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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Wednesday January 14, 2009

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:11 PM in Room 212, Little Theatre, Student Union Building.

Report from the Student Government Association:  No report.

President’s Report:  Dr. Ivory C. Nelson

President Nelson welcomed us back for the New Year.  I hope you enjoyed your time off and enjoyed time with your families and reflecting on your life and trying times that we are now facing.  We will need to adjust and make changes in way of doing things.  We can survived and make it. 

3 Documents:
a.) a letter by President Nelson to all the college presidents in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in his capacity as President of the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities concerning the current financial situation.

b.) A news release concerning the inaugural ceremonies of President Obama by the inaugural committee.  The swearing in will be at 12 noon on January 20, 2008 followed by his inauguration speech.  Our students should be reminded that there will be classes on Tuesday January 20 and that they should be warned of the difficulties of getting into Washington DC that day.  We have arranged to insure viewing of the inaugural ceremonies here on campus so that they students can view it here at Ware Center and in the Student Union Building on the big screen. There will be a program in the Ware Center Theater featuring a panel responding to President Obama’s inaugural address.

c.)  National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS Data Feedback report 2008 for Lincoln University.  There are 12 figures: enrollment, financial aid, tuition and fees, graduation rates, degrees awarded, revenue and expenses per FTE, full-time equivalent staff and average salaries of instructional staff and on page 6 a list of comparison group of related institutions for Lincoln University.

President Nelson sadly reported the death of Dr. Frank “Tick” Coleman who passed way on Christmas Day.  We are planning a memorial service here on campus, hopefully in February.

The President reported that he had received a letter from the Governor Rendell announcing an additional cutback of 1.75% for a grand total of 6% in our appropriation from the Commonwealth for a total of $900,000 between now and June 30, 2009.  So far we have cut back on expenditures of $1,085,000 in our operating budget, primarily cutbacks in capital projects and through a job freeze.  All new positions must be justified in order to fill them.

We must protect our academic program and everything that helps attract students to Lincoln.  We will be very careful in our plan for any future cutbacks in our state appropriation and all of us may have to do our share of the sacrifice.

Lincoln University students now have to pay a total of $16,000 a year in-state and between $21,000 and $22,000 out-of-state.  It is more difficult for the parents to get loans because the financial institutions that are making loans have increased the credit rating necessary to get a loan. We need to be careful with any future increase in our tuition.

Action items:

A.) Minutes of the December 2, 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.

B.) Report from the Nominations Committee: Dr. Susan Safford

Before proceeding Dr. Safford asked what the quorum is for the semester.  Dr. Venerable reported that the quorum is 54 faculty members and that we have 64 faculty members present.  We will have attendance sheets available at all future meetings.

She reported that the Nominations Committee had not received a positive response from any of the faculty in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to serve a three year term on the Committee of Nominations and requested that we postpone further action to the February meeting.  The request was approved.

C.) Ratification of the By-Laws Changes regarding the composition of the Committee on Athletics.  The faculty voted unanimously to reaffirm and ratified their November vote on this issue.

D.)  Educational Policies Committee: Dr. James DeBoy    

Dr. DeBoy presented two motions for the faculty for action.

1.) Charge all academic departments to complete the “Major Template” by listing
all required courses for each particular major and submit a list of all course pre-requisites within the department.  The departments are to send completed templates and listing of pre-requisites to the appropriate dean by February 1, 2009. 

2.)  Renumber the following English courses as listed below:

            Current                                    Proposed
             ENG 100                                   ENG 098
             ENG 101                                   ENG 099
             ENG 102: Comp I                    ENG 101: Comp I
             ENG 103: Comp II                  ENG 102: Comp II

These changes would take effect in fall 2009 (but will need to be listed on course offerings sheet/web advisor in March 2009 during spring 2009 pre-registration period).

Both motions were approved after some discussions.  The English Department changes were made to reflect the fact that departmental courses do not count for graduation requirements, so English 100 and English 101 become English 098 and English 099.  Courses beginning with 0 are developmental courses.

The first motion incorporated a major template including possible required summer courses was designed so that the students and the faculty can audit their graduation requirements for their major as they progress during their academic years.  

The Educational Policies Committee reported the following as informational:

A) Students’ academic audit sheet (core curriculum and listing of courses completed/grades earned) has been revised to reflect the current (2004) core.
B)  Education and the Mathematics Departments will explore renumbering their developmental course offerings.
C)  Minimum cumulative GPAs for retention/SAP [Satisfactory Academic Performance]:
       24-29 credits: 1.75
       30-59 credits: 1.90
       60 credits+   : 2.00

The Educational Policies Committee will seek data from the Office of Institutional Research and the Registrar regarding the success (or lack thereof) [reflected in] students’ cumulative GPAs (for each of the 4 years).

D) The Educational Policies Committee will seek an update on the following academic initiatives:
 1. E-portfolios for Class of 2010.
2. The Mathematics Department’s effort to improve student learning. 

Discussion item

Athletics Committee:  Dr. Maria Poza

Dr. Poza presented a document titled: Lincoln University Intercollegiate Athletic Department Lion Athletic Academic Services (LAAS) class attendance policy for the faculty to review and address any comments to Dr. Poza at her email address:

This policy address excused absences from class for representing Lincoln University in athletic competitions and other University sanctioned activities.

The faculty is concerned about student athlete absences because of athletic competitions off campus and wants to make sure that they receive proper notice about this.  Schedules of all athletic events are available on the web and in print.  Some faculty suggested that we also need to be notified in advance of student absences by the members of the marching band. Faculty could ask at the first class that all student athletes identify themselves so that they know who they are and can work with them to insure that all class work is completed.

The Athletic Department is going to try to minimize the disruptions in class attendance by student athletics in the scheduling of academic competition.

We are very concerned that our student athletics (some 250 students) are students first and athletics second.  So far the athletics department is emphasing academic excellence and making sure that the student athletics are doing all their course work and is ensuring that they catch up with it if they fall behind.  The Athletic Department is committed to assist faculty by ensuring that our student athletics perform their required course work and make up any examinations by proctoring them for the faculty.


A.)  Our Middle States report on Academic Learning is due on April 1, 2010.  We are close to the initial report.

B.)  Dr. Stine announced that the interview committee has review all the applications for the Director of Academic Assessment and Learning position and that they conducted 2 telephone interviews today and that they are arranging to have the 2 candidates to come to Lincoln campus for further interviewing and that there will be a half-hour campus presentation to a select group of faculty on Friday January 29, 2009.  [Actually January 29 is a Thursday].  Contact Dr. Stine if you interested in participating in the select group of the faculty.

C.) Nancy Evans distributed a handout about what services are available this semester for faculty.

Respectful submitted,

Albert M. Bryson
Faculty Secretary




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