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Dickey Hall Auditorium

Dr. Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order shortly after 4 P.M. in the Dickey Hall Auditorium.

Dr. Nelson referred to two handouts:

  1. Blue – memo from Steve Carol (10/2/07) re status of FFE for University Hall and Ware Center, which itemizes furniture and equipment that will be procured with DGS funding.  Dr. Nelson mentioned that Ware and University Halls will get new computers, and in response to a question about needs in other buildings noted that as renovations proceed, other buildings will also get updated computers.

  2.  Green – Lincoln University Emergency Contact Procedures: Emergency Situations (chart). Crisis manual and Emergency Response manuals are being updated and combined. Dr. Nelson reported that the ability to text message students planned – to implement that, the university needs to get student cell phone numbers.


  1. September 4, 2007 Minutes:  Dr. L. Stine proposed correction re Middle States – 100% needs to be changed to 100% submission of follow-up reports from departmental workshops on the second day of the faculty retreat.  The amended minutes were approved.

  2. Syllabus Requirement Form: Dr. Marilyn Button asked that the faculty adopt the proposed policy (distributed as a handout and also accessible on website) on “Required Components of a Course Syllabus,” as a way to provide uniformity across the university, and as evidence for Middle States.  Discussion: #8 email address: (optional) should be deleted and the faculty member’s LU email address should be used.  After additional discussion about possible confusion between items #14 & 18 the motion to adopt the document passed.

  3. Recommendations from the Nominations Committee: Dr. Lennell Dade presented proposed nominees for replacements of vacancies on committees:  Faculty Development – Mahinder Chopra (2010); Honors and Awards – Karen Baskerville (2010); Library – Tracy Hunter-Hayes (2010); Promotions, Tenure and Severance – Lynne Roberts (2008); Technology – Tung Banh (2007); Writing – Lynette Mawhinney (2010) & Joseph McIlhenney (2010); Judicial (replace member for one case) – Kevin Favor.  The motion passed.


  1. Middle States:  Drs. Linda Stine and Patricia Joseph reported some nuggets of Dr. Thompson’s philosophy from her father: fall in love with what you hate.  Also: Accreditation is "Guard Dog & Guide Dog."  Either way, the dog can bite.  Accreditation is not a time to settle internal issues …. Materials have been collected from depts. And assembled, are now being returned for add’l work to be completed by February. We will remove recommendations and commendations from our report.  Material has to be made consistent – answers have to fit questions.  Integrity is weak.  We have to write smarter.

  2. Report from the Faculty Committee on Athletics: Mr. Neal Carlson gave a response to questions raised at the Sept. faculty meeting re the FAR (NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative).  The three deans recommended the faculty member to fill the position of FAR, Dr. Terrance Johnson (Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology).  The FAR is independent and reports to Dr. Bynum.  Dr. Johnson’s background includes NCAA & academic credentials.  He has the right to go over Dr. Bynum’s head.  The FAR will cc Academic VP on any issue.  The FAR has day-to-day oversight, while faculty committee meets occasionally.  The FAR must travel and must write reports.  Faculty members should acquire handbooks that delineate what FAR has to do to satisfy NCAA.  The bottom line is that we want to recruit better and more students, and NCAA affiliation will support this goal.  Mr. Carlson’s recommendations were that we should hear from the Athletics Director, the FAR, and the band director at future faculty meetings.  He also recommended adding FAR to committee as ex-officio member.  In answer to a faculty question about whom a faculty member should contact with concerns about an athlete, Mr. Carlson’s response was, “the coach – NOT the FAR.”


  1. October 11, 1:30 PM in Chapel – Memorial Service for Dr. B. Marshall Henderson (Dr. David Royer announced)

  2. October 22, 10 AM in Dickey Hall Auditorium – Talk about Timbuktu 10 AM (Dr. Siddique)

  3. October 13 (Sat.) in Dickey Hall Student Science fair – posters (Dr. Chikwem)

  4. October 12 (Friday) Opera for Lunch (Prof. Pettaway)

The meeting was adjourned at 5:14 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Gunn Pevar, Faculty Secretary


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