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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday October 7, 2008
Dickey Hall Auditorium

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM in Dickey Hall Auditorium.

President’s Report:

Since our last faculty meeting, there have been significant events in the credit and financial markets that have impacted us all.  We now live in a different world and different times.  Bear-Stearns and Lehmann Brothers have gone out of business and AIG has been bailed out by the federal government.  As it relates to Lincoln University that we have been affected so far but we have not been hurt presently. We are unable to find a place now to put our available cash short term that can earn us some interest. Student loan market has dried up. Financial aid for our students was very difficult. Getting student loans is hard especially for the families of student out of state. Availability of credit is very limited.  Release of funds for new construction has not been approved.  The tough part is that the governor has ordered a 4.25% cutback on the funds available to all the state related schools because of the state budget deficit.  This will most likely cost Lincoln 1.3 million dollars of our appropriation this year. The President has encouraged us to conserve where we can and that there has been a job freeze instituted except for those positions which we can justified.   

The President talked about two documents which he had distributed: Plan for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Assessment and job description for the Director of Academic Assessment and Learning.  Put together after discussions in early faculty meetings and discussions with faculty. A Search
Committee composed of faculty members will be appointed by Dr. Venerable to find the Director.

Action Items:

A.  Minutes of the September 2, 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.

B. Report of the Nominations Committee: Dr. Lennell Dade

Dr. Dade presented the following slate for the vacancies on five of the Standing Committees:
Athletics:  Denise Gaither-Hardy will replace Henry Johnson for a two year term.
Juridical Review: Susan Safford will replace Reginald Myrick for a three year term.
Lectures and Recitals: Elizabeth Pitt will replace Timothy Niiler for a two-year term.
Research and Publications: Takeyce Whittingham will replace Joseph McIllhenney for a one year term.
Writing: Susan Chikwem will replace Joseph McIllhenney for a one year term.

President asked are there any other nominations for these committees?  There were none.

The slate was approved.


Dr. Babatunde brought up a concern that the Nominations Committee membership was dominated with faculty who are active with the faculty union and that we need more balance on that committee.  The Nominations Committee is composed of three faculty with one representative from each school.  Nominees for this committee should be open and free from union influence.  Under the collective bargaining agreement all members of the faculty are members of the union whether they are active or not.  We will nominate a new member for that committee in January 2009.  We will nominate a new representative from the School of Natural Sciences at that time.  Dr. Siddique brought a concern that last year the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences presented a slate of candidates for faculty standing committees.  He was assured that was a one time occurrence.

Some faculty brought up a concern that the membership of faculty committees on the website is still last years.  We need to know who is serving on faculty committees so that we can start working on committees.  The faculty secretary will send an updated list of all faculty committees to Dr. Venerable Office.

Dr. Amos reported that there is a vacancy on the Curriculum Committee.  Dr. Dade replied that the Nominations Committee was not aware of that particular vacancy. Nomination will come from the nomination committee at the next meeting.

Nancy Evans reported that some of the committees have not met so far.  Dr. Flint reported that under Article 5.02 that new composition of faculty standing committees starts the first day of the Academic Year. 

Dr. Dade most committees do not meet until we received student names from the SGA for most committees.

The faculty can direct the committee on Nominations on the procedures to follow.  Dr. Flint said that we must insure balance on standing committees at the time of election.

You need to contact the faculty secretary who should have the update composition of the standing committees.  The minutes are located in the Office of Academic Affairs and on the website.  

C. Minimum Grade in the Minor: Dr. David Royer 

He reported that students with D grades in the minor still applied toward their minor.  There is no written policy concerning D’s in the minor. In the Major grades with C- and higher can applied toward the major.  He recommended that the Committee on Educational Policies come up with a complete grade policy concerning the minor.  The faculty agreed to refer this to the Committee on Educational Policies.  The policy now is that students with Ds in the minor that grade are now acceptable towards the minor.

Discussion Items:

A.  Report from the Faculty Athletics Committee: Dr. Maria Posa.

Dr. Poza recommended on the behalf of the Faculty Athletic Committee recommended the following By-Laws change regarding the composition of the Faculty Athletics Committee. 

Under the faculty By-Laws the current composition of the committee is: Director of Athletics, three members elected by the faculty and three students. 

Since then Lincoln University has upgraded to NCAA Division II. We will be evaluated by the NCAA Division II next year including the Faculty Athletics Committee.  This is the best practice.  This is urgent and need to be done according to NCAA Division II.  Certain requirements must be met.

The new composition of the Faculty Athletics Committee shall be composed of four members of faculty (three elected at large and Faculty Athletics Representative appointed by the President), two student-athlete academic advisors appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, three students (one male athlete, one female athlete appointed by SAAC and one student appointed by the SGA), Director of Athletics, and the Senior Women Administrator in the Athletics Department.

