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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday December 3, 2008

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in Room 212, Little Theatre, Student Union Building.
President’s Report:
The President requested that the faculty change the date of the January faculty meeting from January 6 to January 13, 2009.  The request was approved. The students will return on January 11, 2009 with classes starting on January 14, 2009.
Lincoln University is still watching the financial situation very carefully.  At the cabinet level we are dealing with what if and what we would do in the future regarding the financial condition of the university. Right now in discussions with Student Affairs, student enrollment will not be effected for the Spring Semester: the primary difficulty for the Spring Semester ahead lie with loans to parents seeking plus loans to meet the education needs of their children attending college, especially for out-of-state students.  The earliest significant impact would come with the fall semester beginning in August 2009.  How would we manage student payments? We have allowed students that owed the university $2500 or less to move forward to do things and applying appropriate pressure to collect the funds due us over the semester.  It allows working effectively financially and academically.  We might have to raise that level beginning in August for the fall semester.  We allowed students to register for rooms in the dorms and to register for classes in March.  We need a minimum of 1200 students to proceed.  If that number is 800 to 900 students registered, we might need to raise that amount.  Right now it is $2500 or less. To move forward we might need to increase the level as high as $5000. A decision could be made as early as February 2009.
Action Items:
A.) Graduation list

Standing motion to approve the potential December 2008 graduation lists for the undergraduate and Masters Degrees were approved.      
B.) Minutes of the November 3, 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.
C.) Recommendations from the Curriculum Committee: Dr. Alvin Amos
·       BIO412 Neuroscience
·       BIO472 Neuroscience Laboratory
The courses were approved by the faculty.
D.)  Educational Policies Committee: Dr. James DeBoy    
The committee recommended the following action item for the faculty dealing with the Minor:
Effective January 2009 semester, students will be permitted a maximum of one (1) C- grade for the academic Minor; all other required courses for the minor must be passed with at least C. (Grades of D, D+, C- earned in the Minor classes prior to the spring semester are acceptable).
The President asked that we delay the effective date to Fall 2009 semester beginning in August 2009 because of implementation problems starting in the middle of academic year.  Mr. Bryson moved to change the effective date to fall 2009 semester and (Grades of D, D+, C- earned in the Minor classes prior to the fall 2009 semester are acceptable).  The amendment was accepted by the sponsor as a friendly amendment.  
Dr. Dade asked about the overall G.P.A.  Dr. DeBoy reported that the committee has not looked at that issue.
The motion was adopted with 1 Nay and 3 Abstain.
Following items were supplied as informational from the Educational Policies Committee:

  • The academic audit sheet (Core Curriculum) has been revised to reflect the changes to the core.  Hard copies of the core curriculum will be available in January 2009 and that electronic versions will be explored.

  • All Humanities core offerings (ART/MUS/REL/PHL) will have the same numerical ID: 200 for purposes of identifying them as core.

  • Discussions are underway regarding re-numbering all developmental courses (EDU 100. 101, 102; ENG 100, 101; MAT 103, 104) with course numbers 097-099 to reflect the fact that none count towards the graduation 120 credits.

  • Discussion of an electronic degree audit sheets are on-hold (until all academic departments identify all required classes [and their substitutes]).

  • A plan to have students register themselves is also on-hold (until the academic audit sheet is identified and incorporated in Web Advisor). Additiona1ly, all pre-requisites for upper level courses must be in place.

  • Faculty has shared some ‘glitches” (suggested improvements) with regard to Web Advisor.

  • Final grades can be submitted on-line; Registrar will send out verification.

  • The Bulletin is in need of a dedicated editor/manager (hard cover and electronic).  The hard copy expired in 2006.

The discussion on the core curriculum audit sheet proceeded.  Mr. Chapp pointed out that Oral Communications was omitted. It was also brought up that the sheet needs to indicate the options of foreign language or computer science and Academic enrichment requirement should be listed as part of the core curriculum requirements.   
We need to have one audit sheet with the core curriculum, Major and Minor requirements and 2 free electives (6 credit hours). That is done currently by the Department chairs.  
Every department will have an academic advising with all the requirements for the majors and minors (8 semester sheet).
Educational Policies Committee would need to come up with the model or template for the whole thing (a profile).  If we have 35 majors we would need 35 templates for each major.  We need this before we do the degree audit at the time of graduation. Students could come to the Registrar’s Office and obtain one sheet for their major.  The University needs one audit sheet that shows the total graduation requirement of 120 to 124 hours. The registrar shows the completion of the core curriculum and the departments would approve the major and the minor.    We would do this so students are not confused on what they need to do. We need to implement a degree audit system to show what I need to do to complete my major.
Advising would become much easier once this is done.   
E.)  Ratification vote on Composition of the Faculty Committee on Athletics.  
Because of confusion about the vote at the November faculty meeting concerning the action of the faculty on the composition of the Faculty Committee on Athletics because we might not have sufficient quorum of the faculty present.
Dr. Dade called for a quorum.  Dr. Safford mentioned that we actually need to have 55 as the quorum if we count the Deans.  We would do it at the next meeting so that the vote on this question is legal.  We will announce at the January 13, 2009 meeting what the quorum actually is and vote on ratification at that meeting.
Discussion Items
A.)  Excusing Student Athletics representing the University at away games: Dr. Maria Poza.  She will report on this at the January faculty meeting.
A.)  Dr. Safford announced that the Nominations Committee would name a new member of the Nominations Committee to replace her from the Division of Natural Sciences at the January faculty meeting. If anyone from that division is interested in serving on the Nominating Committee please email her at We would need to have a quorum present to vote on Nominations Committee report at the January meeting.
Dr. Poe, the chair of the Faculty By-laws Committee announced that according to the Faculty By-Laws a quorum is needed at all faculty meetings to consider any future changes to the Faculty By-Laws. We need to have faculty participation in shared governance of the University.
Dr. Safford pointed out that Robert’s Rules of Order require all action items actually need a quorum.  Votes that don’t have a quorum do not have a legal standing.  Fortunately for us, if there is no quorum call, the action of faculty is legal.  
How do we need to get a legal quorum to conduct business at faculty meetings?  At the Board of Trustees the quorum is 12 for a board of 39 members.  We need to consider changing the quorum requirement to legally conduct business.  We will discuss this further at the January faculty meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary


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