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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday January 12, 2010

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:05PM in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Student Union Building.

President’s Report: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson

Dr. Nelson welcomed us back for the new semester and year 2010.

There will be memo coming out soon from Dr. Venerable and Dean Briggs of the improvements done over the winter break, including the new 24/7 computer labs in Dickey Hall and new Science Building lab which will be open to 10 PM. A concern about the lack of paper in the labs was brought up. This problem will be addressed.

Dr. Nelson reported that the state appropriation for the current fiscal year for Lincoln University has finally passed the legislature, but we have not received the funds. We are getting 13.6 million plus .8 million from the federal stimulus to make up last year’s cut by the state. We are still in good shape financially and have not touched the credit line.

The president distributed the following:

A. “Advance to the Top” Diagram

B. Resolution 193: Establishing the Number of Credits for Graduation in any undergraduate program

C. Resolution 219: Establishing curriculum structure for Undergraduate Programs

D. Resolution 196: Reading Examination Requirement prior to graduating from Lincoln University

E. Resolution 190: Writing Examination and Intensive Writing course requirement prior to graduating from Lincoln University

F. Resolution 194: Establishing a 4.00 Grading System and raising requirement for Graduation with Honors

G. Resolution 195: Establishing the Board of Trustees Distinguished Faculty Awards

H. Number of Students graduated with honors from 1967 to 2009

I. Implementation Tools

J. Description of GradesFirst

Dr. Nelson informed the faculty that we need to put into operation the policies that were approved by the Board of Trustees resolutions as listed in items B-F. Dr. Nelson discussed the Advance to the top diagram. When fully implemented we should be able to improve the six year graduation rate.

Dr. Venerable distributed a blue handout giving Academic Departments and Programs Majors and Minors. If there are any changes please contact your Academic Dean. There are no problems with the graduate programs. It was pointed out there are emphasis areas instead of concentrations now in academic programs. Please use the proper term in the future.


A. December graduates: Faculty approved the list of December graduates as submitted by the Registrar. If there are to be any changes see Dr. Brevitt.

B. Approval of Faculty Minutes.

The revised and corrected minutes of the December 4, 2009 faculty meeting were approved with the following correction: Strike (junior year) after Art 420 Layout and Typography Graphic Arts III: 3 hr credit course.

Dr. Royer thought that we had already approved the new courses as well as the program for the Pre-Nursing Program. Mr. Bryson replied that he was not sure that the syllabi were provided for all the new courses available on the Academic Affairs website. Dr. Royer will check into this.

C. Nominations Committee: Dr. Dade reported that the Nominations Committee recommends Professor Denise Gaither-Hardy as the new representative for School of Social and Behavioral Science on the Nominations Committee. Dr. Bradt nominated Professor Chieke Ihejirika. On voice vote Dr. Gaither Hardy was elected.


A. Director of TLE:
Dr. Venerable.

Dr. Venerable requested that the faculty within the next week recommend possible candidates for the Coordinator/Director of the TLE (Teaching, Learning, Enhancement) Program.

B. Committee on Academic Excellence (Attendance, Retention and Early Alert Referral Program): Dr. Anna Hall.

Dr. Hull distributed a handout regarding the Early Alert Referral Program provided by the Office of Student Support Services and the referral form which faculty need to fill out when requesting assistance. The purpose of this program is to catch students having academic difficulties early in the semester, especially first term freshmen. The faculty could get the form at two locations: Student Support Services’ webpage and the Registrar’s webpage.

This is one tool we the faculty can use to help with the retention of our students. You can use this as a tool to assist with students who are having academic difficulties. The Registrar’s Office will provide you a roster of students in all your classes which you will report students who are having problems with attendance and also voluntarily give an early grade in the course for the students.

Student Support Services headed by Rita Myers will contact the student to come in and discuss the problem with them. They will make several attempts to contact the student to interact with them.

The faculty still can discuss the problem with the student them self first before doing this. Intervention is crucial. The more students attend class the better they do. This is a monitoring program which is a good first step.

Several faculty members pointed out that we need a much broader retention program on campus. The President reported that he has put $400,000 financially from private gifts to help keep students in school. We also use some of the Title III funds as well. We are doing everything we can to help keep these students in school.

The most critical group on campus regarding retention are the first time freshmen based upon our assessment studies so far according to Dr. Brevitt. A key measure is pre-registration for the second semester.

C. Faculty Forums: Dr. Melvin Leaman

He distributed a handout which reported on the faculty forums during the fall 2009 semester. The next scheduled forum will be on Monday January 25, 2010 on academic excellence. We will use the film: “The Great Debaters” to help guide our discussion. The film will be shown several times in the SUB Cinema Room. There will be another forum meeting with Bishop Evans in February, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary


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1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \
(484) 365-8000
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