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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 8, 2009
Dickey Hall Auditorium

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:10 PM in Dickey Hall Auditorium.

President’s Report:  Dr. Ivory C. Nelson

President Nelson welcomed us to our first faculty meeting of the academic year.  This semester has been off to a very difficult start because of displacement due to opening the new science building.  It will take time and patience.  Certificate of occupancy normally means that 5 to 10% of the work remains to be done.  It could take at least a year and half to adjust to this move. We need to get into the building for this semester so we can get Grim and Wright Halls ready for their renovations.

Swine flu is the talk of the town.  There have been no cases on campus so far.  We have to order sanitizers.  We are asking the faculty to place your handouts, readings and lectures on WebCT.  Those who are familiar with WebCT please assist your colleagues who are not.  Dr. Siddique reminded us to take our vitamins, primarily vitamin D. There was a flyer email out to remind people the importance of washing their hands regularly. Dr. Willis asked that housekeeping staff keep the soap dispensers in the bathrooms filled.

Dr. Nelson reported that he saw the results of the faculty survey on Academic Excellence.  Fifty-nine faculty members have participated so far.  Those who have not, please contact Dr. Kwame.

He also reported that the budget situation has not be settled yet because the failure of the legislature to pass a state budget.  We do have sufficient credit to stay in operation but we will need to be careful with the money borrowed.  Non-passage of the budget has an impact on the construction projects on campus such as the library and the renovations of Wright and Grim halls by delaying them.  The state needs to sell bonds to raise the funds to proceed on these projects.  Dr. Nelson has already received the request for the upcoming fiscal year from the Commonwealth.

Action items:

A.) Minutes of the April 28 meeting were approved as submitted.

B.) Recommendations from the Nominations Committee: Dr. Lennell Dade.

Dr. Dade presented the following slate for the faculty standing committees as follows:

Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid: Susan Pevar

Assessment: Joanne DeBoy and Admasu Tucho

Athletics: Albert Bryson

Curriculum: Sally Wagner and William Garcia

Educational Policies: Lennell Dade and Frank Worts

Faculty By-Laws: Susan Safford

Faculty Development: Kaukab Siddique and Ranjan Naik

Graduate Studies Committee: Carol George

Honorary Degrees: David Royer and Eric Watson

Honors and Awards: Amar Tung

Judicial: Mahinder Chopra

Juridical Review: Ebony Roper

Library: K. R. Bhat

Promotion, Tenure and Severance: Robert Millette 

Religious Activities: Elizabeth Pitt

Research and Publications: Abbes Maazaoui and Virginia Smith

Student Health and Welfare: Yvonne Hilton

Technology: Denise Gaither-Hardy and Mazharul Huq

Writing: Elizabeth Sieminski, Jason Esters, and Marilyn Button

Parliamentarian: Dana Flint

The nominations committee also recommended the election of Ms. Takeyce Whittingham to replace Dr. Conteh on the Athletics Committee.   

Tracey Hunter Hayes nominated Albert Bryson to continue as Faculty Secretary for one year.

The recommendations of the Nominations Committee were approved by the faculty.
The person listed first on each committee will convene the first meeting of the committee.  The standing committee list will be out soon from the Office of Academic Affairs.
C.) Curriculum Committee: Dr. Robert Langley brought two proposals for action:

1. Proposal for a Multi-Track English Liberal Art Major prepared by Dr. Van Dover.  The
proposal provides for 3 tracks: Literature, Pre-Law and Rhetoric and Composition. 

Dr. Nelson brought up the concern that we graduated 16 graduates over the past 5 years in English Liberal Arts. We are taking initiatives to improve the program to make it more attractive to our students   Dr. Marilyn Button and Dean Gladys Willis reported that they are adding outside electives to the program.  We are adding the Pre-law to the English Liberal program to take advantage of the existing program.  Dr. Van Dover reported that we will need to create two new courses in Composition and Rhetoric which will have a dual purpose of assisting in meeting the University requirement for writing.   

This proposal was approved by the faculty.

2. Change MUS 203 Music Literature and Styles I and MUS 303 Music Literature and Styles II from three credits to two credits hours.  Dr. Langley reported that the Music and Performing Arts faculty recommended the change to fit the University requirement of 120 to 124 hours for graduation. 

Dr. Nelson asked what changes will be made to these courses to make them 2 credit hour courses.  Since none of the music faculty were present at this meeting to answer this question Mr. Bryson moved to table this motion to the next meeting.  This motion was seconded by Dr. Gaither-Hardy. The faculty approved the motion to table.

Discussion Items:

A.) TLE Blog: Dr. Linda Stine and Ms. Nancy Evans presented the Teaching Matters Blog on the TLE site on the University website.  We will be having guest bloggers and everyone will comment on that issue.  We can log on each week to see the topic of week. Dr. Stine wrote the first blog entry on technology in the classroom.

B.) Academic Excellence: Dr. Safro Kwame.  Dr. Kwame presented the results of the survey on Academic Excellence conducted at the faculty conference.  On some questions the faculty gives more than one answer to the question.  There will also be a forum on Academic Excellence on Tuesday September 22, 2009.  See attachment for the complete survey results.

C.) Constitution Day: Dr. Safro Kwame.  A flyer was distributed about the public forum on the U.S. Constitution and Citizenship on Thursday September 17, 2009 from 4 to 6 PM in Dickey Hall Auditorium. The topic for the forum is: The U.S. Constitution and Citizenship, and the election of Baraka Obama.  The panelists are: The Preamble by Dr. Nicole Stephens; Freedom of Religion by Dr. Chieke E. Iheririka; and The right to vote by Dr. Lennell Dade.

There will also be a program at the Graduate Center on Saturday September 19, 2009 under the supervision of Dr. Szabi Ishtai-Zee and Dr. Frank Worts. They will be discussing the U.S. Constitution using system theory.

D.) Grade Change Policy: Dr. Grant Venerable.  Dr. Venerable distributed a handout from the University Bulletin giving Student Academic Grievance Procedure; Student Non-Academic Grievance Procedure; Academic Advising, Declaring a Major and selection of courses, and General Academic Regulations.

Class attendance policy is in effect as of today.  Under this policy four absences will be an automatic F in the course.

He also distributed a handout about The Faculty Resource Network at New York University Winter seminars to be held in Puerto Rico the week of January 11-15, 2010.

E.) Academic Excellence Expectations of Faculty: Dr. Grant Venerable.

The title of Dr. Venerable presentation to the faculty is: “Translating meaning and dualism into outstanding national ranking for the academic programs of Lincoln University.”  This is a sequel to his address given at the Faculty Conference.  The complete text of this address is available on the Academic Affairs website in the area under Faculty addresses.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary




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