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Tuesday, December 4, 2007, 4 p.m.
Fellowship Hall – Mary Dod Brown Chapel
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

• Dr. Nelson welcomed the faculty to the newly renovated Chapel, mentioning that the chairs and tables in the Fellowship Hall are new & belong to Chapel.
• The list of 8 people who are coming to campus for Middle States has arrived, and Dr. Venerable now has the list. The committee will look at the list and make recommendations for changes, if any are needed. For that reason, the list is not being distributed at this time.
• The Cultural Center bids have been returned. Bids are good, so we may be able to put some things back into the job that were eliminated to cut costs.
• Urban Center: the move from 1st to 4th floor will take place as soon as we have a Certificate of Occupancy.

o L. Stine reports wonderful – thermostats in every room, offices have windows.
o Question: will there be “grand opening” event when finished?
o Answer: Yes, when finished.

• LU also owns the empty lot next door, which could become a high-rise down the road.
• The ground-breaking of the Science building took place in November.
• The Student Union building is about 4 months behind schedule, partly because it took five months to get the steel – U.S. steel required is in PA
• On Dec. 7 SGA is leading group to New Orleans to help rebuild 9th Ward.
• The concert band performed at the recent holiday concert, along with the choral group.

• The minutes from the November 6, 2007 faculty meeting were approved as written and posted.
• The December graduates list was approved.

Middle States ………… Drs. Linda Stine and Patricia Joseph
• Dr. Stine reported that the Middle States report is underway and undergoing revisions. The final document will be put online as soon as it is finished.
• Dr. Nelson commented that the best line of the report notes that this is work not just of faculty but of administration & students as well.
• Dr. Joseph called attention to the “Colleagues” handout, which summarizes the results of the Town Meeting.
• One specific response to Dr. Thompson’s comments (head of Middle States visiting team) is the assessment “promise” at the bottom of the “Colleagues” memo.
• Information literacy is another: IL will be incorporated more fully in First Year Experience course.
• Tracy Hunter Hayes announced that the librarians are teaching IL to classes already and will be expanding that.
• Dr. Stine mentioned another action item, this one for the Bylaws Committee. Recommendation: new committee on governance for faculty should be instituted.

Robert’s Rules……………Dr. Dana Flint
• Dr. Flint referred to the handout that he distributed, which will probably be revised a few more times.
• He will develop online forum and have meetings to discuss / educate.

Teaching - Learning Enhancement Center ……. Dr. York Williams
• Dr. Williams asked faculty to fill out and return the survey that he distributed --Yellow sheet. This will help provide a framework to move forward. We need more discussion on such issues as achievement gap core curriculum, and technology.
• He urged that faculty take advantage of opportunity to collect and analyze data – student surveys, etc.
• We need experts in field of retention who can teach and train faculty.
• Other ideas: certificate program, newsletter to share faculty voices-what is going on, who is doing what and where?

The meeting adjourned at about 5 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Gunn Pevar
Faculty Secretary


Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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