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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Dickey Hall Auditorium
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

Dr. Nelson called the meeting to order at about 4:06 PM.


  • Dr. Nelson distributed three handouts to support his remarks (Appendices A, B & C).
  • We have a plan and know what money has been spent.  Handouts provide set of data to inform discussion.
  • Construction on Science Building has started.  The groundbreaking ceremony will be on Saturday, November 17 at noon.
  • SUB- projected occupancy date pushed back 120 days, probably April.
  • Girls soft ball field in progress
  • Academic student learning center ($35 million) will be located west of the new science building.  We have the money; it will take about a year to design; probably will start in about year and half.
  • Architects have been named for athletic fields, which have a $15 million budget.
  • We also have an additional $15 million for landscaping.
  • Wright Hall will house student services eventually. 
  • Hopefully, within four years these renovations, landscaping and 4 new buildings will be complete.
  • The Cultural Center is out for bid.  Decisions were committed years ago, inherited by Dr. Nelson. The building has been designed and the bid has gone out.
  • In response to several questions, Dr. Nelson made additional comments:
    • Q. Any progress to endowed professorship
      • A. some progress, as relates to CBA; no money has been sought, until we know what the structure will be.
    • Q. Will donations of seats in Cult. Center be honored?
      • A. $464,000 has been put aside for Cult. Center.  Money donated will be honored.
    • Q. Ranking of Lincoln 42? Below Tugelo College?
      • A. In 1999 LU would not even have been on the rating.  We have come a long way since then.



  • Middle States ………..……Drs. Linda Stine and Patricia Joseph
    • Save next Mon., 11/12, 4 PM for Middle States Town Meeting.  The purpose will be to look ahead, after summarizing what we have we learned.  Task Force Chairs will spell out next steps.  There will be time for discussion.  The first draft is still on the website.  Before the meeting, there will be food and drink across the hall, from 3:30.
    • We will standardize by having binders to hold reports.  Dr. Joseph et al will review materials and return them with “love notes.”  Syllabi for 2008 should end up in binders, with revisions, etc.
    • Q: can students attend?
      • A: Yes
  • Parliamentary Procedures ……………….Dr. Dana Flint
  • Discussion ensued about difference between tabling and postponing.  Tabling does not allow discussion and is usually used to enable a pressing matter to be addressed immediately, after which the meeting can return to the tabled item.  In contrast, Postponement allows debate before the vote to postpone and provides a definite future date to return to the motion.


  • Dr. M. Leaman: United Way Campaign
  • Dr. M. Button: Lincolnian will be online.
  • Dr. L. Triesner: campaign to trap feral cats on campus.
  • Mr. J. Esters: Three workshops
    • Nov. 9 - faculty: plagiarism
    • presentation. Student workshop on avoiding plagiarism.  Repeat of workshop scheduled for during Homecoming week.
    • Nov. 16 faculty workshop: rubric-building. Software solutions make this very easy.  Change: room will be Rm 327 in library.
  • Mr. T. Hunter-Hayes: library is having used book sale tomorrow; databases available from home have been announced.

The meeting was adjourned at about 5:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Gunn Pevar
Faculty Secretary

Appendix A: text of handout from Dr. Nelson


TO:       Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students of Lincoln University

DATE:  October 25, 2007

RE:       Progress Report on the Occupancy of Ware Center and University Hall

It was our goal for faculty, students and staff headquartered and using Ware Center and University Hall to move back to offices, classrooms and laboratories by September 2007.  It was also our goal that when you returned to the newly renovated facilities that you would occupy a first-class facility with first-class furniture, fixtures and equipment.

To accomplish our goal of a first-class facility we had to follow the Commonwealth’s unique two-step construction process.  The first process is completing the renovation or construction of the building(s) and the second is providing furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) or outfitting of the building(s) with telephones, telephone lines, special computing lines, office desks, chairs, teaching consoles, classroom furniture, conference room furniture, blinds, computers, and classroom laboratory equipment.  Additionally, the funding for the two-step process does not guarantee that funding for the FF&E (the second process) will come automatically with funding for the first process (construction and/or renovation). Fortunately for Lincoln University I have been able to secure funding for both processes in the following amounts:

  • Renovation (Funding secured September 2003)

Ware Center                    $5,000,000
University Hall               $4,000,000

  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (Funding secured February 2007)

Ware Center                    $1,500,000
University Hall               $2,000,000

Lincoln University has completed the renovation phase of the process and has Certificates of Occupancy for University Hall and Ware Center.  We could not begin to work on securing FF&E until we reached the stage where we were approximately 95% complete with the renovations.  This occurred around August 2007 when we began to process the FF&E items through the State’s procurement process.  With the Certificates of Occupancy we now can begin to complete the FF&E process after receiving the items described above.

As of today, we have installed the blinds and placed classroom and office furniture in offices and classrooms in both Ware Center and University Hall.  We are also installing telephone and computer lines in both buildings. The Ware Theater is completed making it a first-class recording studio and first-class theater seating 187 persons.  We have not received any of the smart boards for classrooms, office computers, telephones and laboratory equipment for computer laboratories, art laboratories, language laboratory, music laboratories, writing laboratory, and mass-communication laboratories.

While we are moving to complete our tasks, presently we are unable to predict or inform you of the exact move-in date.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this sometimes trying process.


Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D.





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