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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday April 7, 2009

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. in Dickey Hall Auditorium.

President’s Report:  Dr. Ivory C. Nelson

Dr. Nelson reminded the students present that they were here to observe only and only faculty will be allowed to participate in the discussion.  Dr. Nelson will need to leave at 5 PM to participate in a teleconference with one of the Board of Trustees Committees.  The Board will meet on Saturday April 18, 2009.      

Dr. Nelson distributed two reports that were presented at the Governor’s Conference in State College two weeks ago:

1. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: an overview of postsecondary resources by Kate Shaw, Deputy Secretary, Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education.

2. What works: programs and interventions for under-prepared and low-income students by Dr. Robert D. Reason, Wil Del Pilar and Joan Pecht, the Pennsylvania State University.

Ms. Shaw is a member of the Lincoln University Board of Trustees.  The first report is an explanation of the impact of the economic stimulus program on higher education in Pennsylvania. There is a lot of information in the news as it relates to the economic stimulus program. Unfortunately, there is not any understanding of the issue and its impact on the overall economy.  There are assumptions because of the economic stimulus package that all is well. That is far from being true. One of the biggest misunderstandings is the interpretation of the Governor’s announcement regarding the 44 million dollars coming to the state-related institutions.  The only money we received in the stimulus package is recovery of the money affecting the 6% cuts in our budget appropriation from the state.  There are no new additional dollars for the state-related institutions.  There are other charts showing other multiple sources of additional funding available under this Act.

The second report is a second presentation made at the Governor’s Conference.  Dr. Nelson wished that this had been done by faculty here at Lincoln or Cheney who have experience and great expertise with these kinds of students. It was a relevant document and provides the faculty with this information.

Action items:

A.) Minutes of the March 3 meeting were approved as submitted.

B.)  Recommendations from the Educational Policies Committee: Dr. James DeBoy

Dr. DeBoy presented the faculty with four motions for faculty to act upon concerning a very important issue that we the faculty need to discuss concerning the impact of developmental courses toward graduation credit.  The dilemma facing the faculty today is the impact of the faculty revision of the core curriculum and graduation requirements in 2005.  University Board of Trustees cap the number of graduation requirements at 124 credits and this took effect in the fall of 2006.  In January 2009 all developmental courses were removed as graduation credit except for the seniors graduating in May 2009.  The faculty and administration together failed to provide proper and adequate notice to the students that developmental courses do not apply to the number of credit hours required for graduation.  Therefore, the Educational Policies Committee makes the first three motions addressing this urgent issue.   All university publications, especially advising handbook and the University catalog will be updated to reflect the action of the faculty today,

Motion 1: Retain previous system whereby EDU 100, ENG 100-101, MAT 103-104 are credited toward graduation requirement of 120 hours for Class of 2010 (applied to those students who entered the University in fall 2006).  The motion was approved with one abstention.

Motion 2: Allows EDU 101, ENG 101, MAT 104 to be credited toward the graduation requirement of 120 hours for the class of 2011 (applies to those students who entered the University in fall 2007).  The motion was approved. With the adoption of this motion ENG 100 and MAT 103 joins the ranks of EDU 100 and EDU 102 as not counting toward graduation.

Motion 3: Does not allow any development course as classified in the fall of 2006 as a developmental course  (ENG100-101, EDU 100,101, and 102, MAT 103-104) to count as credit toward graduation requirement of 120 hours for the Class of 2012 and beyond (applies to those students who entered the University in fall 2008 and later).  This motion was approved.

Motion 4:  Re-number EDU and MAT developmental classes as follows effective the fall 2009:

 EDU 100 … EDU 097
 EDU 101 … EDU 098
 MAT 103 … MAT 098
 MAT 104 … MAT 099

This motion was adopted.  English developmental courses were renumbered in February 2009.

We are not renumbering EDU 102 (Oral Communications) today because the faculty in the Education Department is currently considering redesigning this course so it could count as a requirement towards graduation.  They will renumber the course at that time.

Motion 5: Schedule all future University Convocations at 4 PM. 

After some discussion about the impact of some of the student honor convocations were taking place at 11 AM and that they were having impact on classes that day.