The Athletics Committee recommended the following timeline for course of action:  That the Faculty By-laws Committee recommend the change in composition of the committee individually as an urgent matter and present it for vote by the faculty at the next faculty meeting in November.  The President will then present it to the Board of Trustees for their approval at the November Board of Trustees Meeting as an individual change in the Faculty By-laws.

Neal Carlson suggested that we change the date of the faculty meeting because November 4 is Election Day.  It was agreed that the November faculty meeting will be on Monday November 3, 2008.

Dr. Poza then introduced Dianthia Ford-Kee the Athletic Director who introduced the Athletic Department Staff to the faculty.

Dr. Nelson presented a handout that show that our student athletics did better than rest of students regarding the SAT scores of the incoming students in 2008.  Dr. Nelson also reminded us of the weekly emails regarding student athletics excused from classes because of athletic competitions.  They are students first before they are athletics. They are working very hard to insure that our student athletics keep their academic performance up.

Dr. Nelson reported that we have more fans present at the game with Bowie State in Baltimore and that we are expecting a large turnout for the Homecoming game on October 18, 2008.

Dr. Babatunde asked why the President appoints the Faculty Athletic Representative. Under the regulations of the NCAA Division Two the President is require to make the appointment.

A concern was brought up about having the Athletic competitions during Mid-Terms and Final weeks.  Ms. Ford-Kee reported that this would be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Athletic Directors of the CIAA and a new strategy regarding scheduling of athletic competition.  Dr. Flint we need a new three year calendar from the registrar.         

B. Student Evaluations: Dr. David Royer.

He reported that the faculty encouraged our students to fill out the back of student evaluations with comments.  Last spring the Faculty voted that student evaluations with comments should be return to the faculty.  We need these forms with comments back so that we can improve way we teach.  Dr. Nelson replied that Dr. Brevett would be made aware of this.

C. National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE): Dr. Joanne DeBoy.

Dr. DeBoy reported that five members of Education Dept. went to NCATE Conference recently. While there we learned that we need to work with all seven departments that are associated with teacher certification on campus to make sure that must meet the accreditation standards for their area regarding teacher certification and Pennsylvania State Department of Education.  This is a full university activity.


1.  Lincoln University is now a test site four times a year for LSAT exam (Law School Admission).

2. Homecoming Week activities starts on Sunday October 12.

3.  United Way Campaign: Dr. Melvin Leaman.  Last year faculty and staff donated $1500.  He is no longer on the Board for the Southern Chester County United Way and they raised over a million dollars last year to support local charities. Forms for donation are available in the back. Please turn them in to De. Leaman by October 31, 2008.  Please support the United Way, if possible.

4.  Charisse Carney-Nunes, a Lincoln University graduate, class of 1988 is speaking to the Forensic Society on Thursday October 23, 2008.

5.  Forensic Society is sponsoring the first annual Melvin B. Tolson Lincoln-Douglas Debate Competition on Saturday November 8, 2008. Debate topic: “Resolved: that HBCU’s should be abolished?” 

6.  Performing Arts Faculty Recital on Tuesday October 21, 2008 at 7 PM Ware Center Theatre.

7.  Dean John Chikwem reminded everyone of two emails from the Department concerning activities that were sponsoring: Cancer workshop and the science fair on Saturday October 11, 2008.

8. Susan Pevar reported on activities associated with the exhibit: Abraham Lincoln: Forever Free in the library modular.  She reported that opening speech featuring Dr. James Oliver Horton on October 2, 2008 was well attended.  There is a small exhibit on items associated with this theme from our Special Collections on display in the Ware Center prepared by Dr. Chapp.  She had two handouts regarding supplementary events with this exhibit.  First is a presentation by Jody B. Cutler, Associate Professor of Art on Tuesday October 14, 2008: “African American Patriotism and the Visual Record: the Civil War Era through Reconstruction.  There would be five-part showing of the PBS television series: “Slavery and the Making of America” in Ware Theatre on Mondays.

9.  Dr. Nelson announced that there are now 24 smart boards at the Urban Center and contact Ms. Ashley Gayle about academic accolades concerning faculty and students academic achievements.

10.  Mr. Tracey Hunter Hayes announced that there would be extended hours this week in the Library to 2:00 AM for midterm studies.

11.  Nancy Kenner from the Academic Advising Center brought up two concerns regarding comments made at the September faculty meeting minutes. There were some comments she would like to respond to.  The first concern was over the Academic Advising Handbook should be updated.  She was not aware what was being discussed.   Every advising tool has been updated.  The second concern was over training regarding Academic Advising by the faculty.

There is a concern concerning the split advising.  She reported that she is willing to work with faculty to improve the quality of academic advising.  Academic Advising handbook and the freshmen advisor book have been updated and are now current. These will be distributed to the faculty. She also announced that Dr. Susan Chikwem is the Assistant Director of the Academic Advising Center. She would be working with the departments concerning the swift transfer of academic advising to the departments and the influx of student advisees.   

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary



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