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Faculty Meeting
February 2, 2010

President Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:05
in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Student Center Building.

President’s Report: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson

The President reported that we have finally received our state appropriation and have paid several significant bills. We have managed with your help over the past six months without having to touch our line of credit.

We continue our reshaping and implementing the new initiatives. Change will cause anxiety and difficulties. It is also affecting institutions of higher education outside of Lincoln University. Colleges and universities all over the country look over themselves and facing the new reality that is affecting them. I am looking at what happening at Grambling and Southern Universities in Louisiana. All universities in Louisiana are required to raise their academic standards by act of the Louisiana legislature. In the state universities the admission requirement of 940+ SAT score and allows taking one developmental course per semester. They have to change the core curricular requirements. Cheyney University is now giving a full scholarship to any student with 900+ SAT score. As we are going to the top we are in a race with our competitors in higher education. Lincoln wants to be the first among the HBCU’s so we need to adapt ourselves and lead the way. We need to teach our students with the latest technologies which they are familiar with.

Construction projects have been delayed for the time being because of environmental concerns relating to high ground water levels at Lincoln which require a special permit from the appropriate environmental agency.

We welcome Rev. Frederick Faison as the new chaplain for the university.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost: Dr. Grant Venerable

The faculty has achieved a lot in the last semester. Among the achievements is the completion of a draft of the assessment monitoring report for Middle States under the leadership of Dr. Aubrey. Dr. Venerable has prepared for the Board of Trustees a 12 page outline of this report. We are able to engage in systematic assessment of all the activities in the classroom as well as outside of it. Assessment findings will be used to improve both academic and co-curricular activities. The report goes back to 2006/07 academic year. It is now systematic and proves that we have been doing assessment, but we were unable to report these previously in a systematic way. You will have available online the complete report soon for your examination. The interim reports from all departments are coming in now and we should be able to show systematic assessment of these by March, 2010. The package going to Middle States in April, 2010 will total around 200 pages. We will provide a sample of the interim assessment and will ship the annual assessment to them later when it is compiled.

Assessment is the engine of our mission. The Trustees are in the process of updating the mission so that we will produce graduates who will be graduate school ready. We will make effective use of the TLE program to improve ourselves academically and create the exemplary classroom and environment to produce quality graduates. We are now on our way to get a better quality of students being admitted to the university. We need to admit 1200 students with over 900+ SAT score in order to get 300 to accept coming to Lincoln. We now have 38 majors with 30 minors, and 8 teacher certification programs. We need to get academic advising going in the departments and eliminate all deviations. We have started the early alert monitoring program with great success. We will carefully review the student disciplinary processes so that the students can continue going to classes while disciplining them for unacceptable outside activities instead of suspending them. We will start the summer bridge program beginning July 2010 under the leadership of Dean Thomas which will offer 3 success courses per student.

Some of the faculty brought up their concerns that some students are not financially cleared to start taking classes until two to three weeks in the semester. We need to find a way to allow students to take classes while waiting for financial clearance.

A handout regarding tutoring services available to our students was distributed.

Action Item

The minutes of the January faculty meeting were approved as submitted.

Discussion Items

A. Class Attendance Rosters: Dr. Sally Monsilovich

We received the class attendance rosters on January 13, 2010 and registration was still going through January 16, 2010. So when do we turn in these rosters to the registrar?

Dean Briggs reported that students with a financial balance owed over $9,000 were not financially cleared this semester. They need to work some arrangements to get this bill paid. The students will not be able to come back in September until they get under $2,500. Dean Briggs also reported that students need to also submit their health report including immunizations and that the immunizations needed were available at the health services. Students were not allowed to go to class if they failed to submit this health report.

Dr. Jim DeBoy asked if would be possible to preregister in March for the fall semester for students who have financial difficulties paying their bills.

Dr. Button asked about the hardship placed on the students. Dean Briggs reported that students who were not financially clear by end of registration period were requested to leave.

B. Faculty Forum: Dr. Melvin Leaman

The forum on January 25 was a discussion of academic excellence using the film The Great Debaters to guide our discussion. What do we consider to be an A grade? We will discuss the suspension process and address this issue in the future.

There are some items that need to be address by the faculty in the faculty forums.

The next forum will be on Monday February 15, 2010 with Bishop David Evans, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at 4 PM here in the Multi-Purpose Room.


A. Dr. Millette: Undergraduate Social Research Conference: April 15, 2010.

B. Dr. Richards: International Business Conference at the International Cultural Center: Friday March 12, 2010 from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM. This conference is in partnership with Wharton School and Fox School of Business at Temple.

C. Dr. George: Thurgood Marshall College Fund is sponsoring Teacher Quality and Retention Institute (TQRI) here at Lincoln University from July 7 through July 11, 2010.

D. Dr. Flint brought up a concern that the recent University calendar change regarding the Winter Break has on our student athletics. They will now have to compete in athletic events during Midterm exams.

E. State Representative Tom Houghton will be having a Town Hall Meeting in Dickey Hall Auditorium on Thursday, February 4 at 6:30 PM.

F. Michael Young will be here on March 16, for a program on entrepreneurship.

Respectfully submitted,
Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary


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