This motion was defeated on a vote of 39 to 34.  [Quorum for faculty meetings is 54 and the faculty present at the April 7 faculty meeting is 80.] Faculty suggested that University convocations be put on the university calendar so we could incorporate these in our syllabi.

Motion 6: Faculty teaching students who have been “dismissed, sent home, or otherwise missing from campus life” shall be officially notified in writing by SAEM. These situations will include medical-health, legal, financial, social, and Code of Conduct infractions.

The motion was amended to read as follows:

All faculty shall be officially notified in writing of all students who have been “dismissed, sent home, or otherwise missing from campus” by the appropriate office. These situations will include medical-health, legal, financial, social, and Code of Conduct infractions.

The motion as amended was approved.  

Dr. Venerable takes over the meeting for discussion items and announcements as Dr. Nelson leaves for his teleconference.


A) Step-to-College. Dr. Lynnette Mawhinney.

Dr. Mawhinney distributed a one page report on the step to college program which is strictly funded with grant money from the PA Department of Education.  She reported about the growth of the program involving high school students (public, private and home schooled) from the School District of Philadelphia with three undergraduate courses being taught this spring at the graduate center in Philadelphia.  They are hoping to expand it to high schools student from the Coatesville Area School District at the main campus in the fall 2009 if they awarded a new grant from the PA Dept. of Education.

B) Academic Technology Support Center Update: Ms. Nancy Evans.

Ms. Evans reported that Blackboard several years ago had purchased WebCT and it is no longer supporting it.  We will need to purchase a new learning content management system in the future (within the next year).  The Academic Technology Support Center has provided training on new technologies throughout the years.  ATS is working on teaching all faculty how to use the smart boards effectively.  She also informed the faculty about the various services offered by the Academic Technology Support Center and the update done to its web site.
ATS is here to help with technology in the classroom and with the new clicker technology.

C) Report from the Committee on Athletics: Dr. Maria Poza

Dr. Dana Flint, Faculty Athletic Representative reported that the review team from the NCAA was here on April 1 and 2 and it appears everything went well with them concerning Lincoln University transition from Division III to Division II.

Ms. Denise Gaither-Hardy presented a 3 page data statistical analysis of the improvement in the Grade Point Average by our student athletics 2006-2008.  Apparently the implementation of a study hall beginning in the fall 2007 for the student athletics has contributed significantly to the improvement in the Grade Point Average over the two academic years.   A more detailed analysis by athletic team will be coming.
D) TLE (Teaching Learning Enhancement) Update:  Dr. York Williams. 

The Teaching Learning Enhancement Center has found its niche.  We will be working with the faculty on how to improve their teaching skills on technology and learning.  We will work to improve the overall preparedness of the faculty so that they can achieve excellence in our students by serving our students better (Performance and Achievement).  He also distributed a brief survey of the faculty regarding what they want from TLC Center how we can achieve performance and achievement with our students by creating the appropriate framework. A survey prepared by Dr. Tucho who is conducting a study to investigate whether the faculty at Lincoln University uses the report from student evaluation for self-improvement in teaching and learning processes and also to inquire about the validity of such evaluation was also distributed.  Dr. Stephens suggest that Lincoln needs to go into the 21st century by going green and start recycling and create a mentoring program for our young Black males. Every student will learn to strive and survive while at Lincoln.


A)  Dr. Willis announced that Thursday afternoon April 9 at 5 PM Dr. Cornel West will be speaking in the Chapel on his new book.

B) Dr. Willis announced that on Tuesday afternoon April 14 at 5 PM. Dr. Oluropo Sekoni will be delivering his distinguish service lecture in the chapel.

C)  Dr. Thomas announced the release of the first issue of the History & Political Science Bulletin.

D) Florida A & M, Howard, Tuskegee and Lincoln business students are in competition on business plans next week for $100,000 in scholarships.

E) 4 students have been selected to participate as interns with Fox Chase Cancer Center: Justin Taylor, Jennifer Morris, Esther Kaunga, and Nuradiyn King.

F) 2 faculty members have successfully completed their doctorial programs: Yvonne Hilton and J. Eric Watson.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary


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