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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
(Revised and approved 4-29-08)

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order shortly after 4 PM
in the Dickey Hall Auditorium.

President’s Report:

  • Dr. Nelson announced that there has been a new election of SGA officers.  This year’s officers finished their agenda after Spring Fling.  No student officers were present at the meeting.
  • The recognition ceremony for the faculty awards for May 2007 were completed in the President’s Office earlier that day.  Three pieces of engraved crystal ware were awarded, to Dr. Emmanuel D. Babatunde, Dr. Goro Nagase, and Dr. Jeffrey L. Hoogeveen.  The monetary portion of the award was distributed last month.
  • Effective Friday, April 4, 2008, the parking lots for Wright Hall and the site of the former Morris Hall will be closed. (Blue sheet distributed describing that.)  One safety issue is speeding in area of Frederick Douglass statue, where there have been some close calls. Construction area around SUB is another issue. Roads will be closed to traffic, with continuing access for emergency vehicles.
  • Lincoln University “Our Time to Shine” FAQ sheet about accreditation to distribute to everyone to prepare for Middle States. Please take time in classes to talk about questions.  List of who Middle States visitors want to meet with is not yet available (Middle States has not provided it, but everyone should make an effort to be on campus Monday through Wednesday (April 14, 15, 16), and available for Middle States reviewers to talk to.
  • Construction and future construction update:
    • Proposed building will be to the right of the Science Building.  Proposed name is “Health and Wellness Center.” Will be located behind Physical Plant.  See handout.  It will have 10 academic classrooms. Trying to put a senior officer of institution in each new building. First floor may have Border’s type book store with café, which could later expand to full cafeteria, which Lincoln will eventually need. Second floor will have a walking path, bikes, climbing wall, exercise rooms, etc.  Budget for building is $35 million and equipment will probably cost an additional $40 million.
    • List distributed of current construction and equipment furnishing projects.


    • Proposal 1:  Change GSC 111 – Environmental Science – from a four-credit course to a three-credit course by dropping the lab component.  This will allow more students to enroll and help them meet the new science requirements for non-majors.  Motion passed.
    • Proposal II (announcement only; not vote necessary):  Rename Biology 101 (currently called “Human Biology”) as Human Health and Disease 1” and rename Biology 102 (currently called “Human Health and Disease”) as Human Health and Disease 2”. The two courses, which are for non-majors, will not have to be taken consecutively. 
  • Dr. Susan Safford brought slate for new faculty committee members proposed by the Nominating  Committee.  Dr. D. Zizwe Poe presented an alternative slate of nominees for various committees that had been approved by the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences.  After discussion it was determined that these would be treated as nominations from the floor, not from any particular School or Department. 

    The following nominees proposed by the Nominating committee were unchallenged and were approved by faculty vote:

    • Admissions, Academic Standing, and Financial Aid – two faculty needed (any school): Frederick Walton and Jamie Mansell
    • Assessment and Evaluation – two faculty needed (1 Natural Sciences and 1 Humanities): Elizabeth Seimenski and William Donahue
    • Athletics – one faculty needed (any school): Lamine Conteh
    • Curriculum – two faculty needed (1 Graduate and 1 Natural Sciences): Szabi Ishtai-Zee and Robert Langley
    • Educational Policies – two faculty needed (1 at large and 1 Humanities): James DeBoy and Jeffrey Chapp
    • Faculty By-Laws – one faculty needed (any school): Sally Wagner
    • Faculty Development – two faculty needed (1 Behavioral Sciences and 1 Graduate): Emmanuel Babatunde and Linda Stine
    • Graduate Studies – one faculty needed (Business Graduate Faculty): Ganga Ramdas
    • Judicial – one faculty needed (any school but also tenured): Cyrus Jones
    • Juridical Review – one faculty needed (any school): Reginald Myrick
    • Library – two faculty needed (1 Graduate and 1 Humanities): Vivan Price and Safro Kwame
    • Promotion, Tenure, and Severance – one faculty needed (Tenured Humanities Professor): Gwinyai Muzorewa
    • Student Health and Welfare – two faculty needed (any school): Anthony Diflippo and Melvin Leaman
    • Technology – one Library faculty: Neal Carlson            
    • Faculty Secretary: Albert Bryson

The following list includes the Nominating Committee’s candidates and Dr. Poe’s nominees and shows how many votes each candidate received.  Winner(s) in bold.

  • Honors and Awards – one faculty needed (any school): Denise Gaither-Hardy (24 votes); Amar Tung – (14 votes); 5 Abstentions
  • Lectures and Recitals – one faculty needed (any school): Todd Herring (16 votes); Elizabeth Pitt (14 votes); Kaukab Siddique (10 votes)
  • Religious Activities – one faculty needed (any school): Nicole Stephens (24 votes); Elizabeth Pitt (15 votes)
  • Technology – one Behavioral Sciences faculty: Zoran Milovanovich (19 votes); Harry Washington (26 votes)
  • Writing – two faculty needed (any school): Emery Petchauer (26 votes first round); Anna Hull (20 votes, first round; 30 votes, second round); Maria Poza (6 votes, first round, 10 votes, second round)
  • Non-voting Representative to the Board of Trustees: Robert Millette (23 votes); Daryl Poe (20 votes)
  • Parliamentarian: Dana Flint (30 votes); Susan Pevar (5 votes)


  • Middle States: Dr. Patricia Joseph reported that the Ms. Anderson in Middle State Room in Ware Center is collecting data for creating a bulletin board of student extracurricular activities – flyers, programs.  Representative samples of student work product (artifacts) are also sought.  There are also still some ring binder materials that need revision by departments.  Deadline for all materials is Friday April 4. 
  • Report from the Faculty By-Laws Committee:
    • Mr. Albert Bryson distributed materials from the committee
      • memo dated April 1, 2008 (Rationale for the proposed changes to the Faculty By-Laws)
      • Undated Table of current and proposed changes to faculty committees
      • Undated document, “Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Standing Committees,” by the Faculty Bylaws Committee
      • Survey for faculty members to complete regarding several items / possible changes in the bylaws
    • Further discussion may occur at faculty meeting on 4/29, but vote cannot take place because of requirement to give 10-day notice by mail in advance of the vote.


  • Dr. Nelson reported that Dr. Jim Deboy, working with Self-Study committee co-chairs, put together an assignment list, correlating which committees are responsible for which item on the list. 
  • The list has been distributed, and next year those issues will appear on the agendas of the respective committees.


  • Dr. Marilyn Button announced that April 21, 2008 will be Assessment Day.  The agenda will be an update of the Middle States visit; a discussion of assessment strategies; and a hard look at the Writing Proficiency Program.
  • Dr. Poe announced that special collections materials on Kwame Nkrumah are now available on the history department website at .
  • Dr. Chieke Ihejirika, on behalf of FYE faculty, requested that the university calendar and exam schedule be made more readable and incorporated into the FYE curriculum.
  • Dr. Gladys Willis announced that the Opera Workshop production of Tony Caruso’s Final Broadcast will take place in Ware Center on April 10 and 11, beginning at 7 PM. The program will also feature the Lincoln University Dance Band.
  • Dr. Nelson announced that the Middle States Steering Committee are being summoned on Sunday, April 13, 6-7:30 PM to welcome the visiting Middle States team (probably faculty dining room, TBD).  

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Gunn Pevar, Faculty Secretary

Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \
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