval of Minutes from January 18, 2011 Meeting.
The minutes were approved as submitted.

B. Report from the Faculty Committee on Nominations : Dr. Siddique

• Committee on Faculty By-Laws : Dr. Kenneth Van Dover
• Committee on Honorary Degrees: Dr. Murali Balaji
• Committee on Lectures and Recitals: Dr. Stephen McCullough

The nominations were approved.

IV. Report from the Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid Committee: Ms. Susan Pevar for Ms. Jamie Mansell.

Ms. Pevar read the following concerning an update on Department of Education Requirements:

1. That any school that evaluates Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) less often than each payment period:

a. May place a student on financial aid probation after an appeal process.
b. After probation, student must be making SAP or successfully following an academic plan.

2. The student appeal must include:

a. Why the student failed to make SAP
b. What has changed that will allow the student to make SAP at the next evaluation?

The committee will be meeting this semester to determine a template for an academic improvement plan. There will be cases when the committee can begin to fill in the plan for the student, but faculty input is necessary, particularly for major requirement. Again this is a Department of Education requirement and will be implemented this summer.

Dr. Nelson then commented that NCAA Division II rules require all students must follow the same rules and regulations. You can not waive the rules for any students especially for student athletes.

Dr. Flint requested that you have concerns about student athletics; athletic schedules, etc. please contact him by email.

V. Report from the Faculty Committee on By-Laws: Dr. Susan Safford

Dr. Safford distributed to the faculty a recommendation to be acted on at the next faculty meeting in March concerning the Faculty Committee on By-Laws. In the actual By-Laws we give the purpose, membership and where the minutes and where proposed copies are sent to. In an appendix to By-laws we will provide the duties and responsibilities, officers, frequency of meetings, reporting channels and support services.

We request each faculty committee to help us do the same for their committee so that we can act on them in the future.

VI. Grades First: Ms. Rita Myers.

We have 145 teaching faculty this term including adjuncts of which only 83 faculty have activated their accounts. We would like the entire faculty to active their accounts. Students would like the faculty to use Grades First. Ms. Myers reported that so far this semester that only 5 faculty members have filed progress reports and 19 faculty members reported absences. Student athletes are identified. There will be 2 training sessions taking place this month and that the faculty will be notified of the training by email. If you use Grades First the students feel that you care about them if you report their progress and absences.

VII. Educational Policies Committee: Dr. James DeBoy

Dr. Jim DeBoy proposed that the 2 hour delay will mean that all classes scheduled prior to 10 AM will be cancelled and all classes will start at 10 AM Monday thru Friday. The motion was approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson, Faculty Secretary




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