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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday April 28, 2009

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM in Cinema Room, Student Union Building.
President’s Report:  Dr. Ivory C. Nelson
Lincoln University has successfully survived a very difficult year: the 2008/09 academic year, our 155th year.  It has been an amazing year. Thank you for all you have done with our students.
We have been discussing among ourselves questions such as: “What is academic excellence? What is Lincoln’s academic reputation? We need to openly discuss what we want Lincoln University to be. Among the issues we need to discuss are: (1) what kind of student do we want to attract to Lincoln University; and (2) what programs and services should we off to them? Next year let’s us have a debate and talk about this. Dr. Kwame Safro will lead the discussion with 4 to 5 of your colleagues to plan a program to guide the discussion about the academic qualities of Lincoln University. Dr. Dade proposed that we discuss this at the faculty retreat in August.
We are still working on the budget for 2009/2010 academic year.  At the June Board of Trustees meeting the agenda will include: Promotion and Tenure, Academic Budget and Disclosure.
The faculty in Wright and Grim Hall should start packing up to move their stuff to new facilities.  We will renovate these two halls beginning in the fall. We will move all the science faculty to the new science building by August and Psychology Department will be moved into Dickey Hall.
Based on weather forecasts, Graduation on Sunday May 3 would likely be held in the Gym.
Dr. Flint asked why Nominations for faculty committees was not on the agenda. The reason was that the Committee on Nominations had failed to bring the slate to the faculty meeting on April 7 as required by the Faculty Bylaws. The vote will take place at the September faculty meeting.

Action items:

A.) Minutes of the April 7 meeting were approved as submitted.
B.)  Curriculum Committee: Dr. Robert Langley brought two proposals for action:
     1. Proposal for a Multi-Track English Liberal Art Major
     2. Change MUS203 and MUS303 from three credit hours to two credit hour courses.
It was agreed to postpone these two items for action at the September faculty meeting so that these proposals could be posted on the web for faculty to study.
C.)  Approval of the 2009 Graduation List: Ms. Thelma Ross, Acting Registrar
Two lists were distributed for the faculty to examine: Undergraduate and Master Programs.
The lists were approved, subject to all the necessary corrections.
December graduates will appear in the printed commence programs.
A.)  Dr. Byrum is leaving us after nine years of service.  He will be going to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia as Vice President of Student Services.
B.) The University has received approximately 7000 applications for admission which is over two thousand more than last year.  The Freshman class size is 550 students because our retention rate is up.
Respectfully submitted,
Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary

Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \
(484) 365-8000
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